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Half Bottles of Valpolicella under $5 - 11/27/2010 - Italy

2004 Bertani Valpolicella Secco Bertani Ripasso (375ml) ($4.99)

"I love the flavors in this wine, the ripe fruit is wonderfully balanced and is rich without being jammy, the spicy, woodsy intrigue intertwining itself with its chocolaty ripeness creates a complexity that is layered yet elegant. On the palate the chocolaty ripeness rolls across your tongue giving a sense of richness yet merely acts as a foil to launch its spice, earth and intriguing finish. This is super easy to drink and an every night of the week kind of wine especially in this size. Occasionally large importers have lots of wine that for some reason or another don't seem to move or falls off the radar and when their accountants tell them that it finally has to go we are the beneficiaries! This wine normally sells for $10 a half bottle, buy a bunch for your favorite pasta meal!" Greg St.Clair K&L's Italian buyer. According to Wine Spectator: "I like the wild cherry character, with notes of leather, flowers and ferrous mineral. Medium-bodied and tightly packed, giving a spicy orange peel finish. Fun to drink. Drink now." (Web only, 2008)