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The famous distillery in Trelawny parish is easy one of the most important distillers of any kind in the world. Yhey focused exclusively on the sale of bulk rum until recently, now they're aging and bottling their own products and thank god. Each mark differs in flavor profile based on various differences in production from raw ingredients to distillation times, but they represent an exciting example of the complexity of the Hampden operation. Expect 8 bottles of 200ml each, proofed to a perfect 60% abv and bottled without additives or coloring of any ki...
Price: $159.99

Price: $89.99

This rum was distilled in March of 2013 on the fabulous Clarendon, a copper pot still. It was aged in used bourbon and whiskey barrels until it was recasked and shipped to the UK in 2019. After 6 years in the tropical climate, it was shipped to the UK for an additional two years of aging, and then sent to Ed Hamilton's New York bottling facility. It was bottled in August of 2021 and shipped to California in March of 2022 exclusively for K&L Wine Merchants. Only 210 bottles of this special rum were bottled at cask strength of 68.1% without additives of an...
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Price: $74.99

A unique blend of two Jamaican distillates, each aged for a minimum of 7 years in their respective distilleries warehouses. One rum comes from Worthy Park, the other from Hampden Estate. Bottled at 47% ABV and with nothing added, nothing removed, this is a pure expression of two of the most famous Jamaican rum distilleries coming together to express a unique picture of the islands rum.
Price: $64.99

Colours of Rum is the newest creation from the famous bottler and luxury goods purveyor Wealth Solutions in Warsaw, Poland. The team at Wealth Solutions has been identifying, bottling and selling the world's most collectible products in almost every category. While their specialty is fine spirits, they've bottled a 1964 Karuizawa, 50 year old GlenFarclas, and countless casks of Cognac, they've also traded in rare and limited watches and other collectibles. They have a knack for finding products that will appreciate significantly in the future. Colours of...
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The very special Hampden Estate is one of the last of the truly old-style Jamaican rums available. The distillery, which long made ends meet selling to blenders and bottlers, has finally released their finest rums under their own label. With the full support of the fabulous Luca Gargano of Velier, Hampden has packaged this exceptional rum with absolutely no additives or adulterants of any kind. Hampden Estate produces rums inoculated with dunder, a process not totally dissimilar from sour mashing in Kentucky, which uses the spent lees of distillation to ...
Price: $69.99

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