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Don Mateo "K&L Exclusive" Pechuga Mezcal (750ml)
Top Pick!
The Vieyras are widely regarded as one of Michoacán's very best distillers, but this special bottling, unlike the standard Don Mateo, is Delia's special recipe. Delia Vargas Vieyra is literally the quintessential Mexican matriarch. She welcomed us at the Vinyata when we visited in February and was feeding us immediately. This special batch of Pechuga (despite what the labels say) began with a blend of Cupreata and Cenizo. Roasted over sustainably harvested (no green wood) Pine and Oak with a tiny bit of mesquite as a starter. Crushed manually and ferment...
Price: $99.99

5 Sentidos Espadin "Batch ESALB01-19" K&L Exclusive (Alberto Martinez) Santa Catarina Albarradas Uncertified Oaxacan Mezcal (750ml)
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5 Sentidos started as the house spirit of the acclaimed restaurant in Oaxaca city "El Destilado" and has become a platform to uplift numerous traditional producers who otherwise wouldn't be able to sell their products on the international stage. There's a stigma in Mexico of exporting uncertified agave spirits, driven by the idea that mezcal's denomination of origin is synonymous with quality. In fact, the system shuts out many traditional producers and allows countless industrial practices that should be considered inferior. That's why many of the great...
Price: $109.99

Madre Mezcal hails from the tiny village of San Dionisio Ocotepec. In between Chichicapam and Matatlan, the village is in the heart of Mezcal country. The Garcia Morales family has been growing agave for generations here and they make one of the most balanced and inviting mezcals we've ever come across. A blend of estate grown Espadin and wild harvest Cuishe, the agave is cooked for days over pine. After being pressed in the traditional tahona, the juice is fermented naturally over the course of nearly two weeks and distilled twice in copper potstills. D...
Price: $19.99

Rey Campero Tepextate + Pulquero K&L Exclusive Single Batch Lot#D5001-TP Mezcal (750ml)
Top Pick!
This single batch of Rey Campero mezcal yeilded roughly 264 bottles, half of which remained in Mexico. The other half is exclusive to K&L. Distilled in October 2017, this batch has been resting for 30 months in glass before being bottled. This extended resting process gives this particular batch an increased sense of smoothness and elegance while carrying all of the robust flavors of Tepextate (A. Marmorata) and Pulquero (A. Atrovirens) agaves. This unique field blend of 50% Tepextate ( A. marmorata) and 50% Pulequero (A. atrovirens) was a one time produ...
Price: $129.99

This is the new highly allocated "Red Label" from the very traditional producer in Sola de Vega, Tio Rey. Each tiny batch has a blend of different wild agave and cultivate espadin.
Price: $79.99

Special Order Only! Will take 3-7 business days to receive this product before it can be shipped. No refund or exchanges allowed on special order items. All sales are final.
Price: $69.99

Special order only. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery based on availability from distribution.
Price: $59.99

Barril is a type of wild agave that grows in the hills of San Agustin Amatengo, Oaxaca, where the Bruxo No. 3 mezcal is made. Mezcalero Tio Conejo (Uncle Rabbit) uses donkeys to transport the agave back to his distillery where they are fermented and distilled in the village. The flavors are incredibly savory and mineral at the same time. There are flinty notes that mesh with peppery herbs and dried leaves on a rather creamy and supple palate. Absolutely incredible stuff.
Price: $69.99

The wonderful El Silencio brand of mezcal, born in LA and distilled in Oaxaca, has finally released their anticipated Black Bottle offering. This is their entry-level mezcal, but the quality is just as incredible as their top offering. It is distilled from 100% Espadin agave, using only traditional harvesting, roasting, fermentation and distillation techniques. El Silencio remains committed to making authentic mezcal approachable for everybody. The Black Bottle really hits the mark, delivering all the classic flavors in a more subtle and nuanced way than...
Price: $29.99

Producer notes: "Emigdio distills outside of Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz. We are very proud and excited to have finally found a mezcalero from this area we can put in a Vago bottle. … The palenque sits at around 4,970 ft., among gently rolling hills and shallow arroyos in an arid climate. In the surrounding area grows Agave Espadín, Mexicano Verde, Tobalá, Tepeztate, Arroqueño, Pulquero, Madre Cuixe, and Bicuixe (Cuixe). … Like all Vago mezcal, Emigdio’s goes through a simple sediment filtration through a tubular cellulose filter before bottling. The bo...
Price: Hidden

It all began at John Rexer's Bohemian artist refuge, Café No Se, in Antigua, Guatemala. Opened in 2003, Café No Se became the heart of a thriving expat and artisan community of Antigua. As John's business grew, his interest in Mezcal led him to "import" the mystical spirit in very "creative" ways. His customers took to the spirit and to satisfy the growing demand, he was forced to access less seemly trade routes, hence the name Illegal. Needless to say John has gone legit, but his nose for quality has not changed. I often don't care for oak aged mezc...
Price: $89.99