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From the humble beginnings in Boston, bartender Chris Moran had one goal, create a tequila that could be used for spicy cocktails and stand on its own. The trouble with muddling peppers behind the bar, besides finding quality fruit, is a complete lack of consistency from one piece to another. One day, you might make the perfect spicy margarita and the next it could be a fiery over spicy mess. So they turned to science to create a spicy tequila that offered consistent yet subtle capsicum spice, but not a specific flavor like habanero or jalapeno. This giv...
Price: $22.99

Mezonte is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting, supporting, and preserving the production and practices of traditional agave spirits of Mexico. The main objective is to create awareness of the cultural and biological value inherent in these incredible spirits. There's a particular emphasis on the spirits of Jalisco and Michoacan, but all agave spirits could be featured. The incredible organization began in a little bar in Guadalajara where Pedro Jiminez began to educate about these special spirits. The "Japo" comes from Hildegardo Jayo...
Price: $149.99

Koch Olla de Barro is a unique mezcal, thanks to the artisanal method in which it is produced – rather than the copper distillation pots common to most manufacturers, this mescal is distilled in traditional clay pots (olla de barro) giving it a incomparable and delicious flavour.
Price: $89.99

So what is the Alipús label and what does it represent in the world of mezcal? Alipús is a series made from contracted mezcales, purchased and marketed by the Danzantes group in Oaxaca, and imported into California by Craft Distillers. Each label corresponds to a specific village where the producer is located. All of them are made entirely from Espadin agave (with the exception of the San Andres that has a smidge of something else thrown in during fermentation). The point is to show the geographical differences that terroir, fermentation, and water ultim...
Price: $39.99

Jake Lustig, the man behind ArteNOM tequila and the fabulous K&L Fuenteseca selection, has Mina Real made at his 300-year-old distillery in Santa Catarina Minas. They use 100% Espadin agave that is grown at 4,800 feet. The blanco is super clean and not heavy on the smoke. A great bargain for mixing and sipping alike.
Price: $34.99

One of the best values right now and a great example of the potential from this up and coming mezcal region. Cenizo is the local name for the Agave Durangesis, named for the state where this Agave grows abundantly. The name Cenizo, meaning ashy, comes from the disctintive gray color of the pencas. While many other regions used the term to describe local plants, it is only this varietal that can legally be called Cenizo today. The slow growing broad curved leaves of the Cenizo are as distinctive as it's flavor and pinas can way many hundreds of kilos when...
Price: $49.99

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