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*Special one time pricing* From the producer: In 2008, Alexandre Gabriel caused quite a sensation by producing wood-aged Citadelle Reserve. No one had seen an aged gin for nearly a century. In those days, when glass was too fragile and expensive and plastic and stainless steel were not options, gin was transported in wooden barrels. And thus became wood-aged. With Citadelle Reserve, Maison Ferrand celebrated the rebirth of golden gins. What began as a ‘family’ experiment in 2008 and shared with a few inquisitive bartenders and friends has now blossomed ...
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The humble cornichon is subtle reminder of France's culinary greatness. Using only pickles sourced from the excellent Maison Marc, Citadelle influses their classic base with the most wonderful tart and salty character you could ever imagine. Foodies and francophiles will know Maison Marc's work. The burgundy-based family run operation grows its Cucumis sativus without insecticides, herbicides or preservatives, and picks every one by hand. Alexandre Gabriel and his teams once again push the boundaries of experimentation, creating a truly unique and delici...
Price: $34.99

100 points Spirit Journal: "JCB Gin is enhanced by the native flora that grows in the Biodynamically farmed vineyard gardens on the Boisset property. Dandelion, chamomile,lemon balm, and more than 40 other botanicals (including 30 organic plants) are infused into this London Dry–style gin. Essence of sunflower, lilacs, and verbena come to life on the nose as the liquid, dotted with white pepper and caper berries, melts across the palate. Violets thread through the herbs for a spring garden effect throughout." K&L Notes: Special Order Only! Will take 3-7...
Price: $69.99

Askur begins with wheat distillate produced in the Champagne region of France that has been column-distilled 7 times. This pristine distillate is carbon filtered and then combined with a highly concentrated botanical distillate that includes juniper, coriander, angelica, citrus, licorice, and cassia. After the two distillates are combined, the final product is brought to proof with the low mineral, high PH Icelandic water that makes Askur—and its sister brand Helix—so approachable. Top notes of evergreen and lime zest are tempered by a soft and silky mou...
Price: $24.99

A French gin with Japanese roots. Inspired by Wabi Sabi, Yu Gin goes back to the heart of Gin-making and uses solely what is necessary. The Wabi Sabi mindset welcomes complexity while valuing simplicity. And that is what Yu Gin is about: a complex yet simple spirit, crafted with natural ingredients, reflecting freshness and subtleness. YuGin is a unique blend of natural yuzu extracts, Sichuan pepper, coriander and juniper. Used by the greatest chefs and perfumers, yuzu has also been beloved by the Japanese for ages for its relaxing and refreshing propert...
Price: $39.99

Inspired by the garden at the Château de Bonbonnet, this refreshing summer gin is perfect for the citrus lover. Charentais melon, whole lemons and yuzu and orange zest. What could be more perfect for a refreshing gin & tonic?
Price: $24.99

Mirabeau has entered the gin game with a rose gin. Crafted in a traditional copper still, with a 24-hour maceration of seven core botanicals in a grape-based neutral spirit, with a small addition of Mirabeau rosé wine. Five more Riviera-inspired botanicals are suspended in a basket for the vapors to pass through and take on further flavor. The distillation process lasts over six hours, before the gin is diluted to the finished strength of 43%
Price: $39.99

94 points Wine Enthusiast: "Light and complex, this gin, made by Cognac producer Maison Ferrand, has a restrained lemon peel aroma and gently sweet palate accented by citrus, coriander and cardamom. The finish is markedly soft and bright, with just a hint of sweetness. (KN)" (08/2016) K&L Notes: Citadelle Gin from France is filled with 19 different botanicals from all over the world. It is distilled four times and filled to the brim with flavor, this gin is clean, smooth and very refreshing. From the Beverage Testing Institute: "91 points. Layered arom...
Price: $22.99

Special Order Only! Special order items are not in stock and are dependent upon quantity available from distribution. All special orders are final and non-refundable. Will take 3-7 business days to receive this product before it can be shipped. Magellan Gin is the only natural blue spirit available on the market. Following the fourth distillation of the Gin, Magellan is infused with natural Iris root and flower. The petals from the iris flower give Magellan its crisp taste and beautiful, soothing blue color. Magellan Gin is a little lighter at 88 proo...
Price: $39.99

Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is made in the medieval town of Brive-la-Gaillarde. Handcrafting in tiny batches, an otherwise classic dry gin is infused with the pungent Figue de Solliès, a variety of fig grown in the South of France. To balance the richness of the ripe fruit flavors, small amounts of dry muscadet wine are added in giving an incredible balancing minerality. The result is virtually a martini in a bottle and one of the most exciting and intriguing new gins.
Price: $36.99

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