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1983 Chateau de Pellehaut 36 Year Old K&L Exclusive Vintage Tenareze Armagnac (750ml)

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Chateau Pellehaut has been one of our top direct imports for the past year here at K&L. We've visited the Tenereze producer several times over the past few years, always finding something new to bring home for our brandy fans. Rich, dark-fruited flavors and barrel spices come fast, but the texture is soft and round on the palate. This 36-year-old brandy was distilled from Ugni Blanc, but still clocks in at 48% despite three decades in wood. We've brought this vintage in once before and it's spent the better part of the last half decade simply getting better. Shockingly, the price remains incredibly reasonable. We won't be surprised if this one doesn't last very long in stock very long. It's just so far beyond any other mature spirit option we have right in terms of quality and price, no one can touch Gascogne on that scale.

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By: Jackson Lee | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/21/2020 | Send Email
I’ve always enjoyed drinking spirits older than I am and over time, the pool of eligible spirits grows smaller but generally more special. This dram doesn’t disappoint. With this being my last tasting of the lineup, I can say that I’ve enjoyed the balance that all of these yaks have had in common. It’s not everyday I come across a pour that’s both sweet and bright with a touch of savory. The nose on this was great with salted caramel to start and then quince and mulled strawberries, with the added benefit of getting to dig your nose in without singeing your nerve endings. The real treat with this one was the palate. Oak with young raspberries, toasted coconut, milk chocolate with very bright acid tones on the mid palate that reminded me of mango. Some spirits can be overdone with age but this is a spritely pour with a seasoned personality. The vertical of vintages is worth picking up, I just wish they put these in the same 200ml sample packs we get for our L’Encantadas.

By: Jennifer Lee | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/17/2020 | Send Email
Located in the heart of armagnac appelations known as Tenareze and owned by the Beraut family, their terroir yields the most powerful and well structured casks of armagnac. This mellow and smooth bottle delivers what you would expect of a well aged 36 year old exclusive armagnac and definitely leaves you wanting more. From the glistening amber hues in your glass to the complex and tantalizing aromas hitting your nose, you'll wish you had the whole barrel in your cellar. Definitely ready to drink now and worthy of stocking up your cellar with as much as you can get your hands on. You'll have fun all night long distinguishing the complex and elegant flavors of amber honey, toasted oak and viscous molasses when this spirit hits your glass. Savor and enjoy every last drop~

By: Neal Fischer | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/13/2020 | Send Email
Huge top notes of citrus zest and spices greet the nose on the 1983 from Pellehaut. There's a big cinnamon presence with cayenne, vanilla bean, and dark florals. Orange skins smell freshly snapped and then fall back into dark vanilla tones. The palate has a lot of deeply toasty oak char flavors that interact with the vanilla perfectly. There's a good amount of tannin here, but if you like your Armagnac aged then this is definitely one to try. Old leather and dark berries come out along with plum, then it's back to heavy spices and vanilla bean.

By: Jeffrey Jones | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/13/2020 | Send Email
This is another exceptional Armagnac from Pellehaut.The nose is pronounced and elegant with pretty floral notes and caramel undertones. In the mouth it is very complex and though provoking. There is a lot of focus, with balanced caramel and floral flavors interacting. This Armagnac is on the dry side, which helps make it interesting and delicious.

By: David Othenin-Girard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/12/2020 | Send Email
I didn't buy the '83 cynically, despite it being my birth vintage and an absolutely stupidly good value for a 36 year old brandy. We've had the Pellehaut 1983 before, nearly 5 years ago now, and it's always stood out as one of my favorite vintages from the brand. They don't offer true single barrels at the estate as they're doing a lot of work to blend and homogenize within a vintage, it's extremely interesting to see how a vintage develops over the years. The 83 has always been on the dense darker side of things, but the vintage is now showing a surmaturité that's not present in the other two offerings. The nose is moving fully toward the dense dried stone fruit, rich nut oils and that elusive complexity known as rancio. The palate is extremely supple and long, with a big sweetness that's unique to this offering and a surprising bevy of dark roasty flavors - hazelnuts, arabica, tobacco leaf, dried quince and sweet cooked herbs. The fact that we can sell this for $100, the same price as any number of bourbon or scotch, is proof that the golden age of brandy is upon us.

By: Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 2/12/2020 | Send Email
I don't believe there is any spirit as well suited to extremely long oak aging as brandy. While Cognac may argue they have the upper hand in terms of ancient distillates, it is Armagnac which captures the imagination and heart of adventurous bourbon lovers everywhere. At 36 years in oak this Pellehaut Ugni-Blanc distillate is an amazing example of the heights to be achieved in Armagnac. At a natural cask strength of 47% ABV, it drinks so supple and smooth yet it releases every delicious aspect of wood you could hope for. The upfront vanilla and caramel are easy boxes to check off. But the complex array of flavors from the sweet nutmeg, maple syrup, cinnamon side of things into the more savory cedar and cigar box nuances combined with the firm but gentle structure of French oak tannin make this brandy something you can ponder for hours. When compared to the number of none age statement bourbons eclipsing the $100 mark by a long shot, this 36 year old spirit is placed into the broader context and takes home first prize in both complex wood profile and value.

By: Will Blakely | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 1/30/2020 | Send Email
A whopping 36 years in barrel for less than $100? Absolutely uncanny. More uncanny that after so much time aged statically, the oak does not overpower the spirit, but is in fact integrated perfectly. Expressing savory wood and leather furniture on the nose, this bottling features more herbs and spice than the other Pellehaut offerings. It is also likely the driest on the palate. Charred orange peel and tree bark up front give way to subtle sultana, rosemary and black tea. I can't get enough of the underbrush, lacquer and earth that make this so different from its younger counterparts. This is definitely better suited for the advanced Armagnac drinker - the adult version of the spirit. That said, its price point makes it a safe, reliable transition into the older stuff. I cannot imagine finding something else this good and this old for such a low price.

By: Mike Barber | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 8/2/2013 | Send Email
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Layered, decadent, aged to perfection, spicy and smooth- this complex beauty if everything you want in a brandy.
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