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Extremely Rare, Highly Sought After: Kavalan (Solist) Sherry Single Cask - 11/28/2017 - Single Malt Scotch

Many of you may have noticed that the Asian whisky market is on fire. Japanese whisky has become all but extinct and it’s quickly become the world’s most sought-after category garnering awards and accolades while stocks dwindle. All the while a little distillery in Yuanshan in Western Taiwan has quietly been cranking out award winning whisky after award winning whisky. The special distillery in this rural township was only built in 2005, an exacting recreation of the Scottish style double pot still set up, but it has already garnered the world’s highest honors. Of all their offerings the most special are their single barrel cask strength offerings (known in the rest of the world as Solist Casks). Here in the states a trademark dispute prevented the use of that moniker, but the whisky is no less special.

Of all the Solist offerings, the Sherry Cask (drawn from Spanish Oloroso Sherry Butts) is arguably the most delicious. Since its release two years ago we’ve not received more than 75 bottles in total from their importer. Each shipment has sold out within minutes of arriving on our shelves. For that reason we’re extremely lucky to be able offer you unlimited access to a very special single cask from Kavalan (Solist) Sherry Single Cask selected especially by the Southern California Artisanal Group. It is the darkest and most powerful sherry cask from Kavalan we’ve ever seen and while stocks are open at this time, they will not last long.

Kavalan Solist "Sherry Cask - K&L Exclusive" Cask Strength Single Barrel Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky (750ml) (Elsewhere $300) ($209.99)

After months of waiting and waiting, we finally have our very own Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask (Solist is the International name for their single cask bottlings, it doesn't appear on the label in the US, but it's from the exact same line). The ultimate sherried malt from the special King Car Distillery in Taiwan is easily a contender for whisky of the year in my book. Kavalan is well known for producing top tier single cask single malt and we've had great success with previous bottlings. Last year we secured nearly an entire cask selected by our distributor. It disappeared in minutes. Since then it has been completely out of stock. Availability has been a huge issue for this mark and when we had the opportunity to buy our own cask I jumped at the chance. I was excited, but could not have predicted the outrageous quality of the samples we received. We expect Kavalan to be explosive and powerfully flavored, ultra dense and complex, but we don't often find those qualities so perfectly in balance as we did in this special cask. Few whiskies on our portfolio achieve the incredible depth and complexity of the Kavalan Solist Sherry cask and none come anywhere close at this price point. Just one taste easily explains the brands incredible rarity and international acclaim. We're absolutely honored to have been chosen to offer this special cask. It's the ultimate holiday surprise for any whisky lover and the perfect way to finish a cold winter's night.

Staff ImageDavid Othenin-Girard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 28, 2017

The "Solist" line of single casks from Kavalan has taken the whisky world by storm. They're winning awards left and right. Asian Whisky of the year! Single Cask Single Malt of the Year! World's Best Single Malt! It's almost unfair. I don't know exactly what these guys are doing at that special distillery on this humid Pacific island, but I know that their whisky is easily out-classing the competition across the globe. Maybe it's because they're committed to quality in a way the Scottish distillers no longer are or maybe they're even using paxarette to season the barrels after the long voyage to the Pacific (this controversial practice was outlawed in Scotland in the '80s, but has since been deemed responsible for some of the great sherried malts of the latter half of the 20th century). It really doesn't matter to me how they do it. The whiskies are extraordinary and in a class totally on their own. This special cask is the first "Solist" Sherry we selected ourselves and will be available exclusively at K&L. It represents a huge percentage of the entire allocation of the brand for California over the next year. It's arresting and intense but balanced beyond any Solist I've yet to come across. The nose is pure Oloroso, deep dense hazelnut and pecan butters, sweet molten brown sugar, Christmas cake, stewed apricots, fig jam, dried cherries and raisins. The palate explodes with spice, yet the alcohol heat is almo

Staff ImageDiana Turk | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 25, 2017

Powerhouse Kavalan Solist feels like Oloroso immediately, with caramelized sugar on the nose, black walnut notes and baking spice through the palate. This is a luxurious sherried whisky that hits a bit harder than expected on the finish, in the best possible way. There is a focus here, but the texture is decadent and the quality is undeniable. Add that to the fact that we hand-selected this barrel, and you have another Asian spirit to add to your wish list.