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Domaine Séailles 20 Year Old Tenareze  Armagnac (700ml)
Top Pick!
A small domain located in Tenareze, Domaine Séailles has been a pioneer in the region for organic viticulture and has been certified as such since 2002. Their estate consists of just 25 hectares, mostly dedicated to the production of wine. On the Armagnanc side of things, just 2.5 hectares are dedicated to a small yearly production of Ugni Blanc specifically for distillation. Grown on the clay limestone soils characteristic of Tenareze, the wine from these vineyards is distilled every January on an old, wood-fired continuous still. The spirit is aged in ...
Price: $69.99

2009 Domaine Séailles 11 Year Old Tenareze Armagnac (700ml)
Top Pick!
Since 2002 Domaine Séailles is officially certified as organic in all of their wine and Armagnac production. They've foresworn chemicals pesticides and artificial fertilizers and instead opt for a biodynamic approach. While the brandies that have been made this way are still quite young by many Armagnac standards, they are lively, bright, and delicious in their own right (not to mention showing tremendous aging potential). If you're looking for a punchy young Armagnac with crystal-clear fruit and excellent pedigree, combined with a stewardship of the env...
Price: $69.99

Vinous: "Made from a 50/50 blend of Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche, Château de Pellehaut 'Reserve' is aged 10 years. There‚Äôs complexity here, a balance of savory, fruity, and minerality, as well as long attractive finish. (JW)" (07/2018)
Price: $59.99

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