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The exceptional Ford's Gin is one of the most versatile London Drys on the market. Distilled at the exceptional Thames Distillery by master distiller Charles Maxwell and the famous Simon Ford. They start with a base of Italian juniper and coriander seed, and the recipe is expanded thoughtfully to include bitter oranges, lemon and grapefruit peel. Subtle jasmine and orris add a soft floral quality, while spicy angelica root and cassia bark give it some structure. I've always noted a smidge of cucumber, but the distiller won't cop to it. Anyway, the mixtur...
Price: $24.99

95 points Vinous: "Wiston's 2015 Blanc de Blancs is one of the finest English sparkling wines that I have encountered... to date. It was picked from October 22 to November 3 after a warm, dry October, the yield 15hl/ha, 50% fermented in stainless steel and 50% in old Burgundy barrels and aged on the lees for nine months. Dosage is 8g/L. This has a fantastic bouquet of bewitching scents of lime, green apple, honeysuckle and slithers of tinned peach, all beautifully defined. The palate does not disappoint, delivering exquisite balance, wonderful focus and ...
Price: $44.95

93 points Decanter: "Another seriously classy fizz from winemaker Dermot Sugrue. Gentle cream and yeast aromas give way to a finely textured and persistent palate that shows flavours of crisp green apples and freshly baked bread. (SB)" 92 points Vinous: "The NV Brut from Wiston has been a go-to English sparkler for some time now. The bunches are pressed using a traditional Coquard basket press. It has a steely, malic bouquet of dew-speckled Granny Smith apples, wet limestone and a touch of petrichor. It is almost like a Blanc de Blancs, reserved yet eng...
Price: $29.99

91 points Wine Enthusiast: "Distilled from whey, this vodka has a faintly earthy aroma and neutral, slightly sweet palate that finishes with a citrusy lilt. It’s more about texture than flavor: markedly plush and rounded, ideal for a head start on White Russians and other creamy cocktails. (KN)" (01/2020) K&L Notes: What's in a name? Whey much moo than you might guess. Located on England’s West Dorset coast, Black Cow Vodka produces the world's only "Pure Milk Vodka™" made entirely from the milk of grass-fed grazed cows. Indeed, the sugar in the milk i...
Price: $34.99

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "Rhubarb, hibiscus and tart red currant paint a fruity picture on the nose. A second sniff reveals a good measure of Red Delicious apple. The mousse is creamy and transports wave upon wave of those vivacious apple and hibiscus notes, all backed with an autolytic backdrop reminiscent of freshly baked short crust. This is creamy, joyful and sophisticated with a fine, persistent foam and a long, delectable finish. (AK)" (11/2019) 91 points Decanter: "Made by the talented Dermot Sugrue, who is playing a big part in shaping the UK...
Price: $29.99

Specially bottled for Berry Bros & Rudd in London, this gin was created to exemplify the classic London Dry style. Unabashedly juniper-driven, the riveting No. 3 gets its name from the historic home of Berry Bros at No. 3 St. James Street in London, where they've been operating continuously since 1698. The No. 3 pushes tradition to the extreme using a simple 3 fruit and 3 spice recipe. The nose is all citrus and piney juniper. On the palate the juniper is balanced perfectly with spicy coriander and verdant cardamom. The finish brings the earthy telltale ...
Price: $34.99

Now in one-liter bottles at the same price as the 750ml! This craft gin from, yes, the center of London, is distilled in a copper pot still. Producer note: "City of London is a one-shot connoisseur’s London Dry Gin, flavoured with a fine balance of juniper berries, angelica, liquorice and coriander seeds – with fresh orange, lemon and pink grapefruit added also to give the gin its distinctive zesty notes." *Double Gold Medal 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition*
Price: $16.99

East London Liquor Co. is committed to returning the eastside of London to its Industrial roots by producing the highest possible spirits possible. Using their custom designed hand-built Holstein stills, the team at East London is creating spirits with the highest possible standard of quality. Their flagship London Dry Gin is designed to be authentic, but approachable. A base of 100% British wheat spirit is direct and vapor infused with fresh lemon and grapefruit peel, coriander, angelica root, juniper, cubeb berries and cardamom. A great balance between...
Price: $29.99

Here's a product we had no idea we needed but now can't get enough of. They start with high quality distilled water. Then they add to it every type of culinary acid of note. The result is an absolutely mouth puckering cocktail ingredient that's a total game changer for the home bartender. While this doesn't replace the flavors of lemon or lime, it does give and incredible new avenue for introducing these crucial elements to a cocktail. Just be aware that a little goes a long way. Painfully sour if consumed straight. Here's what's actually in there. CITRI...
Price: $11.99

91 points Wine Enthusiast: "It would be easy to mistake this gin for a raspberry-flavored vodka. With a distinct raspberry note in the aroma, this gin offers notes of lemon peel and black pepper, rounding into a raspberry note on the clean finish. (KN)" (08/2015)
Price: $34.99

What half the calories? It makes no sense … just as delicious as the standard with only 40 calories per serving! About Fever Tree: "Following a 'tonic tasting' in 2000 to find the best on the US market, Charles Rolls--who had built his reputation running Plymouth Gin--joined forces with Tim Warrillow, who had a background in luxury food marketing, to analyse the composition of mixers. The pair discovered that the majority of mixers were preserved with sodium benzoate or similar substances, while the use of cheap orange aromatics such as decanal and artif...
Price: $5.99

Price: $5.29

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "A soft, classic gin, ideal for Negronis and a wide range of other drinks. Overall, the flavor is neutral, but it has a touch of sweetness and complex underpinnings of pine, citrus and black pepper. Because it's so versatile, this workhorse is recommended for anyone starting to build a bar. (KN)" (04/2012) K&L Notes: Plymouth Gin was started in 1793. Plymouth makes their gin on an even older site, a 16th-century Dominican friary where Miles Standish and the Pilgrims stayed the night before they set out for America. Plymouth G...
Price: $29.99

94 points Wine Enthusiast: "A relative newcomer to the gin landscape, this is the proper gin to use for a Tom Collins cocktail. It intentionally leans sweet, but it’s balanced with the right amount of alcohol bite, a lightly piny scent, and faint herbal and citrus peel notes. If using this 19th-century style sweetened gin for other cocktails, be sure to hold off on adding sugar. (KN)" (04/2012) K&L Notes: Old Tom Gin is a botanically rich and slightly sweet version of gin that results in a balanced and mild tipple. This is ideal for a variety of classi...
Price: $26.99

Hayman's Sloe Gin (750ml)
Back In Stock!
A traditional English liqueur made by infusing gin with the sloe berries of the Blackthorn tree which grows throughout the British Isles. Hayman's Sloe Gin is made from a family recipe dating back mnay generations. Wild English sloe berries are gently steeped for several months with Hayman's London Dry gin before blending with just a little natural sugar to create this rich liqueur. Hayman's adds no additional colors, vanilla, or other flavors. This is the cleanest and purest sloe gin on the market. To the taste it is a rich ruby with bittersweet berry f...
Price: $27.99

This isn't the sloe gin that Americans think of as a sickly-sweet concoction sold behind the corner market counter, for consumption adjacent the nearest railroad tracks. This traditional English-style craft gin is made with the Sipsmith's award-winning London Dry Gin, made in a copper still, and infused with wild shoe berries. The UK's House & Garden magazine says: "If you like the idea of sloe gin but not the sugary sweetness of most commercial and home-made versions, you will almost certainly like Sipsmith Sloe Gin, which has a convincing vibrant sloe ...
Price: $39.99

90 points Wine Enthusiast: "Made with 10 internationally sourced botanicals--Seville orange peel, Italian orris root, et al.--this gin rings with plenty of juniper and licorice upfront, followed by lavender and citrus peel. Finishes smooth and mellow. (KN)" (08/2015) K&L Notes: Sipsmith is the first new copper-distilled London gin to actually be made in London in the last 200 years--as most production has moved to Scotland for economic reasons. The boys at the distillery have awoken a new movement of pride in London distillates: the term "London dry gi...
Price: $29.99

The new expression from the wonderful Seedlip Distillery. They've changed the conversation around non-alcoholic beverages and created a new way for abstaining adults to enjoy the finer things. This new flavor is probably the easiest to use of the three expressions, focused on citrus fruits and orchard flavors. Softer and less herbaceous than the Garden and less botanical than the Spice, the Grove has a pungent bouquet of orange and yellow citrus. Round and open with no bitterness at all, but powerful enough to stand up to a good tonic. A welcome addition...
Price: $29.99

90 points Wine Enthusiast: "Overall, this is a crisp and classic profile, scented with juniper. The palate is bracing and astringent, accented by bitter lemon and juniper, finishing lean and clean. Try it in a martini. *Best Buy* (KN)" (08/2019) K&L Notes: The pride of the Thames distillery, the standard Hayman's London Dry offers the punch and spice of a classic juniper-heavy gin with a clean finish and a nice price. For fans of Beefeater or Bombay who want the notch turned up just a bit, this is a great alternative.
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We were skeptical, but the crazy people at Seedlip are doing something pretty special. A living relic from the tradition of the Renaissance era alchemists, this product is created essentially the same way we'd imagine gin to be made, botanicals steeped in alcohol and distilled. This extracts the essence of the plants and imparts them into the spirit, but the alcohol itself is only necessary in the extraction process, and the flavors can be retained while completely distilling the alcohol from the wash. The result is something that's technically non-alcoh...
Price: $29.99

East London Liquor Co. is committed to returning the eastside of London to its Industrial roots by producing the highest possible spirits possible. Using their custom designed hand-built Holstein stills, the team at East London is creating spirits with the highest possible standard of quality. The Premium Batch #2 Gin is their most distinct and savory offering. Their British wheat spirit is infused with juniper, coriander, orris root, angelica, lemon peel, thyme, winter savory, fennel seed, sage, bay leaf and lavender. Designed to stand tall in spirit fo...
Price: $42.99

Most people know David Stirk from his Exclusive Malt single barrel Scotch whisky selections, rather than from seeing his name plastered across the front of a gin label. We've been working directly with David for years, visiting his Glasgow warehouse annually in search of new whisky selections. But David came up with a clever idea recently. Since he was in the business of emptying Scotch barrels, he might as well be in the business of filling them as well. And fill those barrels, he did; but not with Scotch. He filled them with UK-distilled dry gin and al...
Price: $39.99

V.J.O.P. (Very Junipery Over Proof) is Sipsmith's aromatic ode to gin's favorite botanical. From the distillery: "Imagining the botanicals as components in an orchestra, here we have taken the lead instrument, juniper, and amplified its presence in the ensemble, and then raised the decibels by increasing the proof alcohol. The result is our very own symphony in 'J' major. Junipery pine and cedarwood dominate with hints of zesty orange."
Price: $39.99

Wine Enthusiast: "While regular-strength Plymouth is relatively neutral and cocktail friendly, this higher-octane gin, also made in England, shows loads of citrus, floral and juniper-pine notes. (KN)" (05/2015) K&L Notes: 94 points Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2015: "Excellent, Highly Recommended. Tasting Notes: Beautifully grainy and crisp with scents of pine needle, orange blossom, a dried herb melange, juniper, and dried flowers. Voluptuous on the palate while maintaining perfect balance with the juniper notes rising with each passing second."
Price: $33.99

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "Setting the benchmark for London dry-style gins, look for a fresh, clean scent and flavors of lemon peel and juniper, accented by white pepper, ginger, cayenne and coriander before fading to zingy lemon and a mildly sweet exit. At 47% abv it reads a little hot, but it's ideal for drinks with a bit of dilution, like a classic Gin & Tonic. *Best Buy* (KN)" (09/2016) K&L Notes: *Gold* 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. From the Beverage Testing Institute: "93 points--*Exceptional and a Best Buy*-- Vibrant aromas of c...
Price: $14.99

One of the best bargains for quality spirits we carry at K&L in any category. The Royal Dock Navy Strength gin is bottled at 57% alcohol because that's what "Navy Strength" was to the royal seamen working on behalf of her Royal Majesty. Gin rations were once a right of all serving officers, and to make sure the crown wasn't watering down their hooch, they took it at full blast. Try making a gin and tonic with this lovely, herbaceous and expressive gin and watch the sparks fly!
Price: $27.99

Originally created in 1823 by James Pimm of Kent to be served as a digestif, Pimm's Original Gin Sling was the first "House Cup" at London's popular Oyster Bar, thus the spirit's name: Pimm's No. 1 Cup. A special blend of herbs, liqueurs and quinine were steeped in gin and paired with oysters on the half shell. As the brand's reputation grew, other Pimm's Cups were developed, each based on different spirits, including vodka and brandy, but only the gin-based cup is available in the US today. The iconic cocktail, appropriately named Pimm's Cup, has been a...
Price: $24.99

Wine Enthusiast: "This limited edition flavored gin has an almost neutral aroma, showing just a tinge of lemony scent. The palate comes on stronger, opening with vanilla and lemon cream, though it's marred by a bitter ersatz note midpalate. Alcohol fire nips at the anise-accented finish. Distilled from wheat. (KN)" (08/2019)
Price: $34.99

Special Order Only! Will take 3-7 business days to receive this product before it can be shipped. BULLDOG Gin is a modern take on a traditional London dry gin. Distilled in copper pot stills at the world's oldest continuous gin distillery BULLDOG utilizes the highest quality British wheat and water and introduces a distinct blend of 12 botanicals to create a balanced gin with multiple layers of flavor. Less juniper heavy and more dominantly citrus, BULLDOG is a refreshing gin that is smooth enough to drink on the rocks, bold enough to perfect the gin & ...
Price: $24.99

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