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The legendary Black Forest producer is finally at K&L. The cherry "schnapps" is classy Kirschwasser in every way. The fruit is vibrant and clean with the alcohol in perfect balance to the concentration of cherry. Thank goodness someone is making sure this leaves Germany and makes it over to us! A total of 33 pounds of cherries are used to produce one bottle of this clear Black Forest cherry brandy.
Price: $44.99

Schladerer is Germany's finest producer of eau-de-vie. Built to rival the highest quality producers from Switzerland for a fraction of the price.
Price: $47.99

You know Monkey 47. You know Empress. What happens when the two come crashing together with a unique twist? You get The Illusionist. This dry gin comes to us from the Glockenbach district of Munich and is a skillful blend of 16 botanicals including the striking butterfly pea which imparts a fabulous intense violet color to the gin straight out of the bottle and a beautiful pink hue when mixed with tonic. The remaining botanicals feature a really bright citrus note and a warm mix of nutmeg and liquorice that all come together harmoniously. The bottle itse...
Price: $44.99

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