Wine Lockers

San Carlos - New temperature-controlled lockers are available at our San Carlos warehouse ($37/month). We have one size only, which will hold up to 24 cases in wood, or approximately 30 cases in cardboard and costs $37 per month. Customers who have a combination of wood and cardboard can expect to get about 28 cases in one locker. Those people that want additional storage may be able to obtain multiple lockers in the same area of the facility. Billing is done on a 6-month prepaid basis.

If you are interested in renting one, please contact us at for more information

Redwood City - We rent several wine storage lockers at our Redwood City store location. The billing is done on a 6-month prepaid basis and billing is done twice each year to your credit card, in April and October. Currently the facility is full. The waiting list is roughly 6-12 months. Please email us at for more information.

Redwood City:

10-case ($18/month)
16-case ($27/month)
20-case ($34/month)
24-case ($39/month)
32-case ($47/month)
40-case ($54/month)
60-case ($70/month)
70-case ($89/month)
80-case ($99/month)

Locker hours are different than store hours. In San Carlos they are Monday-Saturday 10-5, and in Redwood City it is Monday - Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-5