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Benedictine Liqueur (375ml)

96-100 points Wine Enthusiast: "The bouquet is mesmerizing with multiple layers of fragrances that include pine/cedar, quinine, fennel, white pepper, licorice, mace, allspice, sage and rosemary. An orange zest flavor appears at palate entry; midpalate finds exotic tastes of orange zest, tangerine zest, multiple herbs and spices, honey and pine. A fabulous liqueur." (05/2008) K&L Notes: This true CLASSIC is a must have for any mixologist or amateur cocktail lover. This special french liquor was released in the 19th century by french industrialist vAlex ...Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

Price: $18.99 Add To Cart
WE 96 - 100

St. Agrestis Amaro (750ml)

St Agrestis Amaro begins with the individual maceration of 20 herbs, spices, flowers, roots, seeds and citrus. Each botanical is macerated for a different length of time to achieve optimal extraction before the tinctures are combined and barrel aged in ex-bourbon barrels for 10 weeks.

Inventory: Hollywood San Francisco

Price: $39.99 Add To Cart

Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1 375ml

Buffalo Trace right out of the still bottled and 125 proof. This dog is both friendly and fierce. This is the first release of the Buff Trace White Dog and will be highly allocated for the forseeable future. Great for mixing or over ice.

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

Price: $14.99 Add To Cart

Angostura Bitters (200ml)

From the official Angustura website: "Made with the same original secret recipe since 1824, the world famous Angostura aromatic bitters remains the quintessential and definitive ingredient for classic and contemporary cocktails. Its versatility, however, stretches way beyond the bar counter as it serves as a unique flavour enhancer with the ability to marry flavours in the preparation of all food dishes. Angostura aromatic bitters also adds its unmistakable flavour and aroma to 'soft' beverages and desserts."

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

Price: $13.99 Add To Cart

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur (375ml)

96-100 points Wine Enthusiast: "The seductive bouquet offers wonderfully floral, fruity, guava- and melon-like fragrances of elderflower, becoming richly pear- and quince-like following aeration time. The palate entry is soft and firm; the midpalate is integrated, harmonious and exquisitely balanced between alcohol level, sweetness, acidity and floral impact. A perfect liqueur. *Best Buy*" (04/2008)

Inventory: San Francisco

Price: $18.99 Add To Cart
WE 96 - 100

La Quintinye Rouge Vermouth Royal 375ml (Previously $18)

According to the distillery: "Made from a selection of 28 plants and spices and a blend of white wines and Pineau des Charentes Rouge, hence naturally providing the deep reddish to amber colour. Well-balanced yet powerful with liquorice, prune and vanilla flavours, enveloped by chocolate notes. Rich and intense with caramel, burnt vanilla and warm spiced notes, which evolve to a long-lasting finish."

Inventory: Hollywood

Price: $17.99 Add To Cart

La Quintinye Extra Dry Vermouth Royal 375ml

Wine & Spirits: "Following a trend in Barcelona, the vermouth revival is in full swing, as evidenced by the imminent blossoming of vermouth bars in Chicago (Artemisia) and Los Angeles (Maruno). This is good, as a profusion of new vermouths has been arriving in recent years, from ancient purveyors like Martini and new ones like La Quintinye. The base for La Quintinye’s Rouge, Blanc and Extra Dry is the fortified wine Pineau des Charentes, which is then infused with 12 botanicals, including vine flowers, ginger, nutmeg and the requisite wormwood. While mix ...Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood

Price: $17.99 Add To Cart

St. Agrestis Negroni Cocktail (100ml 4-pk)

St. Agrestis Negroni is a combination of St. Agrestis Inferno Bitter (to be released later in 2018), Greenhook Ginsmith's American Dry Gin and a sweet vermouth developed in house, to best balance this classically bittersweet tipple. Boozy, bitter and fresher than your normal negroni, this is a true Brooklyn tribute to the quintessential Italian classic. St. Agrestis Inferno Bitter is built specifically around the Negroni. Three separate macerations are created (sweet, bitter, citrus), before being combined and rested. Color for the St. Agrestis Negroni ...Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

Price: $24.99 Add To Cart

Benedictine & Brandy (375ml)

Drier than Bénédictine on its own, Bénédictine & Brandy (or B&B) is a carefully blended cordial mix of an aged Cognac and the Bénédictine liqueur.

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

Price: $18.99 Add To Cart

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