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The incredible Baraillon estate run by the Claverie family is one of Armagnac's hidden gems. We've championed their exceptional brandies for over a decade, but the world is only waking up to how incredibly special they are now. Recently, they've been forced to restrict sales to prevent a total degradation of their stocks even for their best customers. So we're happy to get and sell whatever we can from this special estate, which will be extremely scarce in the future and likely experience precipitous price increases due to lack of availability. Few are m...
Price: $79.99

While we've spent years singing the priases of the small but excellent California Brandy traditions that have grown up on the backs of visionaries like Germain-Robin, Osocalis, and St George. We are thrilled to be able to bring serious Oregon brandy to our shelves as well. While places like Armagnac and Cognac have made brandy their wheelhouse, Oregon by contrast, has become known for the exceptional table wines they produce from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and brandy has been relegated to a few enterprising individuals with a passion for distillation. The...
Price: $99.99

Colours of Rum is the newest creation from the famous bottler and luxury goods purveyor Wealth Solutions in Warsaw, Poland. The team at Wealth Solutions has been identifying, bottling, and selling the world's most collectible products in almost every category. While their specialty is fine spirits — they've bottled a 1964 Karuizawa, 50-year-old GlenFarclas, and countless casks of Cognac. They've also traded in rare and limited watches and other collectibles. They have a knack for finding products that will appreciate significantly in the future. Colours ...
Price: Hidden

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