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2006 Highland Park 13 Year Old "Cask Of The Forest" Cask #1994 First Fill European Oak Sherry Butt Single Cask, Cask Strength Isle of Orkney Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) (Elsewhere $230) (Elsewhere $230)
Top Pick!
This extremely limited 2019 release from Highland Park never made its way to California, until now! Only 580 bottles were produced and we've secured the lion's share for K&L (The rest was only available in New York). The original release featured 3 casks, each cask celebrating the elements that make Highland Park unique. The Cask Of The Forest is a tribute to Highland Park's incredible wood policy and the influence that it has on the whisky. Oak for this cask was sustainably sourced from a forest in the North of Spain before being carefully seasoned with...
Price: $199.99

Another wonderful cask of Ledaig, which we acquired at a seemingly outrageous value. The sherried expressions of Ledaig are highly sought-after although their profile range wildly from the extremely unusual to the only slightly strange. This falls toward the slightly less crazy flavor profile although still has plenty of dense umami, gorgeous peat and measured sherry character. The Tobermory distillery on the hard to get to Isle of Mull is one of the least explored. The lovely town of Tobermory is famous for its colorful houses, but the distillery has st...
Price: $99.99

2009 Talisker 11 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Hogshead Cask Strength Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
What can we say about these exceptional Talisker stocks except that we simply wish we could get more. The special distillery on Skye was once completely off limits for independent bottlers. We bottled the first IB Talisker we'd seen in decades back in 2014, a young 5 year old that was unbelievable good. Now more than a half decade later, those same stocks are incredibly still available and significantly more mature. This gorgeous Talisker exemplifies everything we love about the magical distillery. Truly born of the sea, the character of Talisker is dist...
Price: $119.99

2009 Ledaig 12 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Hogshead Cask Strength Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Top Pick!
The wild peated malt from the Tobermory distillery has slowly but surely gathered a serious following over the years. Ledaig (pronounced lay-chick) is one of Scotland's most idiosyncratic spirits. Often there's a desire to compare it to its smoke island sisters on Islay to the south, but the whisky truly has its own character and isn't easily compared to any other distillers out there. Located on the picturesque and farflung Isle of Mull, the tiny town of Tobermory is famous for its colorful houses. The whisky distillery there was founded in 1798 making ...
Price: $89.99

Highland Park "Cask Strength" Release #2 Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
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The always impressive Highland Park is one of Scotland's most reliable malts. The often awarded distillery is a favorite of many, yet has remained slightly in the shadows. One of the few things that the distillery lacked, despite countless unique and collectible bottlings, was a regular cask strength expression. Thankfully, someone was convinced that the quality level was a solid addition to the already excellent regular line up and even more impressively they've decided to offer small batch releases, so each time they bottle we'll get a different window...
Price: $89.99

Jura is a small island off the west coast of Scotland, just north and east of Islay. It is only 28 miles long and 7.5 miles wide, with a population of 180 hardy souls. The Isle of Jura distillery is on the east coast of the island, in the southern region. It is known for the soft water and sea air, which shows in the whisky. As Mr. Tait mentioned when he was here, they are known as the "Highland Malt on the Island." The 18-year spends 16 years in ex-bourbon casks and finishes for 2 years in the world's finest red wine barrels. While they can't disclose ...
Price: Hidden

91 points Whisky Advocate: "Arran’s latest addition to its core range is matured in bourbon and oloroso sherry casks. Mellow on the nose, with baked apple and toffee, then developing tropical fruits and icing sugar aromas in time. Sweet and balanced on the palate; spicy, with milk chocolate and peaches in syrup. Lengthy in the finish, with tangy fruit notes, restrained oak, and gentle spices. (GS, Summer 2019)" K&L Notes: This is the first release of only 9,000 bottles world wide for the new 21 year old from Arran. From the producer: The Arran 21 year-o...
Price: $249.99

Highland Park 18 Year Old Isle of Orkney Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Top Pick!
96-100 points Wine Enthusiast: "Opening aromas are of sea breeze, cigar smoke, oak and malted barley; air contact releases light caramel, fudge, cocoa bean, burnt candle wick and heather. Entry is the most complex of any whisky; midpalate soars on oak, spirit and grain tastes. The greatest distilled spirit of this generation. Buy whatever you can find. *Best Buy* (PP)" (11/2008) 94 points Whisky Advocate: "Introduced to the Highland Park portfolio in 1997. Gentle peat, soft toffee, floral notes, and honey on the beautifully fragrant nose. Superbly bala...
Price: $149.99

Torabhaig The Legacy Series "Allt Gleann" Isle Of Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky  (750ml)
Top Pick!
93 points Whisky Advocate: "Fresh sea-blown peat on the nose, pine tar, sea salt, seaweed, dried seashells, and a tropical note of lime. Sweeter vanilla scents emerge, along with coconut, light nuttiness, and a hint of coffee. It’s peated but light and floral. The palate is honeyed, with vanilla, spice, dark chocolate, and lemon playing above beautifully integrated charcoal and peat. The mellow peat influence integrates beautifully into flavors that are dynamic, gorgeous, and memorable. Editor's Choice (DF)" K&L Notes: The exceptional new distillery o...
Price: $59.99

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "Elegant, light and pretty. This amber spirit has a light, briny vanilla scent and a silky feel. A veil of smoke rises through the Scotch (but fades out fast), leaving behind a sweet nutty, vanilla finish. *Top 50 Spirits of 2011* " (12/2011) 90 points Whisky Advocate: "Highland Park 12 Year Old boasts individuality and complexity, thanks in part to the use of Orcadian peat in the distillery floor maltings and the employment of ex-sherry casks for maturation. The nose is fragrant and floral, with hints of heather and some spi...
Price: $49.99

Scapa - the other Orcadian. While the world famous Highland Park is known to most Scotch drinkers - the very under the radar neighbor continues to pump out exceptional whisky year after year. Several unique features of this distillery make it an exceptional malt. The ferments are very long which leads to a fruity and sweet malt. It is also one of the only distilleries to use a Lomond still - extreme amounts of copper in the neck and attached purifier make for a tremendously clean and fruity distillate. Add ex-Bourbon barrels to the mix and you've got a t...
Price: $90.00

91 points Whisky Advocate: "White peach, juicy green pear, vanilla, and green tea meet the fresh aromas of clean sheets flapping on the clothesline in a crisp spring breeze. The palate is silky and light-bodied, sweet with biscuity malt, toasted almonds, cantaloupe, and milk chocolate; a few drops of water evoke oily sprays of lemon, grapefruit, and orange. Creamy and nutty on the finish, sprinkled with toasted almonds, bittersweet oak, and a whiff of tobacco. (SSB, Spring 2021)"
Price: $49.99

A rare single cask of Highland Park over 30 years of age. Mr. Murray rates this at the top of the pile at 96.5 points. He says, "Nose: Pretty near perfect HP for its age, and one of the best examples of the distillery of that era I have nosed for a very long time. Slightly above average peat for a HP, which works perfectly in its favour. The usual heather honey has been skewed slightly by the heady mix of tannins and peat. The saltiness is profound, the oak a rich, spicy backbone. The sweetness is subtle and still honeyed, but more now a blend of Manuka ...
Price: $3,000.00

This limited edition release from Tobermory was fully matured in Oloroso sherry and bottled at a cask strength of 55.9% ABV with natural color and no chill filtration. One of Scotland's oldest distilleries and until recently the only distillery on the Isle of Mull. 11,124 bottles produced. Distillery notes: Colour: Yellow Gold. Nose: Packed full of toffee and caramel, followed by almonds, blackcurrant and a hint of spice. Palate: Rose petals, tropical fruit, walnuts, cherry and creamy toffee balanced with oak, tannins and hints of leather. Fi...
Price: $199.99

Jura has a fascinating house style. They mostly produce unpeated whiskey, but for a few weeks per year they make a very heavily peated style. All of their OB releases in the modern era are a blend of these two whiskies resulting in a light to moderate peated whisky that has a remarkable amount of depth and complexity to accompany its bracing salinity. Long a confusing mix of whisky styles and varying age statements, Jura has streamlined and introduced a 12 year in this modern house style. Aged in ex-Bourbon casks and finished in Oloroso Sherry for a swee...
Price: $44.99

Wine Enthusiast: "This golden Scotch from the Isle of Mull offers smoky, toasty aromas. On the palate, a light coating of peat is edged with a saline note and touches of anise and honey. The smoky notes grow bolder with repeated sips. (KN)" (12/2013) K&L Notes: Ledaig is created in the only distillery on the island; the Tobermory distillery, founded in 1798. The distillery is also home to the world famous Tobermory single malt. White it has its trademark un-peated malted barley taste, the Ledaig brand represents the peated side of single malt from th...
Price: $69.99

Whisky Advocate: "Part of the Jura range exhibiting ‘sweetness and smoke.’ This was aged in first-fill American oak barrels and finished in six different types of French oak casks. Nutty on the nose, with freshly sawn wood, savory notes, and emerging ripe peaches. Very fruity on the palate, with tangerines, fudge, cinnamon, and toasted oak. Drying in the finish, with nutmeg. (GS, Fall 2018)" K&L Notes: Distiller's notes: "A remarkable ingenuity defines the people of Jura; an ability to reimagine and reinvent that has allowed our Distillery and its worki...
Price: Hidden

Take your guess as to which famous Orkney distillery this dram comes from. You'll be happy with the answer. An impeccable selection with that beautiful combination of peat, island breeze, and sherry spice. A.D. Rattray's tasting notes - Nose: Subtle and soft, with green apple and nutmeg, wood spice, sea salt and a hazy smoke. Palate: Toffee, peach, apricot, with a rich velvety texture, sweet background smoke and dry nutty finish. Non-chill filtered, natural color.
Price: $119.99

Highland Park has had a 15 year expression on and off since 2003 when they first introduced it to travel retail only. Today the 15 year make a glorious comeback in a stunning throwback ceramic decanter. In classic Highland Park fashion - the whisky showcases predominently Sherry seasoned European oak casks and Sherry seasoned American oak casks to bring in a punch of sweet vanilla. Combine that with HPs clasic honeyed heather peat and you've got one beatuiful whisky from a blue chip distillery just in time for the holiday.
Price: $99.99

The Dark is a special release designed to represents the autumn and winter months when this most northerly place sees very little sunlight. The wild weather and cold temperature make for a perfect occasion to sit, talk and enjoy an exceptional malt. This excellent 17 year old malt is aged in sherry-seasoned European oak. We don't get to see a lot of heavy sherry expressions from the famous distillery in Kirkwall and when we get something that gets the full treatment, collectors and connoisseurs should take note. Big rich spices and dense fruit mingle pe...
Price: $259.99

Valfather is the final release in Highland Park's trio of Viking Legends. It is also the peatiest whisky to date. Aged excluively in refill casks that peat stands out but is balanced perfectly by gentle sweet apples, toasted creme brulee, and of course that beautiful honeyed heather of the Orkney Islands.
Price: $79.99

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