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Arkansas 21 Year Old Apple Brandy (750ml) (Previously $130) (Previously $130)
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95 points Wine Enthusiast: "This limited-edition apple brandy offers big, rounded stone fruit and fresh apple integrated with palate-coating vanilla, almond and honey, finishing long with zingy ginger, cinnamon and clove. Overall, a good balance of fruit and oak, suited for sipping or mixing. Aged in French ex-Chardonnay barrels, the producer bills this as the 'longest-aged domestic apple brandy available anywhere.'" (10/2017) K&L Notes: A stunning find, this confusingly named brandy is actually a 21-year-old apple brandy distilled from 100% California...
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94 points Wine Enthusiast: "This bold, complex brandy resounds with chocolate, dried cherry and spice on nose and palate. Each sip opens with delicate ginger, pink peppercorn and cinnamon, underscored by drying leather, walnut and unsweetened chocolate. Apricot leather lends a mouthwatering quality to the finish. (KN)" (05/2021) K&L Notes: 95 points, Ultimate Spirits Challenge Top 100 of 2020: "This bottling from local Mendocino craft distillers Germain-Robin displays astonishing quality in the classic XO tradition. It is very deep and rich, with hints...
Price: $129.99

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Price: $69.99

Finally an affordable and high quality sherry-matured delight for Speyside single malt drinkers who can't get enough sherry flavor! The Lustau brandies combine Spanish distillation with top notch maturation in sherry butts from one of Jerez's top producers. The standard Gran Reserva is from an oloroso sherry solera with a minimum of ten years of age, making it similar in its concentration and richness to something like Macallan 12 or Glenfarclas 10. The flavors are of cocoa, cakebread, and toasted almonds.
Price: $44.99

A fascinating brandy from Bodegas Yuste, one of the finest sherry houses in Spain. This began in 1946 as a pot distillation of palomino and aged in barrels for over 50 years. In 2016 it was converted into a solera with only a few hundred bottles a year produced. This means that a tiny amount of brandy is removed for bottling, the bulk remains 50+ years old, and then the casks are topped up with other brandy stocks to blend into the solera over the course of the next year. It's dark, oxidative and rich brandy wiith an elegant dry fruit flavor and long fin...
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Copper & Kings is going be the next big thing in American microdistillation. Think of them as the St. George or the Anchor Steam of Kentucky. Started in 2014 by Joe and Lesley Heron, the Louisville-based brandy upstart uses three gigantic Vendome copper pot stills to craft a number of different brandy expressions, both from grapes and apples. Those spirits are then blended into an aged solera system of older expressions, created from mature stocks purchased across the country from other pot-distilling brandy producers. The results are absolutely incredib...
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Price: $3,300.00

Calisco was founded by Paul Sanguinetti and David Slade with a mission to create a sustainable grape spirit that captures California's character, history, and culture in a bottle. The canvas were the countless high quality grape spirits distilled locally from fruit grown in the sundrenched state. The artistry was to blend them into a unique spirit that could compete with the grape white spirits from throughout the world. Inspired by Pisco's history on the gold coast, they sought to create a world class spirit and have resoundingly succeeded. This fresh d...
Price: $39.99

Don't be fooled by the less expensive blended variety. This is the real deal and is 100% aged apple brandy, none of the neutral stuff. Apple Jack is America's Calvados, although you must only have the straight apple brandy to avoid the blends. This is a necessity for anyone creating an authentic bar. And if you don't have what it takes to make a delicious Jack Rose cocktail, or a Calvados Cocktail, then you don't have an authentic bar. Laird's is the Rittenhouse Rye of apple distillates. The bottled in bond is finally back!
Price: $34.99

Germain-Robin Flagship California Alambic Brandy (750ml)
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98 points Wine Enthusiast: "This is made with California grapes, distilled and aged in the style of Cognac. It’s stunning from start to finish. Vanilla and baked apple richness give way to lots of deep, dusty cocoa and a hint of walnut, finishing lightly with a lively flurry of baking spice and a faint note of dried apricot. (KN)" (05/2021) K&L Notes: The Germain-Robin story dates back to 1981 when Ansley Coale, a retired professor from UC Berkeley, picked up a hitchhiking Frenchman, Hubert Germain-Robin, along a Northern California highway. This seren...
Price: $89.99

While we've spent years singing the priases of the small but excellent California Brandy traditions that have grown up on the backs of visionaries like Germain-Robin, Osocalis, and St George. We are thrilled to be able to bring serious Oregon brandy to our shelves as well. While places like Armagnac and Cognac have made brandy their wheelhouse, Oregon by contrast, has become known for the exceptional table wines they produce from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and brandy has been relegated to a few enterprising individuals with a passion for distillation. The...
Price: $99.99

Made from Willamette valley Pinot Noir grapes grown at the Cattrall Estate - one of the oldest plots of vines in Oregon and farmed organically since 1990. This 11 year old brandy is bright and lifted and offers a incredible mix of blossom, stone fruit, complex spices, and caramel. Double distilled on Ransom's traditional direct fired Alembic Cognac stills imported from France and aged in 100% neutral French oak. Aged eleven years in a non temperature controlled warehouse in the small town of Sheridan, Oregon and bottled at a hearty 43% ABV.
Price: $149.99

The Fat Thumb moniker comes from the Gold Rush days when mechants would take payment in the form of pinches of gold dust. Successful merchants were said to have had a "fat thumb" when taking their pinch. Indeed, when coaxing these brandies from the still - the Master Distiller had one herself. The largest blending leg of this release of Fat Thumb is 32% 7 year old alembic pot colombard distillate. After that, it ranges from a small portion of 4 year old up to many different 9, 11, and 16 year old distillates. It's a stupendous brandy that showcases how e...
Price: $44.99

Argonaut "Speculator" Premium California Brandy (750ml)
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Like a golf rush speculator, the man who distilled the brandies that make up this release, was in a way, speculating. He set out to make the best brandy he could despite there not really being a market for California brandy. But boy did he strike it rich! The Speculator is made up of brandy ranging from 3 years on up to 19 year old distillate. 54% is a complex blend of 3 year old brandy from many different grapes and the balance is all 9+ years old, mostly colombard and chardonnay with a little grenache and muscat thrown in for good measure. At 86 proof,...
Price: $34.99

Cardenal Mendoza Solera Gran Reserva is a classic Sherry aged Brandy, matured for an average of 15 years in Oloroso and PX sherry casks.
Price: $59.99

Gonzalez Byass needs no introduction in the world of Sherry - their wines are of the highest caliber. Perhaps less well known however is their brandy program. The finest sherry casks make for the best Spanish Brandy. The Lepanto PX Gran Reserva Brandy is deep amber in color and just as deep in flavor and complexity. The unctuous raisin, orange peel and chocolate flavors are to die for.
Price: $59.99

Founded by Joseph Wagner and Kyle Stroud, Copper Cane Spirits is a distillery that highlights the incredible bounty California has to offer. The grapes for Avrae Brandy are all sourced from the Sonoma Coast. The small batches undergo malolactic fermentation before being double pot distilled. Avrae is aged four years in new French oak barrelws with a tight grain and then finished in Belle Glos Pinot Noir barrels.
Price: $59.99

This dry unaged apricot brandy is made at the Nahapet Brandy Company near the Khosrov Natural Preserve. Using perfectly sun ripened local fruit, the distillery is devoted to producing exceptional eau-de-vie without adding any flavorings or sugar of any kind. It's bright and fresh, with tons of gorgeous stone fruit aromas on the nose. An exceptional value considering what similar quality eau-de-vie would cost from producers in France or Italy.
Price: $39.99

Brandy Sainte Louise (750ml)
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Brought to you by John Troia (Tempus Fugit) and Jennifer Querbes (Ricou Spirits) - Brandy Sainte Louise is the perfect cocktailing brandy. This is the quality brandy at a slightly elevated proof that unlocks all of the late 19th and early 20th century classic cocktails calling for brandy and done on a reasonable budget! Sainte Louise is a blend of 3-10 year old copper pot distilled eaux-de-vie from Charentais Ugni Blanc. This places the wonderful distillate between the VS and XO category, but keeps it priced like a VS so you can shamelessly help yourself...
Price: $27.99

From the McCarthy Family Orchards in the foothills of Mount Hood comes Clear Creek Distillery's Eau de Vie Pomme. This release was made using a traditional European pot still and barrel aged for eight years. What you get is a beautiful amber-hued brandy that smells remarkably of fresh apples, but has the complexity of an oak-aged gem on the palate. Rivals the best Calvados.
Price: $26.99

Copper Cane Spirits Bishop's Eden VSOP Apple Brandy (750ml)
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Founded by Joseph Wagner and Kyle Stroud, Copper Cane Spirits is a distillery that highlights the incredible bounty California has to offer. The Bishop's Eden apple brandy is made from a blend of 100% organic apples featuring heirloom Gravenstein and Golden Delicious varieites from the Russian River Valley. After the apples are hand pressed and fermented the cider undergoes a full malo-lactic fermentation. It is then double distilled and aged for 5 years in new toasted French oak barrels.
Price: $49.99

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