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On the Trail

Read on the trail blog 'Rich, Luscious Roussillon from Mas Karolina'
July 22, 2024 - Keith Mabry
Rich, Luscious Roussillon from Mas Karolina

When I visited Caroline Bonville of Mas Karolina this spring, it had been several years since we’d seen each other. Hers were some of the first wines I brought in when I took over the French Regional category for K&L. They were brought to our attention originally by Olivier Bonville, her cousin and a legendary winemaker in our Direct Import Champagne program. You might know him by his winery’s name—Franck Bonville—one of our longest-running relationships in Champagne. Olivier threw a mixed case of samples on a Champagne pallet headed our way, and, as soon as I tasted them, I reached out to Caroline. It is hard to believe that it has been nearly a decade since I tasted those first wines.  

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Read on the trail blog 'Domaine Begude: Organically Farmed, Family-Run, Big-Value Wines from Southern France'
July 18, 2024 - Keith Mabry
Domaine Begude: Organically Farmed, Family-Run, Big-Value Wines from Southern France

Domaine Begude was created by James and Catherine Kinglake in 2004. Tired of working in finance in London, they fled to the south of France and bought an old estate where they put down roots. They went through the growing pains of learning the wine industry and navigating local government, all while starting their family. After 20 years, they have weathered the financial hardships of running a small winery, suffering through Brexit (they are still British citizens), and the expenses of their daughter starting college. It’s been a wild ride for sure, but James, along with his winemaking team, continues to make some of the finest bang-for-the-buck wines to grace our shelves year after year. 

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