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Our customers include many of the most avid wine collectors in the world. Here's what some of them have to say about K&L:

"I appreciate your wonderful sense of customer satisfaction. I have been CEO and then Chairman of Intuit since 1993. We take great pride in our customer service......but you have gone well beyond any expectations that I could have had. You are the best."

Bill Campbell

"There is only ONE place I trust for the best learning and buying wine experience -- K&L. Led by Ralph Sands, their Bordeaux knowledge, selection and service is unparalleled. On our annual trip to Paris for the French Open, our friends watch us peruse the wine list and justify our choice with the words, 'In Ralph we trust!'"

Ted Robinson
New York Mets, French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S Open

"K&L Wines offer an extraordinary wine list for both their club memberships and consumer selections. They boast an unbeatable pricing structure with a truly worldwide selection that includes key wines from top-performing international and domestic markets. Each wine club shipment comes with an expert review of the wines, tasting notes and background information on the specific wineries. There is a three month minimum membership for all K&L Wine Clubs. In business since 1976, K&L has both the industry expertise and the relationships with both wineries and brokers to offer consumers an extensive selection of premium wines available at outstanding values. This coupled with K&L's exceptional online presence all culminate to make K&L Wines your one stop wine club shop."

Stacy Slinkard
Wine Guide

"As a collector, I feel lucky indeed to have been located less than 5 minutes from K&L's Redwood City store. More weekends than not, it was an entertainment location for me. I didn't just go to buy wine. But it is the people that make it so special, starting with Ralph Sands who not only has taught me so much about Bordeaux, but has gone out of his way to make my experience with K&L and Bordeaux so remarkable. Thank you Ralph for your investment in me! Greg St. Clair has helped me build my Italian collection with his passion for that country's wines and also, as Store Sales Manager has been behind a number of food and wine events in partnership with Chantilly Restaurant that have worked so well. My friends and I enjoy these immensely. Jim Barr is always helpful, also going out of his way to make me feel welcome whenever I come in. With all that said, my biggest disappointment is that I've moved away to Philadelphia! While it's a lovely city, I'm really bummed I don't have K&L next door. Well the next best thing is a virtual K&L relationship, and guess what? With arguably the best website for wine in the country, this can really work! I continue to be a big K&L fan, even from Philly!"

James L. Evans
Villanova, PA

"My family and I have been collecting and enjoying wine for decades. Over that period, we've acquired wine from many different retail outlets. K&L Wines has been far and away the best source for wine that we have encountered. The combination of pricing, selection, and customer service is second to none. My wife and I particularly enjoy looking for wine on the K&L website. In the past, we've used the ‘advanced search' feature to find all red wines that scored 90 points or better but were less then $30. Within seconds we found a large selection of terrific yet affordable wines for everyday enjoyment. We've also been able to find tons of great deals on old and rare wines that we collect for special occasions. I would highly recommend K&L to anyone who is interested in buying or collecting wines."

Michael Chaput
Endsight (

"I've been a customer of K&L for over 12 years now. All through that timeframe, I've found the people in the Redwood City store to be very helpful, and have become friends with several. They know their stuff and can be counted on for good suggestions when I'm looking for recommendations. In recent years, I've also enjoyed Ralph Sands' Bordeaux tastings, which are great opportunities to try new releases and wines a few vintages old that are still available. I recently asked Ralph to help me pick between a couple of Bordeaux wines for a dinner celebration, and his predictably deep knowledge gave me the answer I needed. And if you haven't become a regular on the website that K&L has grown over the years, you're missing out on a tremendous resource."

Andrew Robin
Palo Alto, CA

K&L is my fave wine store.

Jane Goldman
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

"I have been a customer with K and L wines since I was a medical resident in 1995. Back then, my income level was not what it is now, but the people I have dealt with, especially Mr. Ralph Sands, have been exceptional... Thank you very much for these years of advice, education, and service."

Robert Tang, MD
Sacramento, CA

"Just wanted to write to say what a pleasure it was to have been a K&L customer over the 10 years I lived in Menlo Park... We moved to Scotland 2 years ago and the thing I miss most of all about the US is spending an hour or so on Saturday afternoon at K&L in Redwood City, tasting great wines and talking with the K&L team about wine. I got to know your staff in Redwood City pretty well and as a result tried stuff I would never have bought. I am the UK's biggest Austrian wine fan thanks to Greg. I have been drinking fabulous bargain priced Champagnes that blow the big names off the table at a fraction of the price thanks to Gary. I have a respectable collection of 99 red burgundy in my cellar thanks to Clive. Ralph made me aware of the astonishing value and variety in Bordeaux... Jim C had about a 8 Aussie wines in the line-up when I first started shopping at K&L, there are now dozens and they're nearly all great. Jim Barr, always helpful and a friendly chat... Keep up the astonishingly good work. Thanks for the memories."

Mark Gibson

"The absolute when dealing with K&L revolves around this one basic truth; you can be very wealthy seeking to stock your new cellar or be an everyday hack buying three special bottles and you will be treated exactly the same. Whether it is that whack job Zugelder on an off day for his meds, the big ole Bear Ralph extolling the virtues of mid life fatherhood, or Keith waxing himself philosophical about soil texture (to name the three I have dealt with), they give you the best they got, are gracious with both time and knowledge, and make the whole business fun."

Lester D. Laterza
San Mateo, CA

"I just want to thank you again for the wonderful customer service you provided me. It seems sometimes that the word "customer service" has been striken from the dictionary with many businesses nowadays... I have passed the word around about you and I will continue to do so in hopes that you get more business. KLWines has me "sold" and I hope you continue to stand out of the crowd with your pricing and your service. Job well done!!! Thanks. "

Anthony M. Auerbach
Auerbach & Gussin
Bellevue, WA

"Just want to say many thanks for such a speedy service. Your service to customers seems second to none. My wine arrives before I have logged off your home page... (well, it seems like it). Many, many thanks"

Mike Cook

"What makes K&L so special are its people. Without exception, they are highly knowledgeable about the wine world and also extremely generous with their knowledge. Their passion is contagious. Their customer orientation is second to none and over the years have helped me out numerous times with last-minute requests and advice. I value my relationships there a great deal."

Marc Levine
Redwood City, CA

"Just a note to let you know, you (Martin Reyes) and Gary Westby made our first experience with K&L a very pleasant and memorable one. Your patience and knowledge were appreciated. Everyone else was very friendly and helpful too."

Mike & Nancy Schneider
Performance Premiums, Inc.
Los Altos, CA

"I can honestly say I am always pleased with your advice and help. To me, it is liking having a good friend there to help. You never go wrong with your advice and choices."

Richard Eggleston
Hamilton, MT

"I have been a customer of K&L for the past 20 or so years. You have the most knowledgeable staff of any wine shop I have ever patronized, the wines are very competitively priced, and I like your selection. Great newsletter and user-friendly website too. I am looking forward to another 20 years of excellent service, and pleasure from drinking your wines."

Jacques Wolgelenter
Menlo Park, CA

"My interest in wine doesn't stop with Bordeaux. I truly enjoy wine from anywhere in the world. It's impossible to keep up with all the choices available. This is why I count on your experts and your on-line services. Your web site is fantastic! It truly brings your store to Hawaii in an informative and manageable format. Being able to track shipments, pending deliveries and past purchases is invaluable. Mahalo"

Patrick AhYou
Ewa Beach, HI

"Over the years our experiences with K&L and you have been great. Although we are not big Bordeaux buyers, you have come to know our tastes and preferences and have always pointed us in the right direction when have been in the market to add to our cellar."

Lonnie and Linda Wagner
Colorado Springs, CO

"Delighted to provide some comments regarding my experience with K&L over the past 13 or so years... wow time flies. Everyone I have dealt with has been very helpful, making it one of my favored places to shop for wine, especially Bordeaux. Your insight and suggestions have proven accurate, thus provide me a comfort to buy wine based on your tastings and recommendations. Now I just look forward to enjoying it all. As you say, Cheers."

Rob Saer
New Orleans, LA

"Just wanted to pass along my compliments on your website, and your web based inventory, ordering and fulfillment mechanisms. World class, just like your "brick and mortar" business model."

Jeff Griffin
Los Gatos, CA

Do you have something to say about your experience with K&L Wine Merchants? We'd love to hear from you