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Peak-Form 1995 Médoc Red for Under $30 - 08/17/2023 - Red Bordeaux

Classic Aged Claret for a Song
1995 Vieux Robin, Médoc ($29.99)
"Perfect-drinking, 29-year-old Bordeaux for about $1 per year! I love their 2004, but this wine is even better ... it will cellar for several more years without a problem."
— Clyde Beffa, K&L Bordeaux Buyer

Bordeaux buyer Clyde Beffa continues to unearth spectacular library finds that prove over and over again that you don't need to splash out big bucks (or even moderate bucks) for a peak-form example of classically aged claret. This Médoc Cru Bourgeois from the underrated 1995 vintage showcases the unrivaled cellar potential of Bordeaux at all price points—a modest $30 gets you nearly three decades of superb bottle evolution with the promise of even more to come. Whether you're a seasoned Bordeaux connoisseur or you're looking to gain first-hand experience with fully mature wines, this is a prime candidate to stash away in quantity.

1995 Vieux Robin, Médoc

1995 Vieux Robin, Médoc ($29.99)

This estate has been owned by members of the same extended family since 1840 and is currently managed by Maryse Robin, her husband Didier and son Olivier. The wines have a long history of dependable quality as a standout among the Cru Bourgeois.

Clyde Beffa Jr. | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: August 05, 2023

Perfect drinking 29 year old Bordeaux for about $1 per year! I love their 2004, but this wine is even better. 1995 was great Merlot year in Bordeaux and the grape shines through here. Sweet and fresh on the palate. The nose has some bottle Bouquet and touch of blueberry aromas. It is still lush on the palate. An old Bill Blatch find in the 80s. And it will cellar some more years with out a problem. Buy it by the case and enjoy with a short rib or lamb dish.