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Take the finest very pale barley malt, add a shovel or two of wheat malt for smoothness, leave all the bittering to some of the most delicate aroma hops from Bavaria and you get a beer that dances on your tongue like Champagne, yet satisfies with the robust, intricate mouthfeel of a Pilsner. This is Kölsch, named after the German name for the Queen of the Rhine, Cologne. Greatness doesn't just happen overnight. Local brewers have been refining the recipe verifiably since 1396. Today it is one of only two commercially produced so-called hybrid styles, com...
Price: $3.29

German Hefeweizen is required to be made from at least 50% wheat malt, infusing the beer with flavors and aromas of freshly harvested grains. The rest being, of course, barley malts. In our case: Pale Pilsner, Vienna and caramel malt. But no matter the malt proportions, what makes a Hefeweizen special is the yeast, that sparks incredible aromas of banana, cloves, citrusy fruit, spices or vanilla in the fermenter. Some yeast is allowed to remain in the finished beer. A shovel of Tettnanger hops round out a surprisingly dry beer with a robust body and comp...
Price: $3.29

Oak barrel-aged farmhouse ale w/ oats, rye and wheat.
Price: $15.99

Price: $6.49

A refreshing hoppy wheat beer packed with citrus aroma. Light in color, but not in body/flavor, featuring American and German hops together for a full spectrum of hop flavor. Liberty hops lay a mild floral and spicy foundation, while late additions of German Mandarina Bavaria bring their fruity tangerine notes to the party. A generous dry hop with Citra hops brings it all together with a focused dose of grapefruit aroma. The malt flavor gets out of the way of the hops during the sip, but leaves you with a satisfying aftertaste of fresh baked bread. (Bre...
Price: $4.09

Brunch lines are as much an institution as brunch itself in Portland, so we made a beer dedicated to the rain-soaked hordes of brunch-goers who patiently stand in line for their weekend fare. Inspired by the mimosa cocktail, Brunch Line features sour wheat and blond ales aged in white wine barrels for up to two years with Willamette Valley-grown Chardonnay grapes, then infused with fresh orange zest. (Brewery Notes)
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