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Waiting Lists

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We now have two types of waiting lists that provide you with email notification when matching item(s) appear in our inventory:

  • Waiting list for keywords: Enter keywords that match your favorite winery or vineyard and get an email notification when a matching listing appears in our inventory. For example, add the keywords "Screaming Eagle" or "Brunello" to get an email any time a new vintage of Screaming Eagle or any new Brunello comes into our inventory. Enter your keywords here.
  • Waiting list for specific product listings in our inventory: You can add yourself to a waiting list for any wines that are out of stock, as well as listings on our "coming soon" page that are already scheduled to arrive in our inventory. The only restriction on adding wines to the waiting list is that we must have the item already created within our database.

How does it work?

Each day we run a report giving us a listing of any items on a waiting list that are now in stock. When an item on your waiting list arrives in stock, we will send you an email notification (please make sure we always have your current email address).

Instructions on adding specific product listings to your waiting list (from our existing inventory)

Use the 'Include Out of Stock Items' option at the top of all search results pages in order to pull up a listing of items that out of stock, but can be added to your waiting list for a notification when they arrive.

By tailoring your search to include out-of-stock items, you'll get a listing of all items in our database that match your search criteria. Look for the Add To Waiting List button to add that item to your waiting list.

Additionally, you can use the links on the items listed in our "coming soon" page to get added to the waiting list for those items.

To add words or phrases that match your favorite winery or vineyard name, and get an email notification when a matching listing appears in our inventory, enter your keywords here.