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Bruichladdich reopened in May of 2001 under Jim McEwan's watchful eye. His legacy and legend grows even more with this cask. Nearly a year and a half after firing up the stills this magical cask was distilled by Jim on 10/5/2002. It was bottled 11/5/2022 for Dramfool's Islay Festival release. This is one of the oldest Port Charlotte's ever bottled and no doubt a legendary item for the lucky few to snag one. Only 30 bottles (out of a yield of 188) are being officially imported to the United States and they are exclusively available at K&L. Dramfool's rela...
Price: $499.99

Jim McEwan: "Cask Type - First Fill Bourbon Barrel - ABV 59.0%. Colour - Harvest Gold. Body - Smooth Mellow and in prime condition. Aromas - Classic Islay without the smoke which allows the barley/oak notes to shine and highlights that brilliant Atlantic freshness. Hints of ripe Guava & melon work in harmony with the crispness of the malt & the oak which brings that mellow soft sweetness. It’s an irresistible combination, almost like an Atlantic rainbow of aromatics in harmony with the Island & its unique location. Taste - Wow!! Its so clean and flavour...
Price: $349.99

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