Kweichow Moutai Feitian Baijiu (375ml)

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A historic opportunity to secure one of the world’s most sought after spirits is upon us. Not only have we slashed the price from its pandemic highs of $600/375ml bottle, we have removed the bottle limit opening up the opportunity for case buys to stock up for the gift giving season. Kweichow Moutai Feitian Baijiu is one of the most famous distilled spirits on the planet. The consummate luxury gift, it holds a special status in Chinese culture. It is the official liquor of China. Hailing from the Kweichow province, this renowned distillery has been crafting Baijiu in the small town of Moutai since the Qing Dynasty. Kweichow Moutai's Baijiu stands at the pinnacle of Chinese spirits, distinguished not only by its exceptional quality but also its critical role in Chinese celebrations, ceremonies, and diplomatic events. It has been served at state dinners to US presidents ranging from Nixon to Obama and is the preferred gift of Chinese emissaries on official business. Made from high-quality sorghum and wheat, the spirit undergoes a unique production process that involves multiple distillations, fermentations, and steaming procedures, followed by an extended maturation period of 5 years or more. Beneath the lid of each distinctive red bottle of Kweichow Moutai Baijiu hides an intriguing complexity: a balance of strong yet pleasant aromas, a silky mouthfeel, and intricately layered flavors, reminiscent of soy sauce. It is the singular best example of ‘sauce aroma’ type of Baijiu.

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By: Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 10/17/2023 | Send Email
It's hard to dance around the fact that many American palates find Biajiu (pronounced bye-joe) impossible to drink. And yet - it is the world's most popular liquor. As someone who is personally and professionally dedicated to exploring the great spirits of the world, I cannot ignore a category that is beloved by hundred of millions of people. I also cannot clam to be an expert in this particular category. In truth, the first time I tasted baijiu, I was surely in the same boat as most Americans - I found it strange and wild, overwhelming, and nearly impossible to shoot down (the customary way to serve it). However, thanks in large part to the dedicated importer of, among many other Baijius, Moutai, I found myself with a broader and more regular exposure to the category than the average American. It has grown on me tremendously. I have come to find it buguiling and complex. It offers much of what I love about the other great spirit traditions of the world - immense flavor, generations of history and cultural customs, quirks of individual production, beauty and design, and companionship and connection over a glass of liquor. While I feel I must offer a 'caveat emptor' disclaimer on the intensity and wholly different flavor profile of this spirit to the portion of K&Ls customer base that is uninitiated in the flavors of Baijiu, I also couldn't resist the opportunity to bring to our customers one of the world's most important spirits at nearly half off its regular price for the past few years. If you know, you'll know this opportunity was too good to pass up. Now, as to how it drinks: the aromatics are insane - a combination of sweet and savory unlike really anything else in the spirit world. Moutai is famous as an example of 'sauce aroma' Baijiu, and indeed there is a lot of soy sauce like flavors in the nose. A complex and nutty fermentation to be sure. But its really so much more than that. It is sweet, like incredbily overripe tropical fruit reminiscent of some clay pot agave distillations. It's funky, like the screeching of a car tire. Toasted sesame seeds and garden fresh snap peas come to mind, not unlike some of the craziest Jamaican rums. Some gnarly kombuchas comes close to mimicking the wilder aspects of the aromas. Indeed, production involves a very much alive ferment with a mix of yeasts and fungi like koji all in operation together. Instead of a mash or wort like whisky production, fermentaton and distillation take place on wet yet solid grains (sorghum and wheat). Direct steam injection into the fermented mass lifts the alcohols and they are run to a condenser. The spirit is then aged ranging from just a year or two on up to decades, mostly in sealed pottery. The process refines and blends all these flavors together. When you get around to tasting it: holy smokes. Texturally it feels almost like two different liquids. It is at once very soft and mouth coating (again clay pot agave distillation comparisons are hard to ignore), and yet the alcohol (53% ABV) gives it pinpoint focus and bite at the same time. The flavors range from sweet citrus, peel, pith and juice on down the line to complex compost/forest floor and overripe bananas. While Moutai has the undeniable reputation of being the very best, I don't feel I personally have enough breadth and depth in the category to make that claim for myself. What I can say with certainty is that it is the most "complete" spirit I've tasted in the category. By that I mean it is compelling at every stage of tasting and exudes hallmarks of quality - complexity, texture, weight, heady aromatics, clean but lengthy finish, and it leaves an impression. If you are a fan of Baijiu, you should not miss the chance to grab this bottle at the best price we've seen in years. If you regularly give it as a gift, time to case up. If you are interested in exploring the wide world of spirits but have never had Baijiu before - this is starting at the top of the pyramid.

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