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This magical creation from LA's newest bottler of fine spirits represents the hottest product in Hollywood. The buzz is out, because this whiskey represents the future of whiskey world, and it's damn tasty. Logic tells us that it must be young but certainly doesn't taste like the plethora of young whiskey flooding the market these days. Distilled in Indiana, aged in Owensboro, Kentucky, and bottled in Los Angeles, this is seriously drinkable stuff for the price. The 94%-corn mash bill lends itself to this easy drinking style, and a tiny bit of rye is add...
Price: $29.99

Sonoma Distilling Co. "K&L Exclusive" Straight Cherrywood Smoked Cask Strength Bourbon
Top Pick!
This single barrel of Sonoma Distilling Co's Cherrywood Smoked Bourbon is a beauty. Adam Spiegel, owner and whiskeymaker has been distilling his own whiskey in Sonoma since 2010. He uses all Non-GMO grains that are milled in house to a fine flour. The mash is distilled on copper alembic pot stills with a direct fire element and aged in a #3 charred 30 gallon barrel. The mashbill is quite unique and provides one of the most compelling and creative bourbon drinking experiences of any distillery. 67% corn, 20% rye, and 13% cherrywood smoked barley is a very...
Price: $59.99

Whisky Advocate: "Expressively aromatic, with orange, chai spices, incense, spearmint, and Juicy Fruit gum, buttressed by earthy moss and cedar. Equally vivid flavors of dry oak, pepper, cinnamon Red Hots, dried orange peel, orange pekoe tea, and chili-chocolate, but it loses steam on the finish. Water tames some of the brasher qualities without dampening the liveliness. (SSB, Spring 2019)" K&L Notes: The newest release from that special distillery up on Old Potrero hill. This is blended American whiskey, but it stands out from the category due to the i...
Price: Hidden

Outrageously delicious. Perhaps the most unique bourbon on our shelf. This bourbon undergoes a unique process to combine two of the best things this earth has to offer. Real bourbon is infused with real bacon and then the fat is stripped out, leaving behind just the essence of your favorite meat wrapped in the soft caramel, candied, and wooded flavors of scrumptiously smooth bourbon.
Price: $27.99

Founded in 2010 by Adam Spiegel, the Sonoma Distilling Co. has been committed to producing craft whiskey from 100% local, non-GMO grains for almost a decade. Their tiny, direct fire (until recently) stills produce a fine, complex spirit that's delicious even in its youth. But as the spirit has aged and the distillery's branding matured along with it, we're realizing that this little front runner is making some pretty serious whiskey. Using 30 and 53 gallons barrels aged in Sonoma's complex climate, the average age increase on this product has allowed it ...
Price: $36.99

Nine Banded Small Batch was born in Austin and draws its inspiration from the creative spirit of that special city. Only this place can bring together hippies, hipsters, rednecks, and cowboys around their shared love of great music and good times. The name is a nod to Armadillo World Headquarters, the 1970s music venue famous for being the birthplace of Austin's eclectic, communal culture and avant-garde music scene. The armadillo, a nocturnal creature native to Texas, represents the bottlers mantra, "Roam All Night." Nine Banded Whisky is all about the ...
Price: $29.99