5 Sentidos Jabali/Tobala "K&L Exclusive" Mezcal (uncertified) (750ml)

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5 Centidos has delivered another incredible exclusive bottling for K&L. The rare Tobala is mixed with the extremely rare Jabali agaves for a complex and endlessly entertaining array of flavors. Production notes: This 94 liter batch (119 bottles) of Jabali (A. Convallis) and Tobala (A. Potatorum&Seemianna) was produced by maestro mezcalero Alberto Martinez and his son-in-law Reynaldo. The two of them wild-harvested 125 pinas of mature Jabali and 43 pinas of mature Tobala at altitudes as high as 8,000 feet above sea level. They roasted the pinas in an underground conical oven with encino oak, dried banana leaves and acacia leaves for 14 days. Alberto and Reynaldo then hand-mashed the cooked agave with wooden mallets, mixed it with spring water and fermented the agave in underground stone tanks with 'encino de agua' tree bark for four days. The resulting 'tepache' and mash were then double distilled in small clay pots at Alberto's palenque, "La Escondida" in November 2018.

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By: Neal Fischer | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 4/11/2019 | Send Email
Big on the funk and not on the smoke. I love this bottling for K&L because it shows off the interesting agave species so well. Here we have high desert earthiness, old hay grassiness, and white pepper spiciness. There's a fresh vegetal aroma that's matched by a heady medicinal quality. And you know what? There's just the right amount of that burning rubber smell to rub me the right way. The palate has great salinity and bright citrus flavors. It's like someone tried to zest a lemon on a rock that's been out in the sun and the dust for longer than I've been alive. Towards the finish, it gets more and more savory and drying, leaving a slightly tingling spice on the tongue and gums. Outstanding!

By: Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 4/10/2019 | Send Email
The golden age of agave continues with 5 Sentidos and K&L's newest bottling. This go-around we've bottled a blend of the extremely rare Jabali and wild Tobala. The results are transcendent. It's difficult to believe that such a wide array of delicious flavors can come from a couple of cacti, but with every new expression of agave spirit I taste I learn something new. This is bottle is no different. The pairing of bright citrus and the saline/mineral notes of crushed stone come together in perfect harmony. Pomelo, Eureka lemon zest, and a riper tangerine flock together and are carried by on a cloud of fleur de sal. Cooked agave connects everything from first nosing to the final flourish of the finish. A very faint smoke settles in the background like dew amidst a resin-y pine forest. Umami, Chanterelle mushroom and sous bois find themselves presented throughout the experience of this spirit, but in different ways. Sometimes they're fresh, sometimes cooked, sometimes wet dirt, sometimes dry yet healthy -- waiting for the rain. It's a veritable greenhouse in a glass. At 46.5% ABV the nose is well framed and accessible. As with any complex spirit, letting it coat and linger in your glass for hours enhances the experience. Every time you revisit it, you'll find something new. I recommend pouring one glass to nose and one to drink. If you can keep yourself from drinking both, enjoy your nosing glass over the entire course of an evening. You'll be flabbergasted by the variety and expanse of flavors and aromas.

By: Stefanie Juelsgaard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 4/2/2019 | Send Email
These two varieties of agave are extremely hard to come across as they are not cultivatable and can only be found growing wild. This makes this a special bottling to begin with, but throw in that all the labor is done by hand in the old-school fashion by a master and all that adds up to an incredible mezcal. This rare mix of Jabali and Tobola intertwines magically to give flavors that are a little bit of everything - fruity, spicy, creamy, floral, and delicate. You won't find this one of a kind blend again, so if you are a mezcal fan, I would advise not missing out on this one.

By: Jackson Lee | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 3/22/2019 | Send Email
Another phenomenal offering from 5 Sentidos! This blend of wild Jabali and Tobala varieties is super expressive, only available through K&L, and only 119 bottles produced in this batch. Pairing these two together makes for a wonderfully fruity, yet spicy and slightly vegetal, “agave spirit.” Jabali is notoriously hard to work with and Tobala has been regarded as “King of the Agaves,” and this blend does a magnificent job of highlighting both of these wild plants. The nose is loaded with sweet, fruity, high tones of kiwi and strawberries with a bit of almond paste as well. The palate is very smooth, as with many clay pot distilled spirits, with a silky texture and mirrors the notes above on the tongue. On the finish, more of the notes of the Jabali start to shine with a long, sweet roasted agave flavor, a little spice to balance, and cucumber. This is a bottle to grab before it’s gone, I know I already have!

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Alcohol Content (%): 46.5