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Holmes Cay's first small batch product is a blend of lightly aged molasses based pot and columned distilled rums from South Pacific Distilleries in Lautoka, Fiji. Founder Eric Kaye chose the blend in collaboration with the Rumcast podcast to highlight the wonderfully flavorful style coming from this special distillery. It was bottled without adulteration beyond the addition of water and bottled in a small batch of 2260 bottles. The Single Origin Edition series is designed to show the immense diversity in flavor offered by the rum category through thought...
Price: $49.99

Holmes Cay is quickly becoming an important player in the growing single cask rum category. The first bottler devoted to single cask rums in the US, they're scowering the world's rum warehouses for interesting barrels to bring home. This rare example of the classif Fijian pot still style was distilled and filled into ex-bourbon barrels in 2004 and bottled by Holmes Cay in New York in 2020. The aging regime was 12 years in the tropical Fijian heat before being moved to the UK for a further 5 years of maturation. It's bottled without sugar or coloring adde...
Price: $149.99

This interesting expression of Barrel Strength Uitvlugt was distilled at the excellent Diamond Estate in Guyana back in 2003. Bottled at true cask strength, or as Holmes Cay puts it, Barrel Strength of 51% abv. The Uitvlugt rums is distilled from a set of 4-column stills that were original housed on the Uitvlugt Estate and moved to Diamond when the Uitvlugt distillery was decommissioned in 1999. This particular rum was filled into ex-bourbon barrels and aged for 2 years in Guyana before being transferred to the UK for another 16 years. It was bottled in ...
Price: $149.99

This wonderful barrel of Jamaican rum was distilled in 2011 at the Clarendon Distillery and filled into ex-bourbon barrels. The Clarendon Distillery is one of Jamaica's largest plants and represents the modern side of Jamaican rum production. This is the home of Monymusk brand they're able to produce a huge variety of styles including light column distilled rums to high ester continental style rums. They're still producing some great high ester pot distilled rums and the Wedderburn style, with its not precise and complicated history, refers to a rum bein...
Price: $89.99

A fabulous follow up to the previous offer at 15 years of age, this is precisely the same rum with an additional year of aging in the UK. Distilled on the famous wooden pot still at the Diamond Estate Distillery, this represents the quintessential Guyanese pot distilled rum. Over 300 years of tradition captured in this special bottle. Demarara rum was once one of the world's most important rum producing regions with countless estates and distillers producing both cane and rum. Now the industry has been consolidated into just one facility, but they've ret...
Price: $139.99

Holmes Cay is bottling some of the most exciting single cask rums on the planet and building a category that has previously been much overlooked in the domestic market. This barrel was distilled at the Diamond Estate in 2005 and filled into recycled rum casks, it aged for nearly 15 years entirely in the UK before being bottled in New York. Diamond Distillery is a source of some of our favorite single-cask rums, including this stellar 15 Year Old demerara. A unique and singular rum in many respects, it's perhaps best distinguished for being produced on on...
Price: $139.99

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