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Using a blend of Organic & Biodynamic Wild Heirloom Golden Apples from the Astigarraga appelation, this Basque cider is one of the region's finest. Freshly hand-picked wild apples are fed via a gentle water press to a proprietary crusher for first-press juice only (similar to Extra Virgin Olive Oil) before being moved to wooden barrels for aging and natural fermentation. There are no other ingredients other than first-press juice and natural wild yeasts from the apples. Aged five months in large neutral wooden barrels called "Kulepas." The nose of this i...
Price: $14.99

Sidra Acebal "El Carrascu" Sidra de Asturias (700ml) CIDER
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This crisp, bright, tangy yet ultimately fresh and appley cider really hits the spot. The balance between rich, phenolic, fine bitter notes, and bright, sour apple high tones is spot on. In Asturias they drink more sidra than anywhere else in Spain (possibly in Europe?) and judging by the quality of this bottling, I can see why! (Joe Manekin, K&L Spanish & Portuguese wine buyer)
Price: $12.99

Sidra Acebal Sidra de Asturias (700ml) CIDER
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Luis Acebal is a fourth-generation cider maker in Asturias, using native Asturian varietals. These are bone dry, acid-driven ciders fermented spontaneously on the lees, and bottled without fining or clarification. Traditional Asturian ciders are poured from high overheard to generate a fine mousse, as these ciders are typically still. Since the bubbles dissipate quickly, the cider should be consumed in small pours immediately after serving. This ritual is repeated multiple times throughout. But if you're not into the flair (or the attendant mess), you ca...
Price: $11.99

Tart, dry, funky. Ripe and overripe apple aroma. A crisp and slightly saline finish. Acidity lends itself to a great pairing with fish and cured cheeses. Alternatively, Barrika can provide an interesting contrast to heavier foods such as burgers and, as it is frequently enjoyed in Basque Country, with steak.
Price: $13.99

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