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David Herrera Rivera lives in Santa María Ixcatlán in the Canada region of Northwest Oaxaca. On the border with La Mixteca, this tight-knit family not only live together but also work together with cooperation and cohesiveness being the foundation of their personal and professional endeavors. Despite being just 25 years old, Don David assumed the role as the "boss" working with his parents and siblings to craft extremely traditional mezcals from local varietals. As wild papalometl gets harder and harder to find in Ixcatlán, the batch sizes get smaller an...
Price: $59.99

The rare pulquero varietal is typically used for the traditional production of the local Pulque beverage, a slightly sour, sweet agave nectar beer. These plants grow very large and take 14 to 16 years to mature. The exceptional distillery Senor Felix Hernandez Ruiz produced this one in July of 2021. It was roasted for 4 days underground before 1 day of dry fermentation and 3 days in a wooden vat with well water. Double-distilled on copper pots, this fresh pulquero exemplifies the rustic green character of this rarely used agave.
Price: $49.99

The exquisite "Signature Box" from Melate is the ULTIMATE Mezcal lover's gift. This exceptional and unique work of art contains 3 half-bottles of mezcal of exceptional quality from 3 maestro mezcaleros. You'll enjoy a wonderful Tepextate from San Lorenzo Albarradas, distilled on a traditional copper pot still by Marta and Isaac Garcia. The exceptional ancestral Tobaziche from Maestro Felix Angeles Arellanas in Santa Catarina Minas is double-distilled on clay pots. And the third offering is a gorgeous Madrecuixe distilled on copper pots with refrescadera ...
Price: $250.00

One of two Paplometls we purchased from Melate in very contrasting styles. This one from Maestro Don Erubiel is from Zapotitlan in La Mixteca; this culturally distinct area encompasses parts of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Puebla. The palenque requires a harrowing six hour drive on mountainous roads to reach, but the quality of the mezcal is well worth the wait. This extremely delicious batch of Papalometl uses wild harvest agave between 8 to 13 years of age. Roasted underground and shredded in a gasoline powered mill, the long slow fermentation lasts 12 days be...
Price: Hidden

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "The ripe, fruity style of this mezcal lends itself to making margarita variations and other cocktails. Look for tropical fruit flavors like lychee and banana, and a mild note of jalapeño on the finish. *Best Buy* (KN)" (12/2013) K&L Notes: Unión Mezcal is an organization devoted to helping Zapotec families from the mountains of Oaxaca via a fair trade business model. Started by a group of young people from Mexico City, they founded Mezcal Unión on four pillars: respect for artisanal practices; sustainable cultivation of agav...
Price: $31.99

91 points Wine Enthusiast: "Though it's made with ancho chiles, this liqueur is modest on the spice scale. Caramel-y brown in the glass, look for a lightly herbaceous aroma similar to root beer and rounded flavors that mix caramel and cocoa with raisin and cinnamon heat, with a faint smokiness on the finish. Particularly harmonious mixed in cocktails with brown spirits like whiskey. (KN)" (02/2016) Wine & Spirits: "Made in the Barrio del Artista in Puebla, Mexico, since 1927, Ancho Reyes is a spicy ancho chile–based liqueur that actually tastes like re...
Price: $34.99

This magnificent Ancho Chili liqueur has been produced in Mexico since 1927. From the city of Puebla, the Reyes family became famous in the region for making the finest liqueur using the traditional chili of the area. The special Verde Liqueur is created using the still green Poblano Chiles harvested in August before they've fully ripened. The result is a bright fresh herbaceous and complete unique concoction that's perfect with agave and other white spirits. The crunch acidity and fresh green vegetal flavors are what set the Verde apart from its sweeter...
Price: $34.99

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