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Price: $74.99

A stunning all-around, "universal" wine glass that is the perfect blend of form, function and durability. The iconic Gabriel-Glas silhouette–that slightly conical, gently curved bowl–was inspired by the form of an unfurling rose. The shape, size, and proportions of the bowl act as an extension of the nose itself, bringing the olfactory senses in close contact to the wine. The size of the aperture, the distance to the widest part of the glass, and the concave sides, were all researched and developed to create a synergy that yields unbelievable wine enjoym...
Price: $67.99

Machine-blown of brilliant 24-percent lead crystal, 37-1/8-ounce decanter easily holds one 750ml bottle of wine; 9 inches high.
Price: $69.99

Numerous top winemakers, restaurateurs and wine connoisseurs trust the advantages of the glasses from the Denk Art series. These masterpieces differ from other glasses from the moment you touch them. What is immediately noticeable is the balance – the glasses appear delicate and elegant.
Price: $73.00

Special Order By The Case of 4 Store Pickup Only. The Hennessy qualities require different glass shapes according to their age each designed to reveal a particular set of characteristics. The youthful character of their standard-quality V.S.O.P. needed to be matched by a glass that could maximise its fruit, integrating acidity and alcoholic strength into a harmonious whole. With this in mind, our ‘brandy workshop’ came up with a small, tulip-shaped glass that was able to satisfy the rigorous specifications of the master blender. Its shape and size e...
Price: $67.99

This is a single glass pack. Zalto - Mouth-blown, lead-free glassware from Austria. Elegant and lightweight while being dishwasher safe. These stunning glasses are amazing to hold and use. Gives the sparkling wines of the world a noblesse, while bringing out the best of their regional character. Especially for: Champagne, sparkling wines, Prosecco, Spumante, and Cava. Shippable by the case of 6 only — listed price is per stem.
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The DENK’ART glasses now enjoy cult status in the world of wine. Appreciated by winemakers and wine enthusiasts alike, they have revolutionised the wine glass and thus set new standards for the perception of drinking. Recently, the glasses were given the "Unimprovable Award" in the renowned Wall Street Journal as one of 6 products of their kind that could not be improved. International experts are convinced of the functionality and quality. Numerous top winemakers, restaurateurs and wine connoisseurs trust the advantages of the glasses from the Denk Art ...
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Buy the iconic mezcal glass by the case and save 50% off the individual price. Originally designed to hold prayer candles in catholic churches. They've become ubiquitous across palenques and mezcal bars throughout Mexico. They’re durable and portable with enough width to allow the complex aromas of mezcal to dissipate properly in the same way that the traditional copitas do. Very few better and classic vessels are readily available to enjoy mezcal and K&L offers the lovely products at an exceptional price.
Price: $72.00

For tastings, as a personal vessel. Slightly transparent, they are nonetheless deliberately opaque enough to screen the liquid. Height: 130 mm, width: 117 mm, filling quantity: 610 ml
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