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Price: $4.49
Limit of 1 per customer

Pineapple, Blood Orange, Pink Guava, Lychee Tea and Crystalized Ginger join our Signature 5 Apple Blend for this Luau in your mouth. Get your tiki torches out and enjoy one by the pool.
Price: $3.99
Limit of 1 per customer

"The legendary Newtown Pippin has a long, illustrious history in our country. It was discovered growing as a seedling in Queens in New York City in the mid 1700s and is one of the oldest cultivars in the U.S. Thomas Jefferson himself proclaimed it to be a superior apple. Its rich aromatic flavor results in a complex and flavorful cider. This cider is wild fermented to complete dryness in neutral red wine barrels. Our cider is bottle conditioned, with a small amount of fresh juice added back during bottling for natural carbonation. As a result, a small am...
Price: $15.99

From Lassen: "We take pride in our cider being a local or regional product. Made from a single orchard blend of apples from Irvine Orchard in Gridley- only 25 miles from the cidery- this is as local as you can get. The varieties contained in this cider are Fuji, Newtown Pippin, Winesap, Granny Smith, and Pink Lady. The fruit was pressed during the harvest season. The cider was wild fermented with the yeast on the fruit to complete dryness and bottle conditioned for a refreshingly sparkling natural carbonation."
Price: $9.99

Single orchard dry cider. Biodynamic fruit from Filigreen Farms in Anderson Valley.
Price: $16.99

About the producer: "Lassen Traditional Cider was founded by Ben Nielsen. Ben's love of fermentation began when he started brewing beer in college. After brewing extensively for his adult life, around 2005 he began delving into cider in an effort to use the free fruit from a neighbor's backyard apples trees in Corvallis, OR. After a couple years, this morphed into an annual cider pressing party where all his friends would bring apples to press or just help out. So of course, the neighbor's apples weren't enough after a while. Unused trees in yards all ov...
Price: $15.99

Our Gold Medal Winner "Chai Me A River" is a blend of Fuji, Gala, Honey Crisp, Red Delicious and Granny Smith... This apple pie chai spiced cider drinks nicely cold or hot. Light. Crisp. Clean refreshing cider. (Cidery Notes)
Price: $3.89
Limit of 1 per customer

Farmstead Cider presents our refreshing, bubbly, and easy drinking blend of dessert apple varieties. The bright acidity is balanced well with apple aromas, and the sugar has completely fermented away leaving a dry hard cider that is perfect for warm summer days and cold winter nights. Our Mountain Dry Cider has aged in oak barrels for 3-6 months and has 7.5% alcohol content. It is wild fermented with no residual sugars or added sulphites.
Price: $12.99

Semi-sweet cider with a juicy tart finish. Apple based blended with cherries.
Price: $4.99

Farmstead Kelly Street Cider won a Good Food Award in 2021! All the flavors of the East Jackson neighborhood come together in this delectable cider made from sweet and crab apples harvested from the heart of the town that used to be Davey Jackson’s favorite trapping hole (Jackson Hole). These trees range from early-ripening transparent varieties to cold-hardy bitter crab apples, and everything in between. Every sip of this cider also helps keep our wildlife safe. The more we harvest from this area, the more we reduce animal conflicts with dogs, cars, and...
Price: $15.99

Single Varietal, Semi Dry; Our 2019 McIntosh combines the dry nature of single varietals with a subtle caramel sweetness that comes from the McIntosh apple. Patrons at our ciderhouse comment on the subtle notes of fresh-cut grass that comes from this earthy blend. (Producer notes)
Price: $4.99

Dry Cider fermented with WA Blackberries & Apples
Price: $2.69

Price: $6.99

This traditionally fermented bubbly hard cider from Farmstead Cider follows an old French style known as Pétillant Naturel. This old-school method of cider-making involves bottle-conditioning the cider, creating a bright fizz and a hazy golden color. Wild fermented, with no residual sugars or added sulphites.
Price: $16.99

Natural apple cider with grapefruit peel and hops
Price: $3.29

The crab apples for our special release Bitter Local Cider first rooted in these soils decades ago. They’ve seen hard winters and frosty summers. They’ve been sunburned and bruised. Yet they thrive in this mountain climate—bitter and sweet and sharp. Time and aging for several months in an oak barrel help the over 150 apple locals get along inside one bottle. Wild fermented, with no residual sugars or added sulphites.
Price: $19.99

The Rafter J neighborhood in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, was developed in 1978 on what had been cattle grazing grasslands. Many of the crab apples in this subdivision are getting close to forty years old, and present a maturity that is hard to find in younger orchards. The trees here are abundant and survive on their own tenacity and hardiness. One of the most acclaimed apple trees in the valley appears right as you enter the subdivision. This tree stood long before the neighborhood was built, flying in the face of the common belief that apples can’t survive ...
Price: $15.99

Looking for something different for the dinner table? How about an earthy, crisp hard cider from organically grown Washington and heirloom apples and pears? The folks at Finnriver, out on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, sweeten this cider with pear. From the brewery: "Small batch production year-round featuring cider fermented on the farm using 100% organic apple juice pressed from Washington apples. We ferment the apple juice, then sweeten with organic pear for additional depth, sweetness and flavor. Lightly carbonated. Contains no gluten ingredients. B...
Price: $9.49

Bright apple fruit balanced by berry complexity; sweet and sour notes, with a light sparkle and purple blush. Apple and black currant intertwine in this semi-sweet cider. Lightly carbonated.
Price: $9.49

Dry Me a River is a dry cider with subtle sweetness and light acidity.
Price: $2.49

Natural Apple Cider with Cactus Pear, Hibiscus, Lemon Peel, and Basil
Price: $3.29

Price: $14.99

A super-dry naturally sparkling "black cider" with charcoal, blood orange, and lavender.
Price: $3.49

A combination of chili heat and tart apple, mellowed by a dash of sweet, makes for a cider that is both fruity and spicy. A peppery tickle on the nose.
Price: $9.99

Oliver's Fine Cider Gold Rush Raw #2 is a traditional-style, full-juice, fine, off-dry cider that pushes the finest Herefordshire fruit to the fore. It is a collaboration with Angry Orchard (USA), made from a multi-year blend of select local cider apples. Compared to Gold Rush #1, the barrel ageing makes only a fleeting appearance, and is much more fruit forward and succulent. Tom Oliver is a renowned award-winning cidermaker based at Ocle Pychard in Herefordshire. He follows a minimal intervention approach to produce high-quality, drinkable ciders and ...
Price: $20.99

It's unlikely you'll find a more elegant, refined pear cider than this one from famed biodynamic Loire Valley cider producer Eric Bordelet. The tiny little tear-dropped shaped fruit for this comes from a stand of 60-foot tall, 300-year-old pear trees. With a delicate bead and complex flavors that are unparalleled, this would make a stunning and surprising substitution for Champagne at your next party.
Price: $26.99

Lightweight and refreshing, this cider is just barely semi-sweet thanks to a dose of honey from the very same bees that pollinate our orchards (yes, seriously!) (Producer Notes)
Price: $7.49

A natural, dry, unfiltered Spanish cider. A traditional cider with fruity aromas and the characteristic acidity of the Spanish and French apples. Pair with cured cheeses and meats.
Price: $16.99

Wine Enthusiast: "From a former rock-star sommelier of the Parisian wine scene, this slightly sweet cider is produced from the fruit of apple trees more than 50 years old. Tones of baked apple drizzled with honey beg to be paired with warm apple pie à la mode. Don’t let the sweetness fool you—there’s enough tannin and acid to please even dry-seeking palates. (AP)" (09/2015) K&L Notes: A sommelier by training, in 1992 Eric took over his family's estate and orchards. His goal was to revolutionize the cider industry and bring it into restaurants, high-end...
Price: $13.99

Strawberry & Hibiscus. Zero Sugar. Probiotic.
Price: $3.29

"Save the Gravenstein is a full bodied, aromatic cider made exclusively from Gravenstein Apples grown on our next-door neighbors farm in the Sebastopol Hills. Some of these apple trees are over 100 years old! This bright cider unfolds with layers of orange blossom honey, fresh flowers and is accentuated by well-structured acidity and tannin. Pair this cider with a charcuterie plate, butternut squash, or roasted turkey."
Price: $4.29

Price: $3.29

This is a Californian table cider. It's dry, tannic, and aromatic and made with many cider-specific apple varietals from the UK, France & The United States, all grown on our orchards in San Joaquin County. This bottle is best shared with good food and great friends.
Price: $16.99

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