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What is a shrub? A tantalizing blend of fruit, berries or aromatics, sugar and vinegar that pairs well with spirits, sparkling wine and seltzer water. Why vinegar? Vinegar provides a distinct tangy bite that balances perfectly with the sweetness of fresh fruit. Vinegar quenches thirst, cleanses the palate and is very refreshing. Shrub & Co elixirs add depth and complexity to your drinks with a clever combination of sweet and savory notes. Rescued from the obscurity of the colonial era and re-imagined for today's craft cocktail enthusiast, shrubs enhance ...
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Each hand-packed skewer is made up of a crunchy pickle, green olive, a slice of red pepper, & a pearl onion bathed in a subtle brine with just a hint of garlic and dill. Quick and easy garnish for Bloody Marys (Caesars), Martini's, or your favorite cocktail.
Price: $8.99

LA natives and couple Lucy and Bret Thompson, owners of Pez Cantina, a modern coastal Mexican restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles, created Pez Powder Chile and Lime Seasoning back in 2014. At the time this was used as a "secret seasoning" on almost all Pez Cantina dishes. Guest were always so curious on what made Pez Cantina dishes and cocktails so delicious. So, Lucy and Bret decided to start sharing Pez Powder Chile and Lime Seasoning, bottlings and selling the special recipe to customers. Pez Powder Chile and Lime Seasoning was featured at the Western ...
Price: $4.99

Looking for a pure, tasty way to sweeten your cocktails? The Petite Canne Sugar Cane Syrup is made entirely from sugar cane grown on the island of Martinique. Its unique flavors perfectly complement island drinks like a 'Ti Punch, a Daiquiri or a Mai Tai. You'll love its rich, earthy flavors so much, it may even replace simple syrup in your bar.
Price: $10.99

Finally a "morning after" recovery drink that tastes good and sure seems to work. In the booze business there are some seriously long nights and heavy imbibing, but that's never an excuse the next morning. MORE's proprietary mix of vitamins ensures we get it done the next day.
Price: $5.99

You pay attention to every detail when making your Manhattan, down to the ice, so why would you garnish your libation with one of those cellulose monstrosities marketed as a maraschino cherry? Instead, try the original Maraschino cherry from Luxardo, which uses real pitted Marasca cherries and Marasca syrup for these delicious little orbs. Extremely high quality - these cherries will enhance your cocktail significantly. These Maraschino cherries were given the Gold Award in June 2012 at the 51st World "Monde Selection," the oldest quality competition of ...
Price: $19.99

Price: $8.99

We’ve been preaching the gospel of Camut for as long as we can remember here at K&L. As we often tell customers, there are few genres of wine and spirits from which we can unequivocally declare a "world’s best," but in the case of Calvados there’s Camut and then there’s everything else. At the beginning of the new millennium, it seems Emmanuel Camut was offered a bottle of traditional balsamic vinegar by some Italian friends of his. He was taken by the word "traditional" on the bottle because, as he would come to find out, it belonged to a protected appe...
Price: $39.99

Fabbri Candied Ginger Ceramic Vase (8oz)
The flavor of this candied ginger is insane - it's perfectly spicy and sweet and chewy and the thick syrup it comes packed in is a great addition to any mule drink.
Price: $14.99

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