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According to the producer: "Passion Fruit is native to South America but grown widely in lush climates around the world, resulting in its use in tiki-style and other tropical drinks. It is called for in a Hurricane, a drink native to the Caribbean-influenced port of New Orleans. Try it in a Sidewinder's Fang or a Zombie for a true tiki experience!"
Price: $13.99

Tonic syrup, historically called quinquina or calisaya, contains quinine from the cinchona tree. Originally from Peru, when quinine was discovered to ward off malaria, colonizers quickly smuggled cinchona cuttings back to Europe, India, and Indonesia. The British began adding tonic syrup to gin to help disguise the bitterness, and then developed a taste for the mixture, which led the way for the Gin & Tonic we love today. Finely cut bark simmered in organic cane syrup yields earthy flavors and an amber color. Add ½ ounce to a highball glass with 2 ½ ounc...
Price: $12.99

Fever Tree makes all-natural, premium mixers--most famously tonic waters and this ginger ale--that have taken the cocktail world by storm. The New York Times called them, "A mixer to take seriously," and their products definitely enhance the drinks they go into. The ginger ale is my personal favorite, brimming with the spicy quality of the famous root. Mix with gin and a squeeze of lime for a "Mother's Little Helper," my cocktail of choice these days. (Leah Greenstein, K&L writer/editor)
Price: $5.99

Want to make a Pisco Punch? You're going to need pineapple gum syrup, and there's no better one than this one made by Jennifer Colliau of Small Hand Foods. Infused with pineapple by pressing the fruit and then blending it with the gum syrup, it's bright, with a rich, viscous texture. Add 3/4 ounces of the pineapple gum syrup, 3/4 ounces lemon juice and 2 ounces of Pisco into your cocktail shaker, shake well and strain into a coupe. (Colliau also suggests this for the Hotel Nacionele Speciale, Piña Colada, Kokomo and Gin Fizz Tropical, among other libatio...
Price: $12.99

This award-winning ginger beer is made by brewing a blend of three gingers from Nigeria, Cochin and the Ivory Coast. It smells of fresh, natural ginger and tastes refreshing and clean with perfectly balanced sweetness and a warming, gingery finish. Made especially to complement premium spirits for use in cocktails. Try it in a Dark & Stormy, Moscow Mule, or enjoy on its own. Awarded "Best New Product" at Tales of the Cocktail (US), and a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards. About Fever Tree: "Following a 'tonic tasting' in 2000 to find the best on the US...
Price: $5.99

Mix up your cocktail repertoire with this natural emulsifier: "Also known by its French spelling, gomme, gum syrup is a sugar syrup with gum arabic, a resin from the Acacia tree, incorporated into it. Gum syrup fell out of favor with bartenders because it is difficult to make, and a straight simple syrup is both easier and cheaper. However, where both syrups add sweetness, gum syrup adds viscosity as well, giving a richer mouthfeel and weightier texture to cocktails. Organic cane sugar gives the syrup an amber color and a light molasses flavor. It is bes...
Price: $10.99

If you like to make cocktails at home, you should not be without the range of syrups available from Bay Area bartender Jennifer Colliau's Small Hand Foods. "The ubiquitous cherry-red bottle of syrup holding court at every bar, modern grenadine is a far cry from its pomegranate origins," Colliau explains. "Many cultures enjoy pomegranate juice when it is available, as did early bartenders in America and abroad. Rest assured, they were not using high-fructose corn syrup colored with red #40. Our grenadine is made from pomegranates and cane sugar; no water ...
Price: $12.99

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