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House of Suntory "The 7 Samurai Pack" - Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve, Harmony Blossom Limited Edition, Hakushu 12, Hibiki Harmony, AO World Whisky, Roku, Haku (2x700ml and 5x750ml)
Top Pick!
Fill in the holes in your collection and restock your bar with this unique 7 pack from the House of Suntory. Containing the coveted Yamazaki Distiller's Edition and the Harmony Blossom Limited Edition this pack rounds out with Hakuhus 12, Harmony, AO World Whisky, Roku Gin, and Haku Vodka.
Price: $699.99

Celebrate the Fourth of July with a uniquely American tradition - Bourbon! This pack includes 1x750ml of each of the following: Michter's US #1 Toasted Barrel 2021 Release Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Kentucky Owl "Takumi" Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Wilderness Trail "Pacific Edge Selection' Single Barrel # 780645 Cask Strength Sweet Mash Wheated Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Nelson's Green Brier Nelson Brothers Reserve Tennessee Whiskey, Jefferson's Reserve Very Small Batch Bourbon, Redemption 9 Year Old Barrel Proof Bourbon.
Price: $475.00

We rarely have access to St. George's single malts, and when we do get them, they tend to sell out in a flash. Remarkably we were able to put together an extremely limited number of these collectors sets with Lot 20, 21, and 22 plus St. George's recently released 40th Anniversary single malt and the excellent Baller Single Malt. In one fell swoop you can put together several years' worth of collecting work!
Price: Hidden
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An epic Knob Creek flight, priced well under market value. This pack includes six bottles of Knob Creek, one each of the following: The big boy, Knob Creek 18-year-old Bourbon. This gem alone averages for 290 bucks on Wine Searcher in California right now, and has been one of our most requested Beam products since it first launched. Knob Creek 12-year-old Bourbon. One of the few Kentucky staple brands to have brought back the iconic twelve year age statement. It's better than ever. Knob Creek K&L Exclusive Single Cask Rye at 115 proof! Knob Creek 9-ye...
Price: $374.99

Show Dad the bounty of the Bluegrass State this Father's Day. This six pack of bourbon is a quick tour of Kentucky in one easy grab-and-go pack. Featuring 3 top-notch bottlings from Kentucky stalwarts and 3 phenomenal offerings from some of Kentucky's newcomers. This pack includes 1x750ml bottle of each of the following: Old Forester "Barrel Strength" K&L Exclusive Warehouse I, Floor 1, Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Baker's 7 Year Old Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Ezra Brooks K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #1923 Kentucky Straight Bourb...
Price: $300.00

Four single barrel whiskies from 4 different places - all excellent drinking in North American Whiskey and well below MSRP, let alone secondary market pricing. This pack includes 1 bottle each of the following: A. Smith Bowman "John J. Bowman" Single Barrel Virginia Straight Bourbon, Caribou Crossing Canadian Single Barrel Canadian Whisky, Jefferson's K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #412 Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and Red Line Singel Barrel Toasted Barrel Finished Indiana Straight Rye. The combined MSRP of these bottles comes in around $260 and the combined ...
Price: $230.00

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