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The Åhus Akvavit is a traditional Swedish aquavit made in the town of the same name. The distillery was built in 1906 and is home to one of the world's best selling vodka brands. But this little Swedish secret is the distillery's entry to a new age of Aquavit! The Dutch traditionally flavored their spirit with Juniper and the Scandinavians did it with caraway, but Åhus isn't so singular. Instead expect all the depth and complexity of a dry gin, but with the spicy caraway taking prominence where juniper shines in a London Dry. Fennel, rosemary, lemon & Se...
Price: $29.99

This famous old Aquavit from Sweden has been out of the market for several years. Launched in 1891, by Carl August Anderson in honor of his father Olaf. Carl took a traditional old recipe of Aquavit (think caraway, fennel and other herbs) and aged it in oak casks to provide depth and roundness. This old aromatized spirit is a staple for the cold Scandinavian winter where it is shot along side traditional drinking songs and nordic fare. But today Aquavit has come out of the cold into its own behind the bar. O.P. is still Sweden's most popular brand of Aqu...
Price: $32.99

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