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1994 Chateau de Pellehaut 24 Year Old "Folle Blanche" K&L Exclusive Vintage Tenareze Armagnac (750ml)

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While Bas-Armagnac gets all the press, and the Haut-Armagnac gets completely ignored, the Tenareze region of Armagnac is quietly producing some of the best brandies in the world. Much like the Borderies region in Cognac, the Tenareze brandies seem to have more fruit and a bit more life than the more classic Armagnac style. We visited Chateau Pellehaut on our first day in Armagnac last January and were completely overwhelmed by the quality of spirit. Using only new or first fill barrels for the beginning years of maturation, the Armagnacs have richness, weight, and spice. This incredible vintage of distilled from 100% Folle Blanche showcases the incredible depth and purity that the Chateau can obtain without masking the inherent quality of the spirit completely by oak. The fruit character is at the forefront--that little flurry of spice and floral nature that Folle Blanche tends to bring to the party. Again, the quality to price ratio is off the charts. No one can top Pellehaut in the bang for your buck category.

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By: Jennifer Lee | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/17/2020 | Send Email
Delicious, creamy, toasty caramel notes dance on your palate as this smooth armagnac goes down and warms you up from the inside. I love the dark honey and vanilla notes on the nose and the pleasant oak barrel flavors add a nice underlying base for this aged bottle. Simply delightful. Cheers!

By: Jeffrey Jones | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/14/2020 | Send Email
The 1994 Pellehaut has a wonderful seductive nose. It is expressive and layered with wonderful caramel and bees wax notes. In the mouth it is rich and round but is balanced and focused.There is a long finish. This is first class Armagnac for a great price.

By: Jackson Lee | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/14/2020 | Send Email
There is a lot going on in the aroma department with this Armagnac. From deep in the glass to a telescopic sniff, high on the rim or low, I got different and varying smells with each inhale. Before even putting my nose to the glass I got sweet, bright red maraschino cherries and on the approach, Dr. Pepper. As I dug deeper, pickled plums and a light petrol note emerged and an herbal-y, echinacea like scent found its way through a banana chips and a brown sugar sweetness.
If I thought the nose had a lot going on the palate was like a slap in the face (in the most pleasant of ways). The second the liquid passes your lips you’re hit with a light, refreshing mouthfeel with bright tropical fruit flavors, tangerine citrus, maybe a bit of apricot and charred pear. The finish is excruciatingly long starting out with menthol, transitioning into banana crème brulee and then finally “ending” on the most perfect apple I’ve ever enjoyed. This is an Armagnac I could see myself drinking for a long time (or not since the bottle probably won’t last).

By: Neal Fischer | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/13/2020 | Send Email
Pellehaut has always been one of my sleeper-favorites in the Armagnac category. Not much name recognition and an unassuming label/packaging, yet these brandies always capture a sense of elegance and a wonderful fresh fruit characteristic - even into long aging. This 1994 vintage could almost fool me for a Calvados with its bright apple and light caramel aromas. Other orchard scents like fresh orange come into play and it gets a little buttery, reminding me of fruit pie. There's a gentle warming spice on the palate and cherry takes over much of the fresh fruit component. Light caramel plays with toasty oak. The finish is medium-long and the oak notes fade to soft tannins, vanilla, and a slight herbal note.

By: David Othenin-Girard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/12/2020 | Send Email
The astonishing 94 Folle Blanche from Pellehaut is testament to this special varietal and the uncompromising producer themselves. While Pellehaut uses a hefty dose of new oak, this age offers perfect balance between the elegant nuances of the spirits and the deep spice of the Gascogne oak. Expect a purity and adroitness on the nose rarely scene in any spirit. The bouquet is full of dried cranberries, flambeed orange peel, sandalwood, eucalyptus, candied apricots and persimmon. On the palate the fruit and spice are on full display at the front, while the herbal almost minty quality of the Gascogne oak takes over on the end. Not as deep and long as the older bottles, but with a sense of elegance and tension that the older bottlings lack. This is what I dream for Folle Blanche to taste like. Sometimes the special difficult to grow rarity delivers just what we ordered.

By: Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/12/2020 | Send Email
This 100% Folle-Blanche Armagnac is explosive straight out of the glass. An otherworldly aromatic cocktail of fruit, spice, and savor greets the nose. At first blush if set in front of me blindfolded I might say it smelled of a great and perfectly balanced tiki cocktail or fine mid-ester Jamaican rum. One sip and that notion is disabused. It's all brandy on the palate. The dry wood tannins meld perfectly with the sweet fruit. Caramelized sugars and vanillans frolic across the tongue. Perhaps due to the highly acidic nature of Folle Blanche, this brandy, despite 24 years in oak, is lively and fresh from the first nose to the final notes of the finish. It's an exquisite Armagnac from Pellehaut at a shockingly affordable price.

By: Will Blakely | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 1/30/2020 | Send Email
This is exactly the sort of geeky bottle that makes Armagnac such an enticing spirit. Grape-based distillate already requires a Herculean effort to create, but to use 100% Folle Blanche? Pure insanity. I can't even begin to imagine the care and time that went into this brandy, but the payoff is evident in the quality of the final product. Wildly aromatic and just as flavorful, this rides a fine line between careful composition and unchecked hedonism. The nose boasts an amalgam of ripe citrus zest, gentle spice, spring flowers and just a touch of furniture polish. The palate reveals further mandarin, marmalade, hazelnut and vanilla accentuated by candied ginger, cardamom and clove. With perfectly integrated acid and just enough wood on the finish to counteract the inherent sweetness, it all culminates in a package that you'd expect to cost twice as much. Don't sleep on this one, or you'll sorely regret it.

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