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This K&L exclusive is made of rare agaves that were roasted, mashed, fermented, and distilled together. Sierra Negra is an Agave Americana, akin to Arroqueño, but with a shorter lifespan (12-15 years) and thinner leaves which have a distinct black spine running up and down their edges. It grows wildly, but is also cultivated by a select few intrepid souls. Alberto Martinez, producer of this incredible mezcal is one of the few distillers left in Santa Catarina Alborradas. The altitude is about 6,500 feet above sea level at the distillery and Alberto's fie...
Price: $119.99

Don Julio "1942" Añejo Tequila (750ml)
Top Pick!
98 points Wine Enthusiast: "A stunning limited-edition añejo. The golden color and caramel scent hint at what’s to come: sweet agave flavor, a lingering whisper of smoke and mellow notes of tropical fruit, Sauternes and butterscotch. (KN)" (05/2011) K&L Notes: Cannot be shipped, will call pick up only. Don Julio is particularly proud of this limited-edition Añejo, and rightfully so: "I established my first tequila distillery in 1942 and to commemorate that very special year, I have created Don Julio 1942 as a unique and limited edition I personally sel...
Price: $149.99

Erick Rodriguez is widely known as one of Mexico's most knowledgable and adventerous bottlers of Mezcal. His tiny shop, Almamezcalera, has become famous among the agave cognicenti and his selections are legendary. We're very lucky to have access to this tiny unusual batch of uncertified mezcal (bottled as aguardiente de agave). Maestro Patricio Hernandez cooks the piñas in a stone oven, then mills the cooked agave using a traditional tahona; to ferment, however, around 30% fresh pulque is added to the crushed agave in a pine vat (a 'tina'), almost like a...
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Another addition to K&L's ever-expanding selection of exclusive tequilas and mezcals, this micro-production, artisanal offering comes from one of the hidden gems of from our searches in the far reaches of mezcal country in Mexico. From the producer: "Rezpiral is a spirits label, project and fair trade practice that brings beautiful selections of the highest quality traditional artisanal single-batch (non-certified) Mezcals into a handful of places in the USA. At the core of the project is the embrace of an ethos that aims to respect and support the mult...
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Mezonte is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting, supporting, and preserving the production and practices of traditional agave spirits of Mexico. The main objective is to create awareness of the cultural and biological value inherent in these incredible spirits. There's a particular emphasis on the spirits of Jalisco and Michoacan, but all agave spirits could be featured. The incredible organization began in a little bar in Guadalajara where Pedro Jiminez began to educate about these special spirits. Santos Juarez lives in Toliman, Jalis...
Price: $129.99

NETA works closely with several small, family producers and a cooperative of twelve palenqueros from the southern valleys and hills of Miahuatlán, Oaxaca. Situated at the southern tip of the Central Valleys and the foot of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains, the area is renowned for the strong character of its people, its diverse landscapes, and the rich agricultural and culinary traditions that have been maintained throughout generations.
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The massive Arroqueño, a subspecies of the Agave americana, typically takes around twenty years to mature. Grown wild, the varietal was nearly extinct just a few decades ago, but has recovered in recent years, its population regrowing especially in southern Oaxaca districts like Miahuatlán through the efforts of mezcaleros and conservation activists in the region. Coveted for its high concentration of sugars over decades of growth, the mezcal tends to offer a fruity and fragrant approach, balanced with high proof and a rich body. A rare gem to experience...
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Region: Mazatlán, Guerrero Producer Family: Obregón (Rodolfo Obregón master distiller) ABV: 47% Agave: Cupreata Maguey: Papalote Origin: semi - wild Age: 8 to 10 years Cooking: undergrund in conical oven Wood used: encino (oak), guamuchil and tepehuaje Milling: mechanical mill Fermentation: 100% natural with indigenous yeast in wooden vats with spring water Distillation: double in arabic alembic (500L)
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