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Barrel Bourbon has had a lot to celebrate in 2019, so they've created a limited-edition reserve blend to ring in 2020, in hopes that good times keep rolling. This charming dram is blended from 5- and 10-year-old barrels distilled in five states (KY, TN, IN, NY, and TX). Aged in American white oak casks and bottled at a cask strength of 109.4 proof. From the distillery: "Ripe peach aromas hover over a sweet core of pecan pie, dried fig and hot cocoa in this warm and charming bourbon. Deep and contemplative, tingly mulling spices and meadow herbs vie for a...
Price: $89.99

Basil Hayden's Kentucky Bourbon (750ml)
Top Pick!
93 points Wine Enthusiast: "Complex and balanced, this go-to Bourbon features vanilla aromatics with a touch of fresh apple. On the palate, it's light at first, showing vanilla and honey, and winds into deeper, rounded notes of cocoa and hazelnut. Splash in ginger ale for a highball and sip all night long. *Best Buy* (KN)" (07/2015) Whisky Advocate: "Interesting that the label says 'Artfully Aged,' yet there’s no actual age statement. Lively nose, good rye snap and spice, a bit of mint and oaky edge. Not hot, well-behaved on the tongue, and happily giv...

Located in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, Smooth Ambler was founded in 2009 by Tag Galyean and John Little. The 13 year "Old Scout" has a mash bill of 84% corn, 8% rye and 8% malt. Distillery tasting notes: "Creamy butterscotch, and tree nut flavors Old Scout is delicious and smooth given it’s cask strength proof."
Price: $69.99

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "This plush port barrel-finished Bourbon opens with brown sugar, drying to a spiced edged with red fruit notes. Adding a splash of water snaps it into focus, suggesting a slice of cherry pie topped with caramelized brown sugar and maple. *Top 100 Spirits of 2018* (KN)" (07/2018) K&L Notes: The new release from the wonderful A. Smith Bowman Distillery is inspired by the Limited Release from 2016. That special little whiskey was awarded World's Best Bourbon by Whisky Magazine. Now a "standard release" from the little distillery...

Booker's "Beaten Biscuits 2019-4" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Top Pick!
From the Distiller: Booker’s Batch 2019-04 “Beaten Biscuits” was produced on a single date and stored in two warehouses in three locations. The breakdown of barrel storage is as follows: 47% came from the 6th floor of 9-story warehouse H 11% came from the 4th floor of 7-story warehouse P 42% came from the 5th floor of 7-story warehouse P The batch has a deep chestnut color that is elegant, like all batches of Booker’s. The nose has hints of the oak barrel coming through the sweetness, much like the scent of caramel icing for a cake. The finish...
Price: $59.99

Whisky Advocate: "An aroma you can really chew on, this comes at you big and bold, its dried cherry, fig, and caramel flavors woven with pipe tobacco, licorice, and saddle leather. The jolt of sweetness and spice on the palate pour on and on. Water helps to temper the heat and release even more flavors, with currant, chocolate, and drying oak on the finish. Sourced Indiana bourbon finished in oloroso sherry, Pedro Ximenez, and Cognac casks. (JL, Summer 2018)" K&L Notes: The ultra limited-release bourbon from the Washington D.C. craft distillery that's b...
Price: $99.99

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "This mellow Bourbon is scented with vanilla and a hint of stone fruit. On the palate it's light and creamy, with nuanced notes of vanilla, almond and pecan, plus a gentle baking-spice finish. Sip or mix. *Best Buy* (KN)" (09/2016) K&L Notes: *World Whisky Award Winner: Best Bourbon 7 Years and Under (2010)* *Malt Advocate Distillery of the Year Award (2008)* Located in Lawrenceburg, this storied distillery has a long history dating back to 1818. It is run by Jim Rutledge, one of the best distillers working in the business ...

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select Barrel Proof Tennessee Whiskey (750ml)
Back In Stock!
94 points Wine Enthusiast: "At first, this whiskey is easy to underestimate, since the amber color and mild toffee aroma give little away. But one sip, and it is clear this whiskey means business: Deep vanilla cookie and cigar tobacco flavors unfold to a big, burnt-caramel finish, which washes over the palate like a rolling wave. Manhattan-worthy. (KM)" (03/2011) K&L Notes: Finally, cask strength Jack. Not sure how long this will last, but at least we've got some serious juice coming out of Lynchburg. Critics, even the ones who discount the brand outri...

Originally a mysterious oddity only known to the hardest of the hardcore Kentucky bourbon fanatics, Black Maple Hill rode the popularity explosion in craft whiskey to its demise - almost. As the boom peaked, along with BMH's prices, the supply of their confidential, age-stated whiskeys essentially dried up and Black Maple Hill exited the market, it seemed. Undaunted, the brand's owner sought far and wide for new supply, and he found his diamond in the rugged and rough high plains of northeastern Oregon - the Steins family farm and distillery. Originally ...
Price: $79.99
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Whisky Advocate: "Finished 2 years in Quady Black Muscat barrels. Deep amber, ruby hues. Richly sweet, with raspberry preserve, pipe tobacco, dark chocolate, prune, honeysuckle, vanilla, and black tea. Dry leather finish cuts through the sweetness. Unique and peculiar. (JH, Spring 2017)" Wine Enthusiast: "Made with a blend of straight Bourbons, this whiskey has a mild vanilla and resin scent. On the palate, flavors run to vanilla, cedar and citrus. Adding water brings out distinct cinnamon and peach notes, before fading into vanilla. (KN)" (07/2015) K...
Price: $26.99

90 points Wine Enthusiast: "Sarsaparilla and vanilla lead the nose and palate. There’s a strong drying feel to the sip, which sizzles with ginger and cinnamon right into the toasty vanilla and almond finish. Made with a blend of 8- to 11-yearold whiskies. (KN)" (07/2019) K&L Notes: A celebratory bottling crafted to honor Nathan "Nearest" Green, the first African American master distiller and the man at least partially responsible for perfecting the Lincoln County process - the hallmark of Tennessee whiskey.

One of the more interesting and intriguing independent bottlings of bourbon since Black Maple Hill went out of production, Lost Republic whiskey is made of three different bourbons from three different states: Indiana, Tennessee, and California. Matt Weese and his team in Healdsburg are contracting spirits and aging the barrels separately in their Napa warehouse, using them to create a fruity, grainy, and gritty style of American whiskey. The fruity, young whiskey aromas are potent on the nose, but the woody, vanilla notes balance out the youth on the pa...
Price: $32.99

90 points Whisky Advocate: "Floral on the nose, with notes of orange blossom, as well as cinnamon, caramel, coffee cake, and cola. The palate is smooth and balanced, featuring pound cake, chocolate frosting, pepper, Almond Joy, and lemon iced tea. The finish has excellent length, and reprises the tropical notes. Water brings out vanilla custard and cinnamon. Light, complex, and balanced, with great integration of flavors; perfect for the warmer months. (DF, Fall 2019)" K&L Notes: The Widow Jane mine, from which the water is sourced for this bourbon, is ...

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "Look for a gorgeous copper hue with orange highlights, a butterscotch-like aroma and soft feel. This Bourbon offers lots of fruit on the palate--orange, apricot, tropical fruit--that finish long, with caramel and a bracing burnt-orange peel note. (KN)" (09/2014) Wine Spectator: "The dry, spicy, almost austere nose has a promising note of corn, and it delivers on the palate: sweet corn, berries and apricot, a touch of leather and cinnamon, with a bright, spicy finish. A mix of pot-still and column-still whiskeys. " (02/2012) ...

Whisky Advocate: "Sweet candy shop, nougat, and honeycomb flavors are underscored by some funky earth and mushroom notes. The palate is sweet and lively, delivering orange peel and subtle hints of baking spice. Overall a pleasant pour, with the only criticism that it feels rather light-bodied, with the oak a bit sharp. Adding water makes this bourbon feel underpowered and hollow, but it is a fine sipper otherwise. (JL, Summer 2019)" Wine Enthusiast: "Ten years of barrel time has created a concentrated caramel scent and palate spiked with sarsaparilla an...
Price: $25.99

93 points Whisky Advocate: "The nose offers fragrant orange, tea leaves, honey blossom, dried flowers, strawberry laces, and powdered sugar. The palate is surprisingly delicate, with notes of cigar ash, leather, blackberry preserves, vanilla milkshake, and balanced oak. The finish is long and rich, with dark fruit, cherry, strawberry, allspice, tobacco leaf, and polished oak. Water brings out toasty notes, cinnamon, clove, and strawberry preserves. Great depth, richness, and heat; stunningly formed. (DF, Fall 2019)" K&L Notes: The art of making fine bou...
Price: $119.99

I put a few glasses of the David Nicholson 1843 in the hands of my assistants here at K&L and told them it was a sample from a new Weller 107 single barrel that I had just purchased. Their eyes lit up and not one of them assumed the whiskey wasn't what I said it was. In fact, they were downright stoked about the quality. Then I immediately confessed. Alas, it was not Weller 107, but rather a new 100 proof wheated Bourbon from Luxco, the folks behind Rebel Yell and Ezra Brooks. How much would it cost, they asked? A cool $26.99, I replied. The nose is an a...
Price: $26.99

Michter's US #1 Small Batch Bourbon (750ml)
Top Pick!
90-95 points Wine Enthusiast: " The bouquet has a dry, grainy aroma which is accented by peppery/spicy scents. The palate entry is surprisingly sweet and corny, considering how dry the aroma is; the midpalate point is deep, corny sweet, sap-like and a bit syrupy. Ends up well and balanced, with a backnote of dried red fruit (raisins, prunes). *Superb/Highly Recommended* " (12/2007) K&L Notes: The Michter's name has been synonymous with great whisky since the 1950s. While the famous whiskey is no longer distilled at the Schaefferstown Distillery in Penn...

Savage and Cooke Second Glance American Whiskey – Billed as an American whiskey, this is a five year old spirit made from a mash of 95% corn, 4% rye, and 1% malted barley and sourced from Kentucky, but aged in used Bourbon barrels, not new oak. Finished, as noted, in Cabernet casks.
Price: $35.99

Resilient produces a line of single barrel whiskies the labels of which state simply "where it’s bottled, barrel #, bottle #, distilled on date, bottled on date, proof and mash bill." Distiller notes: "On the nose, this perfectly aged bourbon reveals a lovely bouquet baked orchard fruits with a touch of fine leather, vanilla meltaways, toffee, and oak spice. On the taste, baked apple, and red cherry leaps forth with vanilla, toffee, and oak spice underneath. The finish is quite nice with apple skins, clove, and cherry cobbler fading ever so slowly."
Price: $79.99

Introducing the first expression in The Bootleg Series by Heaven’s Door. Named after Bob Dylan’s famous "Bootleg Series" of albums, the line-up invites people to experience the art of craft whiskey on a new level and will feature unique and unreleased whiskeys, including special blends, barrel finishes and rare stocks. Each offering in the series features one of Dylan’s paintings on a hand-made ceramic bottle in a collectible leather case.
Price: $499.99

98 points Wine Enthusiast: "A beautiful, mouthwatering newcomer to the whiskey scene. Named for the 'angel’s share,' the portion that evaporates from the barrel during the aging process, this golden amber spirit is finished in Port barrels, which explains those juicy red-fruit notes that slide into the long finish. Look for orange peel, vanilla and roasted nut flavors, too. (KN)" (07/2012) 93 points Whisky Advocate: "Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey finished in a port pipe. This is veteran master distiller Lincoln Henderson’s newest creation, and it's...

Resilient finds small lots of high quality bourbon that they then bottle barrel by barrel. Producer notes: "On the nose, baked apple and cherry pie, baked peach, dark chocolate, vanilla candy, cinnamon sticks, toasted oak and clove. On the taste, baked cherry and apple in dark chocolate sauce, cinnamon and clove. The finish starts with dark chocolate sauce and fruit, then fades into a pleasant warming dose of clove and cinnamon before the fruit and chocolate return for the finale. A world class delight."
Price: $99.99

They've finally produced enough of the True Blue to release outside of the distillery. Bottled at 100 proof, this corn whiskey is the same recipe as the Baby Blue, just 4-5x older and that much spicier. If you've tasted the ultra limited cask strength releases, this is the next best thing!
Price: $49.99

Whisky Advocate: "This bourbon is named for the Special Forces horsemen, known as the horse soldiers, who served in Afghanistan. The nose starts earthy and herbal, with notes of leather, licorice, and light smokiness. Drying oak on the palate, with bitter orange and herbal notes, roasted walnuts, and burnt cinnamon and brown sugar. A finish of orange, bitter chocolate, and espresso beans. Water coaxes out raspberry and honey blossom. (DF, Summer 2019) " K&L Notes: An incredible story of heroism underlies the American Freedom "Horse Soldier" Whiskies. Th...
Price: $79.99

91 points Wine Enthusiast: "This addictive high-rye Bourbon, the first offering from the reincarnated Nelson's Green Brier Distillery, offers a pleasing caramel scent and dark, spicy flavors that evoke toffee and gingerbread, plus a citrusy tartness around the edges that leads into a mellower vanilla note. (KN)" (09/2014) Whisky Advocate: "A blend of high-rye bourbons (30% rye) aged 6 to 8 years. A warm, welcoming nose, with pleasant dunnage warehouse earthiness, toasted oak, maple syrup, cinnamon, blackberries, grape candy, licorice, and an herbal not...

Whisky Advocate: "Expressively aromatic, with orange, chai spices, incense, spearmint, and Juicy Fruit gum, buttressed by earthy moss and cedar. Equally vivid flavors of dry oak, pepper, cinnamon Red Hots, dried orange peel, orange pekoe tea, and chili-chocolate, but it loses steam on the finish. Water tames some of the brasher qualities without dampening the liveliness. (SSB, Spring 2019)" K&L Notes: The newest release from that special distillery up on Old Potrero hill. This is blended American whiskey, but it stands out from the category due to the i...
Price: Hidden

Old Forester's well regarded BIB is an ironic modern day recreation of the whisky the founder George Garvin Brown fought so hard to keep from being legal. Nonetheless, the passage of the bottled in bond in 1897 encourage Brown to raise the proof of his special whisky to 100 proof to avoid unnecessary taxation. This is a re-imagining of the whiskey from that tumultuous period.
Price: $54.99

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "This workhorse Bourbon is a worthwhile addition for cocktails or straight-up sips. Look for bold caramel and spice, accented with fresh pear and ginger, finishing long. *Best Buy* (KN)" (09/2016) Wine Spectator: "Bulleit has a high rye content, and you can smell it coming through in fresh-milled grain and mint. Bright corn appears in the mouth, spiced by the rye and dried by barrel wood. There's a tenacious and sweet finish, which is the sweetest part of the experience. " (02/2012) Whisky Advocate: "Soft, elegant, and nice...

Whisky Advocate: "The original Maker’s Mark, tried and true, and the same since the 1950s. The nose is consistent with a flare on the floral, toffee and caramel, roasted almonds, and loads of vanilla. Just when you think you’ve tasted this a million times, it offers candied fruit and pie crust with the final touches of praline and a hint of pecan shell. (FM, Spring 2016)" K&L Notes: Kentucky's most popular wheated bourbon that isn't called "Pappy," Maker's Mark has long been famous for using winter wheat as the flavor grain (along with the majority of c...
Price: Hidden

The return of Old Scout is upon us! This venerated brand is back. The high rye recipe has a 60%corn, 36%rye, 4% matled barley mash bill and is bottled at 99 proof. The LDI distillate doesn't come with an age statement, but is likely hovering around the 5-6 year old mark. It's sweet and smooth with notes of butterscotch, leather, and cherry pipe tobacco. Blended in limited small batches and bottled without chill filtration.
Price: $44.99

TOPO spirits in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is a completely organic spirits producer. After decades in microbrewing, they took that fermentation expertise and parlayed it into some extraordinary distillates. This straight wheat whiskey is 100% soft red winter wheat, non-chill filtered, and patiently aged in #3 charred barrels for 4 years. It's one of a kind and a perfect showcase for the soft, sweet profile this unique grain has to offer.
Price: $44.99

Old Forester K&L Exclusive Single Barrel "#OF201497 (Warehouse H, Floor 4)" Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whisky (750ml)
Top Pick!
Old Forester has been knocking it out of the park recently. The new Whiskey Row series has seen tremendous demand with each release, the Birthday Bourbon is one of the hottest whiskies every year, and the single cask program remains one of the most straight forward, delicious, and accessible programs in Kentucky. While they don't give specific distillation and bottlings dates, these casks typically see 5 or 6 years in Old Forester's famous patent warehouses. The steam heating and natural cooling provided throughout the cold Kentucky winters gives the bou...
Price: $39.99

Whisky Advocate: "An aroma you can really chew on, this comes at you big and bold, its dried cherry, fig, and caramel flavors woven with pipe tobacco, licorice, and saddle leather. The jolt of sweetness and spice on the palate pour on and on. Water helps to temper the heat and release even more flavors, with currant, chocolate, and drying oak on the finish. Sourced Indiana bourbon finished in oloroso sherry, Pedro Ximenez, and Cognac casks. (JL, Fall 2018) " K&L Notes: Another ultra limited small batch blend from the excellent Jos A. Magnus & Co. in Wa...
Price: $99.99

Four Roses "Single Barrel" 100 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Top Pick!
94 points Wine Enthusiast: "This complex whiskey has a bold caramel aroma and, at 100 proof, an unsurprising hit of alcohol heat. Balanced with a bit of water, the caramel palate shows zesty orange peel, espresso, maple and clove. The long finish is bracing and drying, with leather and oak, plus flickers of citrus and spice. *Best Buy* (KN)" (09/2016) 93 points Whisky Advocate: "This big, sweet, warming bourbon strikes all the right chords. Sizzling sweet corn meets generous oak, like dusty old books, but the bright peach nectar, wet walnuts, and vibra...

The fabulous new single barrel offering from Knob Creek is truly in a class of its own, very different in character than the standard single barrel rye. We were extremely happy to see that they'd be bottling it near cask strength at 115 proof. It's hard to pinpoint exactly the various differences between Jim Beam's Rye offerings but presumably this is the same recipe as both the new Prohibition and the old school Overholt, although some reports have it listed at 55% rye, 35% corn, and 10% malt. Beam is very ginger about exactly what goes into these barre...
Price: Hidden

94 points Wine Enthusiast: "Made using barrels from three different warehouses, a throwback to a pre-1870 blending technique intended to ensure consistency, this is a surprisingly light and delicate Bourbon. The aroma evokes coconut, plus a surprising floral note. The palate also shows coconut, spice, dried apricot and vanilla. Sip or mix. (KN)" (07/2015) K&L Notes: From Old Forester: "In 1870 George Garvin Brown created Old Forester on Louisville, KY’s, famous Whiskey Row. In honor of that milestone year in bourbon history, we have crafted a tribute –...

Oakland, CA based Wright & Brown distillery has managed to craft some really compelling spirits in a relatively short amount of time. Their bourbon uses a mashbill of 65% corn, 23% rye, and the balance of malted barley. The use a sweet mash process and no enzymes to ferment and distill this flavorful whisky. The result is a bright, sweet and pretty whiskey with a beautiful fruitiness. A perfect summertime whiskey.
Price: $59.99

94 points Whisky Advocate: "Aromas of corn meal, corn muffins, and buttered toast on the nose, along with vanilla frosting, warm raspberry tart, nuttiness, and polished oak. A big palate offers baking spice, vanilla ice cream, blackberries, and coconut shavings. A long finish of rich caramel, chocolate, cracked pepper, and roasted coffee beans, is completed by a final note of cigar ash. Warm and inviting, as the sweetness melds gracefully with dark fruit and spice. (DF, Winter 2019) " K&L Notes: Distiller's notes: "Eleven-year-old Indiana bourbon polish...
Price: $129.99

Hillrock Estate Solera Aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Back In Stock!
96 points Wine Enthusiast: "From master distiller Dave Pickerell, this estate-grown, field-to-flask offering makes good use of oloroso Sherry barrels. Look for peach and vanilla aromas, bold raisin and brown sugar flavors and a gentle exit that just hints at Sherry. At nearly 93 proof, the alcohol makes its presence known, so add some water or vermouth if you must. Attractive and substantial squared bottle." (07/2013) K&L Notes: This long-awaited project from whiskey impresario Dave Pickerell and the gorgeous Hillrock Estate in the Hudson Valley is tru...

The return of the age statement! As we're now over a decade into whiskey boom and producers have done everything possible to massively increase supply. We are finally reaching a point where there are enough aged stocks for brands to bring back long gone or introduce new age statements. Knob Creek hits the scene with a much sought after 12 year old. This is classic Kentucky Bourbon at its best.
Price: $54.99

91 points Whisky Advocate: "An oddball that crosses the divide between American whiskey and scotch by literally mixing the two, Campfire combines straight Indiana rye, straight Indiana bourbon, and peated blended malt scotch, marrying them together in heavily toasted French and Hungarian oak wine barrels. The scotch adds hearty, meaty flavors to the dry, spicy, and rich bourbon and rye. This is a robust and beefy whiskey, with smoke reminiscent of Southern barbecue. Earlier releases of this ambitious whiskey didn’t quite hit the mark. Now, it’s right on ...

Buffalo Trace right out of the still bottled and 125 proof. This dog is both friendly and fierce. This is the first release of the Buff Trace White Dog and will be highly allocated for the forseeable future. Great for mixing or over ice.
Price: $14.99

The first regular bourbon release from the newly minted Willett Distillery in Nelson County Kentucky. Very limited yet very affordable.
Price: $22.99

Whisky Advocate: "Some bourbons are balanced or complex; this is an all-around versatile pour with initial notes of lightly toasted oak, brown sugar, and butterscotch. A fun maltiness, concentrated caramel, and slight hints of cinnamon and watermelon Juicy Fruit hammer home its sipping potential, but its short to medium finish suggests that it’s more suited for cocktails. But hey, why not both? (FM, Fall 2017)" Wine Enthusiast: "The opening aroma is grainy and corn-like, with background touches of paraffin and walnut butter; aeration stimulates green pe...
Price: $23.99