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Chris Miller


2011 Poderi Morini "Savignone" Savignon Rosso
Review Date: 6-30-2013
One of the coolest wines I've come across in a long time. I opened it for the staff and they unanimously fell heads over heels for it as well (usually even if most of the staff loves a wine, there's still at least one "meh", but not this time!) Medium bodied, with zesty red raspberry, dried cherry and a ton of black pepper, rose petal, clove and exotic spice. Good concentration, but with a lively acidity that makes the wine thirst quenching and a natural to pair with a wide variety of foods. Savignon Rosso is an extremely rare grape from the far west of Romagna, near Ravenna on the Adriatic coast (it of course has nothing in common with Sauvignon or Cab Sauv). It is also called "Centesimino", which means "cheapskate", which was the nickname of the farmer who cultivated it back from the verge of extinction. Just for fun, "centesimo" is the old expression for 1/100th of a lira, and if you remember, there were about 2000 lira to the dollar by the time the Euro came around, so to be a "centesimino" or a "little 1/100th of a lira" was to be one heck of a cheapskate indeed. Gotta love Italy!
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2010 Cantina Terlan "Vorberg" Pinot Bianco Riserva
Review Date: 6-27-2013
This might be one of the greatest Pinot Biancos I’ve ever tasted. Despite its northerly position high in the Alps, the valley of Alto Adige heats up during the day in summer months, but then temperatures drop dramatically at night, giving this Pinot Bianco layers of rich, opulent melon and stone fruit, but also incredible acid structure and piercing minerality. Tasted at a recent staff seminar, it was a hands down crowd favorite. In fact, everyone totally flipped for it. It’s beautiful to drink now, but ages exceptionally well if you want to hold on to it for another 3 to 5 years. Amazing stuff!
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2012 Giuliano "Terre di Chieti" Pecorino
Review Date: 5-4-2013
Pecorino is a delicious white wine from the east coast of Central Italy. It reminds me a lot of Viognier (peach blossom, apricot and yellow plum aromas) but with much more acidity and crispness on the palate. This wine would be perfect to sip well chilled on it's own as the days get progressivly warmer or with some light fare like salads, white fish, or lighter preparations of chicken (or, as would be fitting, some Pecorino cheese!). Lovely little bottle of wine and highly reccomend you check it out. CM
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2006 Terre da Vino "Essenze" Barolo
Review Date: 11-26-2011
This is a no brainer Barolo at a no brainer price (no brainer price for a Barolo I should add). We visited this "winery" last winter and it was quite startling after visiting so many small, family run estates producing wines underneath the house or in essentially converted garages. This place looked as if it could be running various expermiments for NASA or the Jet Propolsion Lab here in SoCal. But make no mistake; this is juice from some of the most esteemed vineyards in Barolo and tasting this wine blind, there is no way I would guess anything but well made Barolo or Barbaresco. Lots of the classic ripe cherry, tarry cherry pipe tobacco, cedar, licorice and game on the nose and palate, with firm but ultra fine tannins and a pleasant streak of acidity. Could be a little more dense and rich on the mid palate, but I would still be pleased if told this was in the $40 to $50 dollar range, so an absolute steal at this price. We sold out of this wine in less than a month last vintage so jump on this one quickly. CM

San Venanzio Prosecco Brut
Review Date: 11-19-2011
Delicious Prosecco. I usually prefer Prosecco done in an "extra dry" style, as I feel the extra touch of sugar accentuates the inherent floral and stone fruit qualities of the grape. Many Proeseccos done in the "Brut" style are often times too "brut" and come of as a little austere, even shrill. This one nails it however. Lots of peachy, key lime and white flower aromas with zesty acidity and surprising depth and length. A deal and a steal at this price. Stock up for all your holiday bubbles sipping. CM
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Launois "Cuvée Reserve" Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne
Review Date: 7-28-2011
This is another scratch my head in wonder deal. In fact, and this is a bold statement, this could be the greatest deal in the store. Wait... bold statement is an understatement, as we have so many head scratching "yougottabefrigginkiddinme" deals is this store. But alas, I think it might be. This could hold its own in a blind tasting with bottles of bubbles two, three or even four times this price. Hell, five times. I implore you to give it a try.
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Maui Brewing Company "Bikini Blonde Lager" Hawaii 12oz Cans
Review Date: 7-22-2011
I started working here at K&L about 18 months ago. The only thing that scares me more than trying to calculate how many cans of this I've consumed since that start date, which is also the point at which I discovered this insanely delicious brew, is how much Fernet Branca I drank in the decade I was in San Francisco. I "heart" this beer! CM
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Deligeroy Cremant de Loire Brut
Review Date: 2-12-2011
What a value! I love this wine. An excellent little sparkler for any occasion. Celebrating a wedding, an anniversary, a Tuesday, a Sunday morning, tying a shoe, boiling an egg, the sun rising yet one more time, feeling good. This wine will enhance any one of those. A fridge without a bottle of this is an unhappy fridge. Make more happy fridges!! CM
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2004 Tenuta di Sesta Brunello di Montalcino Riserva
Review Date: 9-27-2010
Popped a bottle of this at a friends dinner party the other night. Sometimes I just want to jump up and down when I smell a wine. All the tell tale evocative, mysterious and tantalizing aromas one would expect from a great Brunello, especially a Riserva with that extra year in the cask. This shows the ripeness of the 2004 vintage, and is ready to go now. Just give it at least a half hour in the decanter to let it stretch it's legs. Enjoy! CM

Sorelle Bronca Prosecco DOCG
Review Date: 6-19-2010
The Bronca sisters knock it out of the park with this wine. I went to a Prosecco Consorzio tasting in San Francisco a few years back and dutifully tasted well over a hundred different Proseccos and this one was easily in the top five (and the least expensive of those; by half, in fact, in one instance!) This is the sole Prosecco imported by famed Italian agent Oliver McCrum, who insists the extra dry style is the only way to truly express the beautiful pear blossom and white peach inherent in the grape. I couldn't agree more Mr. McCrum, so, Mr (or Miss) Customer, please try this bottle of bubbles and experience one of the best examples of this exceptionally lovely wine, a perennial favorite of yours truly, by the way. Salud! CM
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