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In Kanosuke’s first distilling season, 180 barrels were filled: 100 ex-mellowed Kozuru rice shochu barrels, 50 ex-bourbon barrels, and 30 oloroso sherry casks. This 2022 limited-edition single malt blends these barrels to bring the sherry casks into the fore to complement the shochu and bourbon barrels. Copper pot distilled and aged for a minimum 3 years in a combination of re-charred mellowed Kozuru rice shochu American oak casks, oloroso sherry casks, and ex-bourbon casks. Bottled at a cask strength of 59% ABV, nonchillfiltered, and with no coloring or...
Price: $199.99

Price: $44.99

The Hikari Distillery on Fukuoka has been distilling since 1912. This wonderful product is produced from 100% barley using koji to break down the complex carbohydrates into simple sugars for the yeast to consume. The conversion using Koji is more efficient than malt enzymes and adds a distinct umami character to the spirit. The high-quality barley spirit is aged in fresh sherry butts in traditional warehouses, some being open air and exposed to both the humid 95° Fahrenheit summer weather and the cold winter temps. The result is a rich, powerfully sherri...
Price: $99.99

This exceptional gin comes from Kagoshima Prefecture. Founded in 1883 Komasa Jyozo has been producing spirits for over a century for local temples. In 2018 they added gin to their repertoire. Using rice shochu as the base, Komasa Distillery nurtures a reserved list of botanicals for its gin, including the star ingredient, Sakurajima komikan, Japan’s smallest mandarin orange, which takes its name from the active volcanic island from which it originates. These little “mikan” grow on all sides of the island, but even when cultivated in nearby greenhouses, a...
Price: $36.99

90 points Whisky Advocate: "Get back to nature; this is a whisky to savor during a spectacular sunrise. Lychee, edamame, pea shoots, green apple, and morning dew on lush lawns. As it warms and wakes up, there are hints of orange and some piquant spice. The taste jumps from lemongrass to lemon candies, with melon, mild peppercorn, gentle vanilla, creamy oak, and a few green notes at the end. (JM, Summer 2018)" K&L Notes: This traditional, oak-aged spirit from Japan is distilled from Koji-fermented, polished rice. Ultra-delicate and easy-going with a subt...
Price: $44.99

This handcrafted gin from the Kyoya Distillery starts with a sweet potato shochu base and botanicals such as yuzu, hyuganatsu, and sansho pepper. The sweet potato shochu base adds a complex richness and unique texture. Founded in 1834, Kyoya Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Kyushu, producing award-winning shochu from Beni Satsuma sweet potatoes. Their potatoes are naturally fermented in ceramic jugs before being distilled. The distillery uses environmentally friendly practices along with locally sourced, vertically integrated farming. The ...
Price: $59.99

Double Gold Medal Winner at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. SG Shochu is a lineup of Japanese shochu curated by bar management company and industry powerhouse SG Group, helmed by Shingo Gokan. SG Shochu includes three distinct expressions: KOME, IMO, and MUGI, made from rice, sweet potato, and barley, respectively. From the importer: "A subtle nose of baker’s sugar, purple flowers, fresh apple, and lime zest set the scene for a silky palate of delicate orange blossom honey and freesia flower with a final lash of piquant citrus oil befor...
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