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Having been born in Rio de Janeiro into a very proud French/Portuguese family, and living in France and the USA for almost 25 years, gave me the best of all worlds, one very old, and another very new. I’ve always had three different perspectives on everything growing up, three different opportunities to understand the world around me and to try to make sense of it all. From Ipanema Beach, to the bluest of seas in the Côte d'Azur and Nice, to the wonderful Big Sur. Caipirinha and Feijoada, codfish and Vinho Verde, Daube and Bandol, and the always present Rosé, and…beer for those 110 degree summertime days in Rio! I always worked in the food business, in Paris, Nice and San Francisco. While working at Jules Verne in Paris, I decided to devote my career solely to wines and eventually got my Sommelier certification through the International Sommelier Guild.


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2013 D'Anice Blanc, Bordeaux
Review Date: 3-14-2015
Here comes Summer! Well, at least in SoCal... And the d'Anice offers the perfect accompaniment for those salads, seafood, oysters, and the like that come with the warm weather. Very aromatic nose of citrus fruit, white currant, pineapple and starfruit, followed by a palate that is crisp, zippy, and very enticing. A light white wine with a full personality.
Price: $14.99 Add To Cart BC 0

2010 Chateau de Gourgazaud "Cuvée Tradition" Minervois
Review Date: 3-10-2015
Every now and then I taste a wine that takes me right back to the place where it was made. The de Gourgazaud does just that, and the place in question is none else than the beautiful south of France. An array of spices on the nose along black olive tapanade and dark berries. The fruit is framed by medium tannins and an exotic note of "animale". A lot of wine for this price.
Price: $10.99 Add To Cart BC 0

2013 Cave de Saumur Rouge
Review Date: 2-28-2015
Really delightful Cabernet Franc, from Saumur, medium bodied, and very floral, with an intense nose of crushed rocks, violets and little red fruits. I would suggest serving it a bit chilled. Perfect with Indian food.
Price: $9.99 Add To Cart BC 0

2012 Antech "Cuvée Eugenie" Cremant de Limoux
Review Date: 2-3-2015
Most definitely one of the best deals in bubbles outside of Champagne. With an intriguing balance between richness and delicacy, this is lemony and honeyed but perfectly Brut. Pair it with any creamy fish dishes, blinis, fondue, banana-based desserts, carrot cake, or just as an aperitif watching the sun setting over the Pacific!
Price: $13.99 Add To Cart BC 0

2012 Faust Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 2-1-2015
Incredibly lush but framed by intriguing spices, this Napa Cabernet offers intense blueberry, tobacco, cassis, cocoa and that delicious note of vanilla oak. All very well integrated into a nice, balanced and elegant wine.
Price: $44.99 Add To Cart RP 90 BC 0

2012 Rocca di Montegrossi Chianti Classico
Review Date: 2-1-2015
That wine is a perfect balance between the classic and the more bold style. Dark cherries, blackberry, and very intriguing spices around the fruit, along with a flowery note. It is pretty, but it has power. as I said a perfect balance.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart BC 0

2001 Moulin Haut-Laroque, Fronsac
Review Date: 1-26-2015
Owned by the same family for over two centuries, and now in the hands of Jean-Noël Hervé, this property has always been producing a high quality wine. Possessing higher than usual amount of Cabernet Franc in its vineyards (some of which are 70 years-old), certainly gives their wines a lot of structure when young, but when matured it holds the softness of the Merlot in check and imparts delicious spice notes. That’s the case with this 2001. Black currants, tobacco, classic forest floor, and absolutely ready to drink right now. I did not decant it before serving it.
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2010 Raymond-Lafon, Sauternes
Review Date: 1-26-2015
This property has a very interesting history, for starters it is not classified, because it was created "only" in 1850, however it has always been very well regarded and was included in an "unofficial" classification in 1867. The owner, Pierre Meslier, worked as a General Manager at d'Yquem, before dedicating all his efforts and applying the same rigorous techniques as d'Yquem's to his own chateau, which some of the vineyards touch d'Yquem's. The grapes are picked one-by-one in successive tries - between 3 to 10! The wine is aged for 3 years in 100% new barriques. As for tasting notes, it is full of honeyed nuances, with coconut, apricots and a deeper quince marmalade note. Possessing a perfect balance between the lushness of the Botrytised grapes and the high acidity. Marvelous wine!
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart RP 93 BC 0

2011 Capbern Gasqueton, St-Estèphe
Review Date: 1-17-2015
Very classic St-Estèphe with all its exotic spices, forest floor, tobacco, but with a delicious note of sweet dark fruit and vanilla on the nose and on palate. The higher percentage of Cabernet gives it a beautiful note of menthol/eucalyptus as well as a firm tannic structure. This one I would put in the cellars or decant to drink now.
Price: $24.99 Add To Cart WE 92 BC 0

2009 La Cardonne, Médoc
Review Date: 1-17-2015
La Cardonne is very much a northern Médoc wine, very Saint-Estèphe-like. Full of spices, and dark fruit, with a tannic structure that makes this wine a very good candidate for the cellars or with a plate of charcuterie.

2001 Tertre Daugay, St-Emilion
Review Date: 1-14-2015
Developed wine still showing beautiful fruit and elegance. Plums, sweet coffee, dark cherries and very enticing spices, along with soft tannins and bright acidity framing the palate. This wine will benefit with an hour or two of decanting. It is a delightful Bordeaux that is ready to drink right now.
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2010 Lestruelle, Médoc
Review Date: 11-16-2014
Full bodied and concentrated, this Bordeaux displays an intense nose of dark chocolate, licorice, dark cherries and some beautiful notes of violets. On the palate the high acidity is noticed and very welcomed for the over all balance of this wine, along with a good amount of oak spices. The fairly high tannins need some resolving with a few years in the cellar, or a good decanting will do. The sustainable agriculture method used by this property make it even more enticing. As for pairing, I would suggest heavy dishes, like stews, or a fatty cut of meat.
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2009 Domaine Cabirau "Malgre les Fonctionnaires" Côtes du Roussillon
Review Date: 11-11-2014
This is one of these wines that completely surprised me. Crimson color and a very meaty, irony nose. Loved that, and expected a somehow savory herby palate. Than the surprise commenced... Cocoa powder, raspberry coulis, and plums, fruity for sure, but delicately so, and with lots of minerality. Very well balanced with silky-soft tannins. Think of it as a dry and lighter Banyuls-like wine. An absolutely delicious Roussillon (Catalan) wine.

2012 Domaine Cabirau Côtes du Roussillon
Review Date: 11-11-2014
Incredibly pleasing and easy-going wine in the best sense of the way. A light violet color, with a very brambly/Blackberry nose. On the palate the cocoa powder, and the brown sugar surface. Delicate spices follow with soft tannins. I can think of nothing better to drink with a plate of Charcuterie, light cheeses and yeah... I'll go there: buffalo wings! Seal of approval!
Price: $12.99 Add To Cart RP 92 BC 0

2013 Eric Cottat Sancerre
Review Date: 9-10-2014
Classic Sancerre aromatics of what I call "pierre à fusil" or flint -- but not aggressively so, along with bright citrus notes. Zippy and zingy on the palate for sure, but also with a honeyed red grapefruit core which I found absolutely delicious and incredibly food friendly. Paradise will be found if you pair this with fresh goat cheese and green apples, oysters, shrimp salad with red grapefruit, scallops, and I'm just getting started...
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