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A fabulous Campari substitute that's colored and sweetened with beets instead of food dyes. A grape distillate that starts with estate-grown fruit is infused with 24 different herbs, roots, spices and seeds, "including aloe, bitter orange, sweet orange, wormwood, cloves, cardamom, gentian, hibiscus, elecampane, juniper, mint, rhubarb, sage and nettle," according to the importer. This is perfect for Negronis and long drinks.
Price: $29.99

Antica Torino is the brainchild and longtime passion project of Liguria-based wine & spirits huntsman, Vittorio Zoppi, and Umbrian winemaker Filippo Antonelli. Their dedication to traditionally produced Italian spirits is incredible. The Amaro Della Sacra is cold macerated in neurtal wheat spirit giving it a very rich texture. Many of the herbs, flowers, and spices come from the Piedmont region, but the green cardamom comes from the Indies, the myrrh is from the Middle East, and the chinchona bark hails from South America.It's a lovely woody amaro that d...
Price: $34.99

Made from the precious pomace of Nebbiolo grapes used in the production of Barolo and Barbaresco at Castello Di Verduno.
Price: $54.99

A London-style dry gin made by master distillers in Piedmont, there's so much more to this gin than the catchy label. Damask rose and sage combine with juniper to give this floral and spicy aromatics underlined by a licorice-esque bitterness. The distillers call this "everyday fuel," and we call it a gin that's ideal for everyday mixing and jazzed up cocktails.
Price: $29.99

The founder of the acclaimed Vietti Winery, Elena Penna Currado Vietti has created this London Dry imbued with the soul of the Langhe. Using hand picked local botanicals, she's created a unique expression of the diverse terroirs of nouthern Italy. This tiny production gin was distilled on two antique woodfired pot stills and this batch consists of just 2634 bottles. The botanicals are gently infused in the pot stills and the gin is lightly filtered using natural paper, which results in the product retaining a slight yellow hue from the botanicals and the...
Price: $36.99

A small production Aperol alternative colored and sweetened with carrots and beets instead of food dyes. Hailing from Piedmont, Contratto starts with a grape-based distillate. The flavors are extremely similar to Aperol but there is less of a confected sweetness quality. Perfect for a spritz! Double Gold medalist at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
Price: $26.99

Gin was first made by Bordiga in 1889, and this gin is made from the original recipe. Only four main botanical flavors are used, some from the Occitan Alps, hence the name. The four are angelica, juniper, cardamom, and a secret ingredient (with traces of orange and lemon peel). Occitan Gin has traditionally been made exclusively from juniper that grows wild (not cultivated) in the Maritime Alps, near Cuneo, which are some of the highest mountains in Europe. This combination of altitude and maritime influence enriches the essential oils of the juniper ber...
Price: $34.99

This is the original Americano, a low-alcohol, wine-based aperitif from the Asti region of Piedmont intended to be consumed before eating to enliven the palate while whetting the appetite. It has been produced in Asti since 1891 and is still made according to the original recipe, which is essentially white wine aromatized with many herbs and spices. All the ingredients are natural, with no artificial additives or coloring of any kind. It is produced in limited quantities and matured for a year before being released for sale. Traditionally, it is served c...
Price: $22.99

94 points Wine Enthusiast: "Berry-hued and bright, this is a champ for cocktail mixing and pleasing to sip straight. Red fruit leads the nose and palate, suggesting juicy raspberry and ripe cherry, enlivened by a hint of rosewater and finishing slightly drying and mildly bitter. Think of this as a refreshing alternative to sweet vermouth. *Best Buy* (KN)" (04/2019) K&L Notes: From the people who brought you Cocchi Americano and Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, comes the brand new rose colored, quinine-flavored, aperitif wine you've been anxiously waiting for...
Price: $22.99

John Gilman: "An ancient Piemontese remedy to reduce fever and improve digestion. Made with Barolo DOCG wine, aromatised with cinchona, calisaya bark, rhubarb, gentian root and cardamom seed. Served to guests by hospitable ‘viticultori’. Deep red with a light brown rim. A complete festive meal, this elegant wine has baked spicy plums, succulent blueberries, fresh rosemary, dried roses and savoury meatiness. The tart and juicy fruit is perfectly balanced by the bitter herbal notes. Delightful at dessert with chocolate, and more amazing when warmed. 18.5/...
Price: $44.99

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "Golden-bright and richly fragrant, this hazelnut liqueur has a sweet, pleasingly nutty flavor, finishing long. The moderate weight coats the palate without becoming cloying. Pour over ice, or mix into coffee or cocktails. *Best Buy* (KN)" (02/2017)
Price: $29.99

Price: $27.99

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