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Buy a bottle and Redwood Empire plants a tree. Crafted in Sonoma, Redwood Empire is deeply tied to the forest. The Emerald Giant is one of the world's tallest and fastest growing trees. It is 1,180 years old and stands 360 feet tall, gaining over 1,500 pounds of mass each year. This three to five-year-old rye whiskey is equally weighty. A mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley, this combines distillate from both Indiana and Redwood Empire's stocks. It's got a great spicy and sweet aroma and a mellow mouthfeel.
Price: $34.99

Price: $19.99

Meet Pekut and Carwick, a small, Berkeley-based independent bottler that's making waves in the spirits world. They've got a knack for sourcing some of the most intriguing barrels from craft distillers across the country, and their Spirit Works Distillery's Rye Whiskey is no exception. This masterpiece is distilled from a blend of 65% rye (partly malted) and 35% malted barley, creating a unique flavor profile. Aged for 7 years in new charred American oak barrels in Sebastopol, CA, this cask strength whiskey is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Ex...
Price: $79.99

K&L alum Mike Barber and his partner, Aaron Lee, have created one of the smallest craft distilleries in California. The 100% malted rye has seen 18-plus months in American oak and drinks somewhere along the lines of Anchor's Old Potrero ryes, but with a fresher, more floral take. Minuscule batches and a staunch devotion to quality make for a very tasty rye.
Price: $59.99

Pekut and Carwick has managed to pull two of the most compelling barrels out of Spirits Works distillery in Sonoma for bottling at cask strength at a very reasonable price. This 6 year old 100% wheat whiskey is made from 100% red winter wheat grown in the Sacramento valley. Barrelled at 114 proof in new charred American oak it offers tons of dried apricot, sourdough, pound cake, and bear claw. It's great on its own, on the rocks, or mixed into a cocktail.
Price: $69.99

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