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Suntory "Hibiki Japanese Harmony" Japanese Whisky (750ml)
Top Pick!
91 points Wine Enthusiast: "The newest blended whisky offering from Hibiki is burnished gold in the glass and has a bold aroma that mixes vanilla, fresh pear and a hint of smoke. The smokiness comes forward at the first sip, wrapping around a core of oak and vanilla custard and finishing long, with a mouthwatering bitter chocolate note. *Best of 2016* (KN)" (03/2016) 90 points Whisky Advocate: "Poised and complex, with typically lifted fruitiness: strawberry ice cream, pineapple, peach, balanced by delicate oak, bamboo shoot-like delicacy, then lemon. ...

92 points Whisky Advocate: "Sweet, with subtle, crisp, nutty oak, then comes fudge, ripe banana, and peach. The overall effect is like eating vanilla ice cream with toffee fudge and hazelnut sprinkles. The structure is thick and physical, the palate sweet and quite fat, with light hints of raspberry, fruit salad. A jag of acidity freshens the delivery on the finish. With water there’s more toffee, and it becomes slightly more yielding, with less oak. For me the gold standard of grain. (DB, Fall 2015)" 90 points Wine Enthusiast: "The name of this whisky ...

Kaiyo has been a huge success with their negociant, no age statement blended whiskey bottlings. Now they introduce Kaiyo "The Single" 7 year old whiskey. This beautiful malt is made in Japan, double matured in aged bourbon barrels, and finished for 6 months on a rocking ship in Mizunara oak. The ship's motion extracts every bit of extra flavor from the extremely expensive Ariake Mizunara oak barrels. Made on a Coffey still, this malt drinks somewhere between Suntory's Toki and Nikka's Coffey Malt with the added complexity, fruitiness, and herbal notes of...
Price: $54.99

90 points Whisky Advocate: "Fully matured in mizunara oak on land and sea, this has tangy orange, ground ginger, fennel seed, cedar, and incense, though it seems a little more tightly wound than the standard strength whisky. Juicy orange, quick firecracker spices, and more toffee sweetness; it becomes heavy and thick, flaunting high alcohol, then turns creamier with marzipan, orange Jell-O, and singed oak spices. Jonny McCormick (Summer 2019)" K&L Notes: Kaiyo is a bottler started by a drinks group led by former Asahi employee Mr. Watanabe who was able ...

Kaiyo is a negotiant bottler started by a drinks group led by former Asahi employee Mr. Watanabe. He was able to purchase "teaspooned" malt whisky barrels from an unnamed Japanese whisky supplier via his connections in the industry ("teaspooning" is when a distiller adds a teaspoon of another whisky into the barrel before selling it, thus preventing the purchaser from claiming it as a single malt from that distillery). The whiskies are purchased as teaspooned new make (unaged distillates) and then put into Japanese Mizunara oak barrels from Ariake, consi...
Price: $69.99

Located in the town of Akashi, near the famed city of Kobe in Japan, White Oak distillery has been in operation since 1919; although very few Americans are familiar with the whisky. Owned by Eigashima, it is actually the oldest operating distillery in Japan, having received its license four years before Yamazaki produced any whisky, despite the fact that it would be another forty years before they actually used it. The single malt whisky has no age statement, but has plenty of rich malty flavor and a supple fruited character that should please fans of th...
Price: $249.99

Whisky Advocate: "Now a hugely welcome part of the core range, this whisky—made in Coffey stills at the Miyagikyo distillery—uses 100% malted barley as its base. The nose is all tinned peach, tropical fruit juice, and baked banana, with a surprising green celery note, coconut, and sherbet. The palate is silky, with some chocolate, biscuity oak, and orange blossom honey. Water brings those green notes forward to add freshness to the peach cobbler sweetness. The grain revolution builds. (DB, Fall 2014)" K&L Notes: Finally here! You've tasted the amazing N...
Price: $64.99

Kaiyo "The SHERI" Mizunara Oak Finished Japanese Whisky (750ml)
Top Pick!
The next installment of Kaiyo's excellent Japanese whisky. Only 450 cases released world wide. Aged in Oloroso and PX casks and finished in Mizunara oak.
Price: $129.99

This unusual whisky takes advantage of Japan's relatively lax regulations for bottling "Japanese Whisky." In Japan, any whisky aged in Japan can be bottled as Japanese Whisky. Chichibu's owner and master distiller Ichiro Akuto travels the world acquiring barrels from every whisky producing nation. Those are shipped to his rack houses at Chichibu and aged for many years. He then makes a proprietary blend of the international whiskies and his own single malt and bottles it under the Chichibu "White Label". This special All-World blend consists of whiskies ...
Price: $99.99

90 points Whisky Advocate: "This is utterly unique; made from imported Scottish peated malt, it spends 2 years in madeira casks, then 6 years in mizunara casks. Light, clean, fruity refreshment: apple, white grape, lingering cigar smoke, coconut macaroons, and ample Japanese oak influence. Apple and watermelon flavors, developing a more sugary fruitiness of Life Savers hard candy, all brushed with gentle spice and a swish of smoke. Jonny McCormick (Summer 2019)" K&L Notes: Kaiyo is a negotiant bottler started by a drinks group led by former Asahi employ...
Price: $109.99

Wine & Spirits: "While it may seem that our world is suddenly awash in Japanese single malts, the fact is that we’re already in a shortage. Last year, as demand continued to build for its limited stocks, Suntory took the age statement off its Hibiki, suggesting less of the precious older stocks were being used. This year, they’ve introduced Toki, a welcome addition to the portfolio. Whereas Hibiki is a burnished, complex sipper, Suntory’s latest release, Toki, is a light, bright, perky spirit with a surprising punch of flavor—apple, citrus and honey note...
Price: $34.99

The Mars distillery is very well regarded in Japan despite the low price point. The pot stills used to make this whisky were constructed in the '50s. The fat stills produce a very weighty and complex spirit that delivers a rich texture and complex aromas. Hombo Shuzo, the owners of the distillery, are one of Japan's top wine producers and therefore have access to great number of cask types. Most whisky is aged in sherry and bourbon, but the distillery is also experimenting with wine casks as well. Iwai has a richness and texture that many of the other en...
Price: $54.99

This special gin, distilled blended and bottled in Kyoto, is a classic dry gin with a distinct Japanese twist. Starting with a rice spirit base and traditional dry gin botanicals, the Ki No Bi adds yellow yuzu, Japanese cyrpess wood, bamboo, gyokuro tea and Japanese green sansho peppercorns. The result is a tantalizing burst of unique and exotic flavors around an already spectacular and familiar dry gin. A excellent addition to the ever expanding selection of quality gins coming from around the world.
Price: $59.99

92 points Whisky Advocate: "This is a nuanced delicacy, so tread lightly. It offers a nose of rich apple, oloroso sherry, cranberry, pepper, fennel, star anise, and a touch of milk chocolate. The sherry casks are at play: dark ruby fruits, peppery spice, and cinnamon. The mouthfeel holds steady, with Cola Cubes, stewed blackberry, and apple peels as the spices fall out, ending with cocoa-dusted dried fruits. (KM, Winter 2017)" K&L Notes: The Ohishi distillery is located on the banks of the Kuma River, which is one of Japan's fastest flowing rivers. The...
Price: $219.99

Nikka is continuing to expand its Coffey Still lineup with the addition of a new gin and vodka to complement the malt and grain-based whiskies distilled on the multi-story apparatus located in the Miyagikyo distillery. Using Japanese citrus varieties like yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu and shikuwasa, as well as sansho pepper and apples, the gin is a burst of fresh and fruity delights. That bright citric element is then paired with juniper, angelica, coriander and lemon peel to bolster it with a clean and aromatic finish. The result is familiar, yet completely un...
Price: $42.99

The Mars distillery is very well regarded in Japan and is easily considered the "super third" after the famous Suntory and Nikka distilleries. They don't focus exclusively on traditional single malt and are prone to experiment. They only produce whisky in the winter months so production is very small. This one is produced on the traditional pot stills at Shinshu Mars which was hand crafted in the 1950s. It is an usual blend of 65% corn, 10% Rye, and 25% non peated malt. The fat, wide stills produce a very weighty and complex spirit. Mars always delivers ...
Price: $27.99

Nikka is continuing to expand its Coffey Still line-up with the addition of a new gin and vodka to complement the malt and grain based whiskies distilled on the multi-story apparatus located in the Miyagikyo distillery. The vodka is made from a recipe of malted barley and corn, each distilled separately in the Coffey still before blending. The dilution is made with Japanese spring water and the filtration using birch charcoal. The result is a clean and creamy textured spirit that should be all the rage among cocktail enthusiasts.
Price: $36.99