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Russian River Brewing Company's popular and hoppy Blind Pig IPA harks back to brewmaster Vinnie's days at Blind Pig Brewing Company in Temecula, CA. Only 6% ABV, this is a hoppy beer that you can enjoy on lazy afternoons without needing a nap. DUE TO RUSSIAN RIVER BREWING COMPANY'S HIGH STANDARDS AND COMMITMENT TO KEEPING THEIR BEER FRESH, K&L CANNOT SHIP OR TRANSFER RRBC BEERS OUTSIDE OF THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. THIS INCLUDES ALL DELIVERY OR WILL CALL ORDERS TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OR OUT OF STATE.
Price: $5.69
Limit of 12 per customer

Brewed using 6 different NW varieties of hops at over 2.5 pounds per barrel, RPM IPA focuses on extreme hoppiness rather than bitterness. It’s golden to copper in color with a complex malt profile that will not overshadow the hops. Our flagship, RPM IPA, will satisfy any opinionated hop forward IPA consumer.
Price: $2.19

CAPS is a hazy IPA built with a base of Pilsner malt, oats and wheat. This opalescent straw base lays the foundation for a HEROIC DOSE of Citra & Galaxy in the whirlpool & 1st dryhop. A second dry hop of Sabro lends a unique coconut(y) character to an already fruit forward aroma. Notes of peach blossom, nectarine skin, guava, lava flows and summer vacation. (Brewery Notes)
Price: $4.99

Fill your final days with a glass of Hopocalypse Hazy Double IPA. It will ease you into end times with notes of tangerine, papaya, melon, peach, and mango.
Price: $2.99

Turn it up, drop some bars, and slappa the bass with this euphonious collaborative project between two west coast besties. Radiant & Riip love making award winning, hoppy hits, so we came together to pump up the hops as much as possible in a double dry hopped double IPA made with Simcoe, Motueka, Mosaic, and Columbus Cryo. The set opens with heavy hops of equal parts tropical fruit and dankness. The flavor and aroma blast papaya, citrus, tangerine, guava, melon and ganja, with medium bitterness that’s perfectly in tune with its balanced bitterness and fr...
Price: $5.49

From the brewery: "True to the Pacific. Citrusy, Refreshing, Kinda Magical. Breakside’s brewers have been lucky to travel far and wide, tasting IPAs brewed everywhere from New England to New Zealand, the American Southeast to China. In the end, we always are excited to come back to a classic West Coast version go this epic beer style. Indeed, we are happy to report that there is no need to look any farther afield: the West Coast IPA is alive and well and delicious as ever. Stay West is our liquid love letter to the dank, citrusy, and dry versions of th...
Price: $2.49

When we were still "Learning to Fly' here at Wild Fields Brewhouse, this was one of the first brews we created. Just like your favorite music style that you can't get enough of, West Coast IPA's are our jam. We love to crank them out! Packed with Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra hops, this IPA takes you back, like your classic mixtape. A little citrusy, a little piney, a little dank, a little tropical, and 100% crushable. (Brewery Notes)
Price: $4.99

Originally brewed with Kyle from Horus Aged Ales, this second version of Goodnight Waltz is our inspired Barleywine in the English-style that was brewed with toasted coconut and conditioned with coffee. Waltz is a proper pousse-café with flavors of caramel, toffee, and coconut. (Brewery Notes)
Price: $8.49

Brewed similar to our West Coast IPA's but with our house lager yeast, this IPL hits all the marks. Huge aromatics from a heavy dry hop of Mosaic and Motueka, a soft profile from pilsner malt and clean lager-like finish.
Price: $4.99

Our Hopped Up, Smooth & Pillowy Hazy IPA stacked with Citra and Motueka Hops. Done our way with proper brewing techniques adhered to. A Bright Orange Juicy looking Hazy that’s not muddy, murky, chunky or unfinished. Using Imperial Juice yeast and plentiful amounts of rolled oats and flaked wheat this brew has a very soft mouthfeel, gorgeous homogeneous haziness and some killer artwork from RISK on the cans. No corner cutting here, like all of our IPAs this beer is never rushed and takes almost 3 weeks to complete. (Brewery Notes)
Price: $4.99

If you ever want to have beer at its finest, pour yourself this scrumtrulescent, most wondrous creation, made with Citra, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops. Simply marvelous notes of white peach, strawberries & cream, pineapple, lime zest and mango float about in the very juicy, decadent delight, crafted with low bitterness, and a soft, pillowy mouthfeel.
Price: $4.99

Strawberry Mochi is a mochi inspired IPA fermented with toasted rice, milk sugar, vanilla, and strawberry.
Price: $6.99

Laughing Monk Brewing "General Leia" West-Coast Double IPA, California (16oz cans)
Back In Stock!
General Leia is leading the resistance and the only Imperial IPA capable of harmonizing with the Light side! Strata and Nelson hops are at the forefront of this out-of-this-world Imperial IPA, and its dry-hop brings balance to the malty backbone as well as to all of your surroundings.
Price: $4.99

Open your heart to a new hazy experience that embraces fresh vernal qualities and stonefruit characteristics. Pale yellow haze gushes with aromas of guava pastry, white peach & nectarine, tangerine, and a light floral quality followed by peach, guava, melon, and grassy tones hugging your palate. Equal parts Citra and Mosaic hopping are made complete with accents of Strata and Motueka. A dry finish and low bitterness mean there is even more to love on each sip. (Brewery Notes)
Price: $4.99

This behemoth of a beer drips with tropical flavors and sweet fruit nectar. Its thick, orange juice-like appearance has aromas of tropical fruit, peach sorbet, and calamansi citrus. Exhilaratingly juicy flavors of guava, mango, papaya are derived from Mosaic, Citra, and Nelson hops, with a subtle warmth on the finish from its 10.4% abv. (Brewery Notes)
Price: $6.49

‘Yara’ Hazy IPA 6.0% Pink Boots Society collab
Price: $4.99

Classic Czech Style Pilsner, bold hop character from the noble variety Saaz balances seamlessly with notes of bread and toasted biscuit from the pilsner malt.
Price: $3.79

The "Left Eye Right Eye" features a blend of 5 hop varieties that delivers an intense hop experience. Big tangerine and grapefruit aromas power up, while the malt flavors are purposefully subdued. Fresh and lively hop character with a smooth, yet bold finish.
Price: $2.79

West Coast IPA w/ Pikimai Cascade, Simcoe & Mosaic hops
Price: $3.99

Sticking the rail as gnarly as possible is the THIRD trick of our series of IPA’s paying homage to tricks in skateboarding history, the Boardslide was popularized by the Z-boys after adapting a trick part of Larry Bertelsmann’s surfing routine. Shredding notes of floral citrus and pineapple come in brash contact with dank resin and pine ?? (Brewery Notes)
Price: $6.99

Off to the wilderness or just wish you were? Here is your official ?Adventure Pass?! We dry hopped this Hazy West Coast IPA with loads of Mosaic and Enigma for a wild ride of dank blueberry and pineapple. Near or far, this one is ready for any adventure.. (Brewery Notes)
Price: $5.49

Seize the night with our west coast IPA that balances subtle bitterness & dankness with a broad spectrum of bright fruit notes. Mosaic, Strata, and Amarillo present notes of both fresh & freeze dried strawberry, tangerine sherbet, melon, mango and a hint of lime, all wrapped up in a delicious dry finish. (Brewery Notes)
Price: $4.49

West Coast Double IPA made with Nelson, Huell Melon and Mosaic hops. This DIPA is a classic fruity heavily hopped beer with a clean dry finish made by Central Coast darlings Wield Fields.
Price: $5.29

Psychic Advisor is a tripped out, all seeing, West Coast Double IPA. This DIPA was brewed with a blend of 2-row and Pilsner base malts, to keep the body light, + a touch of wheat for maximum Pillowtops. It was hopped in the kettle, at psychic levels, with El Dorado, Amarillo, and Mosaic. Post fermentation, we read our palm, and it told us to do a big dry hop. We obliged, and dumped in bags of more Mosaic, Strata, Amarillo, & our old dank pal CTZ. The resulting beer has big notes of candied mandarins, lime leaf, pine resin, and clairvoyant thoughts. (Bre...
Price: $5.29

A more tropical approach to your “West Coast” style IPA; Maui Waui has proven to be one of our more popular beers! This single malt IPA is light in color and body; with a soft bitterness. The Mosaic and Citra hops give strong aromas and flavors of guava, pineapple, and mango.
Price: $4.29

Based in Albuquerque New Mexico, Bow & Arrow is the first Native American woman-owned and operated brewery in the country! Founded by two Mandan, Hidatsa, and Navajo women in 2016, Bow and Arrow received near-immediate attention for the quality and stylistic breadth of their brews. B&A produces excellent IPAs, Saisons, Pilsners, Stouts, and Mixed Culture beers, often using ingredients uniquely indigenous to their surrounding high desert mountains and mesas. Founders Shyla Sheppard and Missy Begay demonstrate their love of the land in the ingredients they...
Price: $4.89

An intense bouquet of tangerine and candied orange peel entice the nose while flavors of clementines, Valencia orange and subtle caramel provide counterpoint to an assertive bitterness and rich malt character. Bold hop flavor and aroma from six different hop varietals is front and center in this flavorful American IPA
Price: $2.29

Brewed in the San Diego mountains style, this popular IPA variation starts with bold tropical hop aromatics, citrus and pine undertones, and a hint of rye spice. It tastes fruit forward with notes of passion fruit, mango and melon, balanced with gooseberry and sauv blanc flavors. It’s an easy drinking hop bomb with a dry body and refreshing carbonation that pairs well with seaside sunsets and even better with summit views.
Price: $4.49

"We bring this tropical treat to you as a reminder of Spring's coming, its rebirth and promise of sunny days forever. Lush is made with a hand-selected blend of malts and lush, tropical hops to help you bridge the last days of Winter and the coming of the Spring fever. We hope you enjoy this tropical treat, keep your sunglasses handy, and wash away your cares in the coming Spring rains." (Producer Notes)
Price: $2.19

IPA featuring a cross continental hop bill focused on Austrian Galaxy. Tasty Taste presents itself in the glass as glowing yellow with notes of ripe pineapple, tangerine sorbet, and earthy citrus leading to a gentle bitterness which cleans the palate. The base beer provides support with a touch of fluffy malt for a drinking experience that improves as it warms.
Price: $4.99

NEIPA hopped with Galaxy, Cascade and Columbus
Price: $5.99

This is a big rich New England Double IPA, with tons of tropical fruit character provided by the hops: Citra-incognito, Waimea, Mouteka.
Price: $7.99

Our reimagining of year round IPA, firmly at the midpoint between West Coast Classic + the East Coast shift. Soft, welcoming mouthfeel with a sticky mix of citrus and tropical fruits.
Price: $3.19

A cult favorite among all of us at T.Hill, SaaahBro? is for the kook in all of us. The name is derived from its main hop, Sabro, a super new amazing tropical hop with a touch of coconut in the aroma. With a huge aromatic dryhop that includes Sabro, Mosaic and Nelson hops this baller New West Coast IPA embodies everything we love about SoCal. We all think its best enjoyed on a beautiful SoCal beach or up in the snow in our local mountains!
Price: $4.29

Our second installment to our IPA series paying homage to the trippiest skateboarding tricks ever landed, Trip Flip combines both rotation and flipping to create a masterpiece of coolness. 360 degrees of tail-stomping floral notes, with hints of papaya and pineapple that will surely have you flip out. Make sure to get your feet out of the way when sipping. (Brewery Notes)
Price: $7.49

It’s a sparkling single hop IPA showcase of the many faces of the beloved Citra hop! Aromas of peachy ring gummies, big tropical guava and mango, and a touch of tangerine kick off this multifaceted experience and carry through into its delicious flavor, along with notes of white peach and pina colada. Its flavor is big, while its bitterness is not. The dry finish makes for a very drinkable 100% Citra hopped IPA despite its slightly higher ABV.
Price: $4.49

From the brewery: "The Hazy IPA style may be an American invention, but we took inspiration here from Japan. When our brewmaster (Dan) was in Tokyo, he enjoyed fruit drinks that were infused with lactose, and that began a thought experiment that resulted in this Hazy, with a malt and hop profile that provides the ideal base for fruit and lactose infusions. The result is the first time we’ve found hopheads and hopophobes in total agreement—‘The Fuzz’ is the bomb!"
Price: $4.79

Price: $4.99

Fruited wheat with pink gauva, mango, peach, and apricot.
Price: $3.99

This dreamy, juicy oasis of flavor showcases intense tropical aromas of melon, papaya, guava, and lychee with a creamy, soft mouthfeel with very low bitterness. Drift away into its multiple dimensions of fruity flavors including citrus, guava, papaya, melon, pineapple, peach, and a hint of white strawberry Hops: Citra Heavy with Simcoe, Motueka & Idaho 7 Hops
Price: $4.79

This hop forward West Coast IPA made with Strata and Spectrum Citra hops has the perfect amount of dankness with bold elements of grapefruit, passion fruit, citrus and a clean malt profile.
Price: $4.49

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