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This wonderful Mexicano (Agave Rhodancantha) was distilled by a high quality palenque in Santiago Matatlan. El Samaritano is the personal brand of the distillers, the Blas Family. The family has been making mezcal for three generations and still makes uses traditional artesenal techniques. The patriarche, Ambrosio Martinez Blas, has been working in the palenque since he was a young boy and plans to leave the distillery to his son. They'd never used Mexicano before and this special batch yielded less than 700 bottles. It's won double gold at the San Franc...
Price: $64.99

Special order only. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery based on availability from distribution.
Price: $59.99

A connection that began through Palo Alto's Sister City connection with Oaxaca brings us Huxal Mezcal. After years of facilitating the acquisition of firefighting equipment, including engines and ambulances, for Oaxaca and its rural communities Bob Wenzlau and son Tim have created Huxal to furher support this effort. A portion of every bottle sold goes to help get this critical life saving equiment to Oaxaca. The spirits are made by Don Bernardo in Miahuatlan and offer a very approachable take on each variety. The Espadin has a subtle smokiness and a lov...
Price: $59.99

Mezcal fans rejoice. Breaking Bad fans rejoice. Dos Hombres Mezcal has arrived. After Breaking Bad wrapped, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston were pretty bummed out they wouldn't be working together anymore, so they did what any spirit loving person would do and decided to start a Mezcal brand. However, they also learned lessons from some other celeb brands and realized they didn't want to just slap their name on something they liked, but source a quality product from real artisans. Turns out that Bryan and Aaron have quite different tastes when it comes to ...
Price: $59.99

Chichicapa has a relatively light nose, yet is deep and sweet on the tongue with a very complex character. It has a long finish, with a distinct smokiness and hint of mint at the end. Chichicapa is 2 hours south of Oaxaca, and 2 hours to the west on a dirt road. The pueblo elevation is about 7,000 feet. Chichicapa is separated from the valley of Oaxaca by a mountain range. The valley is broad, about thirty miles deep and ten miles wide. The climate is desert and tropical, with banana trees, guava, mangoes, and other exotic fruits. Faustino Garcia Vasquez...
Price: $69.99

The "old way" of making mezcal is a loaded term, but in this case Los Nahuales is referring to a method of dilution using the tails of the first run (codas) with the heart of the second distillation. This practice was originally banned by the NORMA regulations governing the production and export of mezcal, but Nahuales has had the prohibition over turned. That means that all certified mezcal that's been diluted has used water to achieve a lower proof, instead of this old method. The tails from the first run are full of life and complexity. They add textu...
Price: $69.99

Region: Mazatlán, Guerrero Producer Family: Obregón (Rodolfo Obregón master distiller) ABV: 47% Agave: Cupreata Maguey: Papalote Origin: semi - wild Age: 8 to 10 years Cooking: undergrund in conical oven Wood used: encino (oak), guamuchil and tepehuaje Milling: mechanical mill Fermentation: 100% natural with indigenous yeast in wooden vats with spring water Distillation: double in arabic alembic (500L)
Price: $59.99

The Tepeztate agave hearsta is cooked in earthen pit ovens and crushed by horse drawn tahona. Natural yeast is allowed to do its thing in open top fermenters before a double distillation and resting period. The Tepeztate grows only on steep, rocky cliffs and is wild harvested, providing powerful and unique floral aromas. This combined with an incredible mineral drive, light smokiness, and excellent price make this the perfect mezcal for those looking to explore the world of wild agave without breaking the bank.
Price: $59.99

The excellent Alto for Isidro Rodriguez Montoya is distilled in one of the best villages for Mezcal production in Michoacan, Rio de Parras. This tiny town devoted primarily to the production of A. Inaequidens, locally called Alto, has some of the best mezcal in Mexico, but few know its importance. The region has a diverse mezcal producing history, but Isidro Rodriguez learned the trade late in life, at the age of 19. He began distilling to his own tastes and developed a much cleaner and more chiseled style than many of his neighbors. He achieves this thr...
Price: $69.99

[Cannot ship. Will call pick up only.] We've long sold the Danzantes mezcales at K&L (now known as "Los Nahuales" in the U.S. due to a trademark issue with the Danzantes name), but until today I never really understood where they stood in comparison to the other selections we carry. They're following the tequila model, which is the standard blanco, reposado, and añejo progression; choosing to market familiarity rather than specifics. The brand has actually enjoyed more success abroad with the Alipus portfolio, simply because of the wilder flavor profiles...
Price: $62.99

El Pintor Joven Mezcal (750ml) (Previously $100) (Previously $100)
Back In Stock!
Created by certified Maestro Tequilero Guillermo Barroso Arnaud, El Pintor is an expression of Arnaud's quest to find balance between the art and science of Tequila creation. For those who want the experience of an ultra-premium modern mezcal, but without the extreme price tag.
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Wine Enthusiast: "Another single-village mezcal from Del Maguey. This crystal-clear mezcal has not much aroma, just a spicy scent which later opens up to a faint, grassy sweetness. Vegetal, grassy, slightly sweet flavors finish dry and pleasant, with just a little spice. Light body, unctuous feel. (KN)" (12/2010) K&L Notes: Named "Distiller of the Year" at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition! This single village Mezcal is from the village of Santo Domingo Albarradas, located in the high altitude tropical region of "Mixe" (pronounced Mee-Ha...
Price: $69.99

Price: $59.99

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