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Lots of biscuity malt character from the best quality Scottish malted barley. Crystal malt add toffee and caramel taste and black malt contributes a crisp astringent balance. Challenger and Goldings hops add a fresh herbal and resin hop note as well as a refreshing bitter linger to balance with the sweet malt character.
Price: $3.49

What is this beautiful creation? Scotch ale brewed with coriander? Who knew it was going to be a match made in heaven? A deep black color with a small ring of head capping it off. Not much to say here (See my review of the Traquair House Ale for my feelings on appearance) What a nose, with a slightly sour note from the coriander used in the brewing process adding dimension to the layers of cocoa-y malt, plum, blueberry and raisin. This is like a scotch blended with a sour. Showing both the rich malty base and a tangy, acidic ribbon from the middle of th...
Price: $7.49

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