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Price: $39.99

A blend of Barbera and Syrah
Price: $26.99

Elements: Sherry was named World’s Best Israeli Single Malt at the 2023 WWA and Double Gold at SFSC. The exquisite Elements range builds upon the foundation of the M&H Classic Single Malt Whisky, further refined by a symphony of hand-selected, top-tier oak casks. Each expression showcases the cask's unique lineage and characteristics, resulting in whiskies of stunning natural color, rich flavors, and impeccable balance. The Elements series is a testament to M&H's knack for infusing traditional distillation processes with the remarkable effects of fast ye...
Price: $69.99

Welcome to the Milk & Honey (M&H) Distillery, Israel's first and finest whisky creator. Born from the brilliant mind of the late Dr. Jim Swan, M&H is all about top-notch quality and creative thinking. Using the unique, sunny Israeli climate to their advantage, they make a bold whisky through a fast-paced aging process in the intenes Israeli climate. But what truly sets them apart is their globally sourced, unique blend of casks. Every sip of their award-winning single malt whisky tells a cool tale of tradition, sustainability, innovation, and pure qualit...
Price: $54.99

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