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2010 Auchroisk 12 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Refill Sherry Butt Cask Strength Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)
Top Pick!
The lovely Auchroisk distillery has been a favorite of blenders and independent bottlers alike since its founding in 1972. It offers consistently delicious creamy Speyside character, a wonderful base malt to build a blend around. The distillery in Mulben has also been used for vatting of the J&B Highland malts before blending at the main J&B facility to the south. We've had many wonderful Auchroisk over the years and we've managed to keep the prices unreasonably low on these lovely casks. This one was filled into an old sherry butt in 2010 and bottled at...
Price: $59.99

2010 Williamson (Laphroaig) 12 Year Old "Redacted Bros." (Thompson/Dornoch) Single Refill Sherry Butt Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)
Top Pick!
This exceptional single cask was sold to this bottler as the "Williamson" blended malt and therefore cannot include the source on the label. But we have no problem telling you that this excellent whisky was distilled on the famous little stills located just outside the little seaside town of Port Ellen. Adorned in the throwback label, the Thompson Brothers, are clearly giving the old nudge nudge wink wink to the famous old bottling from nearly a century ago, with block letters and cursive writing. Filled into a used sherry butt in 2010, this excellent ca...
Price: $109.99

We just can't get enough of the Thompson-bottled Worthy Parks. Here's another stellar barrel selected by the brothers in Dornoch. Nobody believed us when we tried to say that these Worthy Parks were easily crushing other bottlers' current releases for a fraction of the price, but now that the previous cask has become a legend in various circles, we believe many will take note of this special cask. Filled at the new distillery in Lludias Vale, St Catherines back in 2010, this is Worthy Park medium, a blend of their low-ester and super-high ester rums. Clo...
Price: $60.00

The wonderful Auchroisk distillery is one of Speyside's truly unsung heroes. Often filled into subpar casks, intended only for blending, its unique character can still shine through even when the wood is lacking. Add a great, high-quality barrel and you've got a recipe for a gem. The fact that it's so affordable shouldn't scare off the more discerning malt nuts out there. We're the lucky beneficiaries of some outstanding relationships in Scotland, which has afforded us unparalleled access and pricing in the market. The Auchroisk distillery is relatively...
Price: $59.99

The incredible Domaine de Jouanda is one of the best estates that has remained essentially unknown in the United States despite an explosion in interest in the Armagnac category. The family Poyferre has found success in France in top restuarants and bottle shops, but is not widely distributed stateside and remains a hidden gem here. This family, the same that once owned the excellent Chateau Leoville-Poyferre, commercialize their Armagnacs more as family tradition than a profit-making endeavor. In fact, 100% of the profits from selling Armagnac are retur...
Price: $59.99

We've been carrying the Baraillon Armagnacs for years now and it's been a match made in heaven for K&L, the Claverie family, and our customers—we're their biggest account and their biggest fans. There's something special about walking into the tasting room at Baraillon, which is really just a little hut next to their home with plastic furniture and humble offerings (like fresh foie gras straight from the farm next door). Mr. Baraillon will come in from feeding the pigs wearing rubber boots, while his daughter Laurence stands by quietly, yet does most of ...
Price: $54.99

From the distillery: "Dramfool’s 57th and its sister 58th release are a classic pairing of from Islay. While its sister release, in first fill bourbon, may be the classic of Islay, the 58th release fully matured in a first fill Rivesaltes Barrique must be a considered the modern classic style. Since the 2001 re-opening, high quality wine casks proved the corner stone of the new period of Bruichladdich and helped build its army of fans internationally. It is with great excitement we release this fine example of the ‘new classic of Islay’. Distilled in 20...
Price: $219.99

Foursquare Rum Distillery needs no introduction. Originally set up by Reginald Leon Seale, the great-great grandfather of the current Master Blender and Distiller Richard Seale, the distillery has become the byword for classic Caribbean rum. Richard Seale is an absolute iconoclast who has turned the rum world on its head. In an industry dominated by huge beverage corporations that has long sold a story above the quality of its product, Seale has fought for transparency in production and labeling of rum. Derided by some as an idealistic purist, he is cham...
Price: $84.99

2010 Lochindaal 12 Year Old "Dramfool" Port Cask #1481 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)
Top Pick!
Jim McEwan: "Colour - Tawny Gold Aromas - Opens beautifully on a Maritime peat influence underpinning the spiciness from the bourbon cask and then drifts of the rich port overture rise in harmony and its magical. The peat toasted barley is classic Islay as is the drift of sun dried seaweed & Heather covered Moorlands. Palate - Its deceptively potent with the spiciness from the bourbon cask working well with the Port overture. Then the peat smoke and the Atlantic Marine freshness provide a unique palate experience that lingers long and transports the ...
Price: $229.99

2010 Octomore (Bruichladdich) 12 Year Old "Dramfool's Jim McEwan Journey's End 3" First Fill Bourbon Barrel Cask#4525 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)
Top Pick!
Jim McEwan: "Colour - Stunning Medium Amber/ Honey Aromas - It’s the smoke, the oak, the Ocean, the Islay grown barley, the understated power that makes nosing this spirit a joy to behold. You are transported to Islay immediately, welcome to my homeland! It opens on a marine freshness in harmony with the sweetness of toasted barley and just a hint of spice from the bourbon residue in the oak. This is then followed by the peat smoke which underlines the Islay pedigree but does not dominate the sweetness of the barley. The harmony is good! Taste - ...
Price: $499.99

Price: $149.99

Distilled in 2010 and bottled in Scotland in 2022, this is a special bottling from the legendary Italian house of Samaroli.
Price: Hidden

A property that's been in existence since the 1200s, Ognoas spends much of its time as an agricultural school and a training ground for young distillers. Because of their status as a "co-op" of sorts, the operation is partly subsidized by the French government, which means the prices are insanely low! Lucky us! Ognoas uses local trees for their cooperage and puts a medium toast on the barrel for a kiss of sweetness in the brandy.
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