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Local Events

Local Events

Saturday Tastings

     All tastings are from noon to 3pm in San Francisco, 1 to 4pm in Redwood City and 3 to 5:30pm in Hollywood.

  • March 7: Wines of Chile and Argentina in all three stores. $20 - Our Enewsletter of March 2nd highlighted the wines of Chile and Argentina and now you will have the opportunity to taste these wines in our tasting bars. Buyer Joe Manekin will picks his favorites and some other selections, as well.

    La Nueva Chile y Argentina!
    2013 Casa Marin Sauvignon Blanc "Los Cipreses" Lo Abarca San Antonio Valley - $18.99
    2013 Casa Marin Pinot Noir "Litoral" Lo Abarca San Antonio Valley - $24.99
    2014 Pipeño Pais "Coelemu" Itata Valley (1.0L) - $15.99
    2014 Pipeño Pais "Colonel de Maule" Maule Valley (1.0L) - $15.99
    2012 Meli Carignane Maule Valley - $12.99
    2012 Santa Ema Cabernet Sauvignon Maipo Valley - $12.99
    2011 Clos des Fous "Grillos Cantores" Cabernet Sauvignon Alto Cachapoal - $14.99
    2009 Calyptra "El Zahir" Cachapoal Valley - $79.99

    2011 Familia Zuccardi "Q" Cabernet Sauvignon Gualtallary and La Consulta Valle de Uco - $16.99
    2009 Bodega Weinert Carrascal - $14.99
    2012 Carmelo Patti Malbec Lujan de Cuyo - $29.99
    2012 Luca Malbec Uco Valley - $29.99

    Walk-in Only. Lineup Subject to change.
    Cost to taste is $20  
  • March 14: Wines of Germany in all three stores.  - Buyer Eric Story will feature his newest releases from Germany, both red and white and possibly a sparkling wine or two. What better way to look forward to Spring?   
  • March 21: New domestic releases, highlighting 2012 cabernet sauvignon. $20.00. Also, special Coravin wine preserve system demonstration.  - This tasting will focus upon 2012 California cabernet sauvignon with selections tailored to each individual store. Our buyers will pick their favorites and post them prior to each tasting. Do NOT miss the opportunity to taste wines from this renowned vintage! Coravin Wine Preservation systems will also be here to deomstrate the use of their system, meant for fine wines.   
  • March 28: Wines of Spain and Portugal in all three stores.  - Joe Manekin strikes again! This time out, he has the opportunity to dazzle us with great selections from the wine powerhouse that is Spain and the unique wines of Portugal,which are so much more than port. Don't miss it!   

Hollywood Thursday Night Tastings

     Hollywood: - Thursdays from 5:30 to 7pm:

  • March 19: Beer Tasting 

San Francisco Thursday Night Tastings

     San Francisco Store - Thursdays from 5 to 6:30pm:

  • March 5: Cain Vineyards.  - One of our most popular wineries, Cain, will be in our SF store to feature their new cabernet sauvignons and red blends. This is one tasting that you will not want to miss!   
  • March 19: Vintage 59-Wines of France.  - Vintage 59 imports will be pouring their latest releases from France with a highlight upon the regions of Alsace and the Loire Valley.   
  • March 26: Vivanco Vineyards of Rioja with Rafael Vivanco.  - Rafael Vivanco of Vivanco vineyards of rioja, Spain, will be in our SF store to feature his latest reds, whites and rose releases.   
  • May 7: Domaine Begude.  - A representative from this customer and staff favorite from the Languedoc region will be here to feature their latest releases. A great opportunity to try some affordable and top notch wines from this region.   

Redwood City Thursday Night Beer Tastings

     Redwood City Thursday Night Beer Tastings

  • March 5: Thirsty Thursdays! Bell's Brewing - Bell's Brewery, Inc. began in 1985 with a quest for better beer and a 15 gallon soup kettle. The dedication to brewing flavorful, unfiltered, quality craft beers that started in 1985 is still with us today.

    Bell's Brewery "Expedition" Stout
    Bell's Brewery "Java" Stout
    Bell's Brewery "Kalamazoo" Stout
    Bell's Brewery "Oarsman" Ale
    Bell's Brewery "Oberon" Ale
    Bell's Brewery "Third Coast" Old Ale
    Bell's Brewery Amber Ale
    Bell's Brewery Midwestern Pale Ale
    Bell's Brewery Porter
    Bell's Brewery "Two Hearted" India Pale Ale

    As usual, 6 beers for 5 bucks.
    Walk-in only. Lineup subject to change.   
  • March 12: Thirsty Thursdays! 
  • March 19: Thirsty Thursdays! 
  • March 26: Thirsty Thursdays! 
  • April 2: Thirsty Thursdays! 

Redwood City Friday Night Tastings

     Redwood City Store - Fridays from 5 to 6:30pm:

  • March 6: Wines of Northern Italy - Trentino-Alto Adige. Barbaresco. Barolo. Piedmont. Montalcino. What do all of these places have in common? They are all wine growing regions in Northern Italy! Come learn about the diversity that this part of the country has to offer! Next Friday, we will focus on Southern Italy.

    2012 Mumelter St. Magdalener Classico Alto-Adige $17.99
    2012 Il Paradiso di Manfredi Rosso di Montalcino $49.99
    2011 Anna Maria Abbona "Maioli" Dogliani $21.99
    2010 Castello di Verduno Barbaresco $44.99
    2010 Ettore Germano "Serralunga" Barolo $49.99

    Walk-in only. Lineup subject to change.
    Cost to taste is $5  
  • March 13: Wines of Southern Italy 
  • March 20: Preston Vineyards 
  • March 27: Champagne Friday #2 - Champagne Buyer Gary Westby hosts the second of 4 in his Champagne Friday series of 2015! $10  
  • April 3: Pey Vineyards/ Textbook 
  • April 10: Ridge Vineyards 
  • April 17: Flowers Winery 
  • April 24: Champagne Friday #3 with Champagne Buyer Gary Westby 

Other Events and Resources

Want to Put on Your Own Event? Here are a few people who can take your concept and craft it into an exceptional experience for you and your guests:

  • Courtney Cochran - Courtney Cochran is the Founder & Principal of San Francisco-based wine consultancy Your Personal Sommelier as well as HIP TASTES Events, through which she offers fun and stylish wine tastings to the general public in San Francisco. Courtney holds her sommelier certification from the International Sommelier Guild and the American Court of Master Sommeliers. She has been profiled as a hip young sommelier in Vogue magazine, Daily Candy, and Business Week Online. Read more and contact Courtney at CourtneyCochran.com and HipTastes.com
  • Don Davis (Uncorked Events) - Whether you are learning to pair champagne with food in an intimate sit-down gathering, attending a Pinot Noir tasting at a new art gallery or at a majestic company party in the heart of Napa Valley, Don can put together a great event for you. With years of experience at putting together some of SF's most lavish events, Don will help you customize something special. Read more and contact Don at 415.307.6235 or at UncorkedEvents.com

There's a web site out there listing local wine events in your neighborhood, whether you live in the SF Bay Area, the east coast, or somewhere in between. Now they're even listing international events! Visit localwineevents.asp for more information.