Wine Storage

Managed storage in a temperature-controlled environment, powered by RareStorage

RareStorage - K&L's approved storage partner

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Wine Lockers - (on-site): Customer-accessible storage units at select K&L locations.

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For K&L purchases, we're happy to provide complimentary storage for up to 60 days. Beyond 60 days, a 25-cent per bottle per month fee will be assessed. While our facilities are air conditioned, they are not temperature controlled in a manner that is conducive to long term wine storage. For those bottles, we recommend our partner RareStorage, a long-term storage solution to help our clients manage their wine collections. RareStorage offers storage in a temperature-controlled, secure environment for a fee of 40 cents per bottle per month. We will be happy to facilitate a complimentary transfer upon request.

RareStorage also has a suite of additional storage and logistics solutions available, visit for more details.