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This special Pechuga de Mole Negro is an experimental batch made by young mezcalero Luis Enrique Juarez Ramirez, of San Agustín Amatengo, Oaxaca.To make this batch, Luis used a copper refrescadera still to make a small batch of Espadin. Months later, he redistilled some of it, adding about 15 pounds of his mother Sara's traditional Mole Negro into the boiling chamber of the still along with a turkey breast which was hung between the boiling chamber and condensing hat. The result was this batch of sweet, savory, slightly spicy distillate that evokes the f...
Price: $149.99

This magnificent Ancho Chili liqueur has been produced in Mexico since 1927. From the city of Puebla, the Reyes family became famous in the region for making the finest liqueur using the traditional chili of the area. The special Verde Liqueur is created using the still green Poblano Chiles harvested in August before they've fully ripened. The result is a bright, fresh, herbaceous and completely unique concoction that's perfect with agave and other white spirits. The crunchy acidity and fresh green vegetal flavors are what set the Verde apart from its sw...
Price: $39.99

This incredible liqueur is totally unique and can only be made with the special Pasila Mixe (Mee-Hay) chiles from the Sierra Norte Region of Oaxaca. The process begins in the high mountain fields where the chiles are ripened and hand picked. Smoke-dried in eathern ovens made of clay and bamboo, the chiles are smoldered for several days over a gentle fire to extract all the potential flavor. Each chile is inspected, cleaned and cut before being maceracted in cane-spirit for up to one year. When the flavor has been approved by the master blenders, a touch ...
Price: $34.99

Ancho Reyes® Barrica is a limited edition, extraordinary dark spirit, carefully handcrafted in the city of Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico. This barrel-aged masterpiece is a refined and distinct rendition of the classic Ancho Reyes Original. Bursting with the rich, smoky, and intense flavor of the extraordinary Ancho chiles, sun-dried for 15-20 days, and then meticulously aged for 2 years in American White Oak casks. The result - an authentic chili liqueur combining incendiary spices and comforting warmth with alluring accents of dulce de leche, spiced vanill...
Price: $59.99

91 points Wine Enthusiast: "Though it's made with ancho chiles, this liqueur is modest on the spice scale. Caramel-y brown in the glass, look for a lightly herbaceous aroma similar to root beer and rounded flavors that mix caramel and cocoa with raisin and cinnamon heat, with a faint smokiness on the finish. Particularly harmonious mixed in cocktails with brown spirits like whiskey. (KN)" (02/2016) Wine & Spirits: "Made in the Barrio del Artista in Puebla, Mexico, since 1927, Ancho Reyes is a spicy ancho chile–based liqueur that actually tastes like re...
Price: $36.99

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